An ansvver to a challenge made by a Iesuite in Ireland. … Whereunt certain other treatises of the same author are adjoyned

London, Printed by R[obert]. Y[oung, John Legat, and Thomas Cotes]. for the partners of the Irish Stocke, 1631


4to. pp. Five vols in one. [xxviii], 583, [ix]; [iv], 50, [ii]; [iv], 42, [ii]; [viii], 133, [xi]; [ii], 12, [ii]. a⁴(a1+chi²) A⁶, B-2P⁸, 2Q²; ²A-G⁴; ³A-F⁴; ⁴A⁴, B-I⁸, K⁴, *⁴, 2*-3*⁴. [a1, ²A1. ²G4, ³A1, and ³F4 are blank.]“The other parts are ideally: (2) “A sermon preached before the Commons House of Parliament” (STC 24544a); (3) “A briefe declaration of the universalitie of the Church of Christ .. The third impression ..” (STC 24548); (4) “A discourse of the religion anciently professed by the Irish and Brittish” (STC 24549); and (5) “A speech delivered in the castle-chamber at Dublin” (STC 24555). Each of these was probably also issued separately. In fact the contents of individual copies differ, and some preliminaries may be missing or cancelled.” ESTC. Roman and Italic letter, some Greek and Hebrew. Most titles within double box rule three with woodcut devices, large woodcut head and tail pieces, floriated woodcut initials, eaarly autograph ‘Tho. Mason’ on f. e-p., monogram WB in later hand below, ‘Ex libris Ben: Lay sr.” in early hand on fly, his purchase price 76 at head of t-p, mss ex dono from G Dailey to Mr G E Woodhouse dated 1892. Very light age yellowing, very occasional marginal mark or minor stain. A very good copy, crisp and clean, in contemporary calf, covers bordered with a double blind rule, spine with raised bands ruled in blind,, a.e.r. upper joint split but sound, slight loss to head of spine.

Excellent edition of the complete works to date, of James Ussher, one of the most important biblical scholars and theologians of the 17th century. Each of these was also issued separately. In a later issue (STC 24544.5) the first three leaves were cancelled and replaced with a general title. “Ordained priest in 1601, Ussher became professor (1607–21) and twice vice-chancellor (1614, 1617) at the university where he had received his B.A., Trinity College, Dublin. He was made bishop of Meath in 1621 and archbishop of Armagh in 1625. Ussher became primate of all Ireland in 1634. He was in England in 1642, when the Civil War broke out, and he never returned to Ireland. Having earned the respect of both Anglicans and Puritans, he proposed in 1641 a method for combining the episcopal and presbyterian forms of church government in the Church of England. .. Ussher wrote widely on Christianity in Asia Minor, on episcopacy, and against Roman Catholicism. An expert in Semitic languages, he argued for the reliability of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament and employed an agent in the Middle east to collect biblical and other manuscripts for him. Scholars still respect him for his correct distinction between the genuine and the spurious epistles of the 2nd-century St. Ignatius of Antioch,”. Enc. Brit. The five works in this vol. represent the most important of his early works and are mostly controversial in nature. “(Ussher) continued to battle over the identity of the early church with another Dublin Jesuit, William Malone. His 1619 challenge .. produced Ussher’s 1624, ‘An Answer to a challenge Made by a Jesuit in Ireland’. This was a massive historical treatise on the protestant purity of the early church and the subsequent introduction of abuses and superstitions by the increasingly corrupt Church of Rome. … Ussher’s instinctive determination to return ‘ad fontes’, and to prove that those earliest springs were pure and protestant, was not just a product of his humanist or antiquarian instincts. It sprang directly from his historical apocalyptic vision”. Brendan Bradshaw ‘British Consciousness and Identity: The Making of Britain, 1533-1707’. A very good copy, unusually complete, in a contemporary,, binding.

STC 24544 2) STC 24544a. 3) STC 24548. 4) STC 24549. 5) STC 24555. Lowndes 2744.L1471
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