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    [ALEXANDER VI] Indulgencia plenaria…contra el Turco enemigo.

    [Valladolid?], [n.pr.], [1501?] £5,950.00 More Details

    [GREGORY XIII] Bulla de cruzada…a estes Regnos de Espana.

    [Spain], [n.pr.], c.1573 £4,500.00 More Details
  • [MÜLLER, HEINRICH, ed. [with] HERBERSTEIN, Sigmund von.

    [MÜLLER, HEINRICH, ed.] (with) HERBERSTEIN, Sigmundvon. (1) Türckische Historien. (2) Moscoviter wunderbare Historien

    (1) Frankfurt, Paul Reffler, in v. Kilian Rebarts, 1570, (2) Basel, haer. Nikolaus Brylinger & Marx Russinger, 1567 £13,750.00 More Details
  • BARLEZIO, Marino

    BARLEZIO, Marino Historia del Magnanimo, et Valoroso Signor Georgio Castrioto

    Venice, Fabio & Agostino Zoppini, 1580 £1,750.00 More Details
  • BUSBECQ, Ogier Ghislain de.

    BUSBECQ, Ogier Ghislain de. Legationis turcicae Epistolae quatuor.

    Frankfurt, apud A. Wechel (heirs of), C. de Marne and J. Aubry, 1595 £1,500.00 More Details
  • KNOLLES, Richard

    KNOLLES, Richard The generall historie of the Turkes, …vnto the yeare 1638

    [London], Printed by Adam Islip, 1638 £7,500.00 More Details
  • LONICER, Philipp

    LONICER, Philipp Chronicorum Turcicorum tomus primus [-tertius]

    Frankfurt, Sigmund Feyerabend for Johann Feyerabend, 1578 £9,750.00 More Details
  • SANDYS, George

    SANDYS, George A relation of a iourney begun an: Dom: 1610. Foure bookes. Containing a description of the Turkish Empire, of Ægypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote parts of Italy, and ilands adioyning

    London, Printed [by Thomas Cotes] for Ro: Allot, 1627 £2,750.00 More Details

Showing all 8 results