Motus Proprius Contra Mercatores huius almae Vrbis exercentes, Cambia sicca, vsuraria, & illicita

Rome, Antonio Blado, 1594


FIRST EDITION. Folio. 2 unnumbered and unsigned ll. Roman letter, title in large Gothic. Pius IV’s woodcut device to t-p, decorated initial. Faint marginal waterstaining, slight foxing and worm trail to upper margin of first fol. A very good copy, expertly mounted on a stub. Early numerals inked to upper margins.

A very good, crisp copy of this scarce papal bull issued by Pius IV in the penultimate year of his pontificate. A ‘motus proprius’ was a bull devised not after a petition or request but upon the Pope’s own initiative. In this case, the bull attacked people carrying out illicit currency exchange in Rome, especially those, some Jews, engaging in the ‘evil, unfair, despicable, forbidden and cursed’ practice of usury for which fines and even excommunication were in place. Antonio Blado was ‘stampatore camerale’ in charge of printing official documents of the Papal States including a great amount of bulls which, due to their ephemeral nature, have rarely survived unscathed.

USTC 849381; EDIT 16 CNCE 73096; Kress I, 36. Not in BM STC It.
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