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  • CAMDEN, William.

    CAMDEN, William Britannia

    London, [printed at Eliot's court press] impensis Georg. Bishop, 1600 £15,750.00 More Details

  • HERBERT, Sir Thomas

    HERBERT, Sir Thomas A relation of some yeares trauaile, begunne anno 1626. Into Afrique and the greater Asia, especially the territories of the Persian monarchie: and some parts of the orientall Indies, and iles adiacent

    London, Printed by William Stansby, and Iacob Bloome, 1634 £3,750.00 More Details


    LEO AFRICANUS [AL-HASSAM BID MAHAMMAD AL-WAZZAN AL ZAYGATI] A geographical historie of Africa, written in Arabicke and Italian by Iohn Leo a More, … Translated and collected by Iohn Pory

    London, [Printed by Eliot’s Court Press] impensis Georg. Bishop, 1600 £25,000.00 More Details

  • LLWYD, Humphrey

    LLWYD, Humphrey The breuiary of Britayne. Together with the geographicall description of the same.

    London, By Richard Iohnes, 1573 £9,500.00 More Details

  • LLWYD, Humphrey. KROMER, Marcin.

    LLWYD, Humphrey. KROMER, Marcin. 1) Commentarioli Britannicae descriptionis fragmentum.2) Polonia siue De situ, populis, moribus, magistratibus, & republica regn/i Polonici libri duo

    Cologne, Agrippinae : apud Ioannem Birckmannum, apud Maternum Cholinum, 1572, 1578 £2,500.00 More Details

  • POMODORO, Giovanni

    La Geometria Prattica

    Rome, Andrea Fei for Gio. Angelo Ruffinelli, 1624 [1623] £4,750.00 More Details

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