SADELER, Johann Eight Bohemian Landscapes

[Prague], n.p, [c.1607]


8-plate series of copperplate engravings on thick laid paper depicting Bohemian Landscapes.Engravings measure 270x205mm, pages 245×355 A very good, well-margined copy in modern 1/4 calf over green cloth boards.

RIVERSCAPE The sun bursts through the clouds above a mighty river on which are all sorts of boats A town in the background basks in the sun, a few laden travellers continue along the road in the foreground. ROCKY LANDSCAPE A river runs through the scene, passing travellers, a mill and various buildings, finishing with some women washing clothes in the waters. One small rustspot to centre. ROCKY LANDSCAPE (II) After a city, the travellers continue on their way, passing vast, dark trees. The river cascades in a miniature waterfall to the right. RIVERSCAPE ON THE RIGHT Underneath a vast tranche of sky, travellers pause in a small settlement. Far below, boats meander around riverside towns. LANDSCAPE WITH A STONE BRIDGE An impressive array of pinnacled buildings greet the travellers, rising in the distance to a lofty citadel. The sky is thronged with birds. ROCKY LANDSCAPE WITH TWO HORSEMEN In the shade of a great tree, two horsemen appraoch a small cottage. Beyong, bathed in sunlight, a castle and river valley. LANDSCAPE WITH LARGE ROCK Preparing to cross a river, the travellers pause briefly before a wooded stoney outcrop. LANDSCAPE WITH A TORRENT A river in spate beneath an open sky. In the very foreground, two hunters with gambolling hounds. Ægidius Sadeler (c. 1568-1629) is generally considered to be the most talented scion of the Sadelers (Hind), a “phoenix among engravers” (von Sandrart). Encountering both the Mannerist circle of Hendrik Goltzius, Rubens and Brueghel, nonetheless Aegidius developed his own distinctive artistic personality and style. He experimented with different burin techniques, using patterns of hatching to add texture and tonality, emphaissing the unnatural stylistion of the landscapes. His contact with the Mannerists was slo influential, leading him to experiment widely with chiaroscuro in his later career. After a diverse education and training, he settled in Prague in 1597, and was appointed Imperial engraver by Emperor Rudoph II. It was in Prague that he produced the major part of some 150 landscapes that have been attributed to him. They are representative of his collaboration with the Prague court artists, Roelandt Savery, and Pieter Stevens – whose works form the basis for some of the current series. These landscapes are in several cases the sole surviving record of the artist’s work, adding to their importance.

Hollstein Aegidius Sadeler II. XXI.255-262-- State 2.
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