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    [ACADÉMIE DES SCIENCES]. Prophéties perpetuelles depuis 1521 jusquà la fin du monde.

    Manuscript, on paper, France, 1680 [but early 1700s] £2,750.00 More Details

    [ALCHEMY] ‘Wer rechten Alchomey’, an exceptionally rare alchemical text in Low German with twenty- eight illustrations of early scientific equipment, together with two related works including a version of the Buch ysaac semys sun von Babilon, manuscript on paper

    [northern Germany, fifteenth century (probably mid century)] £150,000.00 More Details

    [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Coded text and verse by Cambridge students.

    Manuscript on paper, [England, c.1526-35]. £4,950.00 More Details
  • [CAPESTRANO, Johannes de, et al.]

    [CAPESTRANO, Johannes de, et al.] [Canon law documents on the Franciscan Third Order.]

    Italy, first half of the 15th century £20,000.00 More Details

    [HERALDRY]. Institution Royale de toutes les ordres militaires de la Chrestienté.

    France, 1669. £15,000.00 More Details

    [HERALDRY]. Les Rois, Ducs, Comtes, &c. qui furent au grand Tournois à Compiègne en l’an 1238, au mois de Février.

    France, Manuscript on paper, c.1600. £15,750.00 More Details
  • [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after].

    [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after]. [English Astrological MS]

    Manuscript, on paper, England, [mid- to third quarter of the 18th century] £2,750.00 More Details

    Medical Compendium

    Manuscript on paper, probably Italy, [1529-c.1540]. £5,750.00 More Details

    [MEDICINE & ALCHEMY]. Medical and alchemical recipes in Dutch.

    Manuscript on paper, Flanders or Netherlands, second half 16th century. £7,500.00 More Details
  • [MODENA].

    [MODENA]. Grida sopra il datio Della Carne, Pesce, & Oglio & dell’Estrattione de gl’Animali.

    Modena, Per Giulian Cassiani Stampator Ducale, 1636 £1,250.00 More Details

    An Ordinance…For the Preservation and Keeping together for publique Use such Books, Evidences, Records and Writings sequestered or taken by Distresse or otherwirse, as are fit to be Preserved

    London, Edward Husbands, 1643 £4,950.00 More Details
  • [PAULUS V]

    [PAULUS V] Bulla

    Rome, Manuscript on vellum, 1607 £2,450.00 More Details
  • [QUR’AN].

    [QUR\\\'AN]. Miniature Qur’an.

    Herat, Manuscript on paper, Muharram AH 963 / November 1555. £45,000.00 More Details

    [SLANY/KLADNO.] [Ledger of the Company of Bakers, Millers and Gingerbread Makers].

    ms., Czech, early 17th to early 19th century £4,750.00 More Details

    [SOCINIANISM] (with) [SCHMALTZ, Valentin?] (and) [STEGMANN, Joachim?] Catechesis Ecclesiarum. (with) Warhafftige Erklerung aus grundt der Heiligen schrifft von des Herren Jesu Christi Gottheit. (and) Examen, Welche die sint die da verleucknen Jesum…

    Raków, [S. Sternacki], 1609; [Raków, S. Sternacki, c.1612]; [Raków, S. Sternacki, c.1610] £7,750.00 More Details
  • [WINE].

    [WINE]. [Cambio de Víñas en Morales.]

    Zamora (Spain), Manuscript on paper, 1455 £8,750.00 More Details

    ALBERTUS MAGNUS, Pseudo. Secreta mulierum ab Alberto Magno composita

    [Speyer], [Conrad Hist], [about 1495-97] £22,500.00 More Details

    ANONYMOUS Tractatus theologicus De Sacramento Poenitentiae.

    Manuscript, Sicily, mid-seventeenth century. £2,350.00 More Details
  • AZO OF BOLOGNA [with] BLANOSCO, Johannes de.

    AZO OF BOLOGNA [with] BLANOSCO, Johannes de. Summa Codicis. [with] Libellus super titulo Institutionum de actionibus.

    [France (probably southern), mid-thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries] £275,000.00 More Details

    BASIL THE GREAT D. Basilii Magni…Omnia sive Recens Versa

    Basle, ex officina Hervagiana, 1540 £3,500.00 More Details

    BIBLE Illuminated manuscript on vellum

    France, Paris or Amiens, 13th century (2nd quarter) £150,000.00 More Details
  • BIBLE, Cistercian

    BIBLE, Cistercian Books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Epistles, Acts, Apocalypse and Gospels. Illuminated manuscript on vellum

    Lombardy, Italy, 1170-90 £250,000.00 More Details
  • BIBLE, decorated manuscript

    BIBLE Bible, in Latin, decorated manuscript on vellum

    England, perhaps Oxford, mid 13th century (probably c. 1260) £175,000.00 More Details

    BOOK OF HOURS Use of Rome, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on vellum

    Flanders, 3rd quarter of the 15th-century, c. 1465-1475 £95,000.00 More Details

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