PARTLICIUS Simeon, von Spitzberg

PARTLICIUS Simeon, von Spitzberg Prognosticon divinum et verum. Das ist: Wahre und klare Prohezeiung, wie es noch der in Welt werde zugehen.

Alkmaar, heirs of Jacob Meister, 1635


FIRST EDITION(?) 4to., 12 unnumbered ll, A-C4 , Gothic letter, woodcut vignette on t.p. of fire breathing dragon and figures in landscape, woodcut ornament. General paper browning (poor quality paper), a good, otherwise clean and well margined copy in modern boards.

An extremely rare prognostication based on Scripture various Christian authors, probably in its first edition. There were two issues in that year and no precedence has been ascribed, if indeed there is one. Astronomer and physician Simeon Partlitz or Partlicius (1588-1640) was an exile from Bohemia and a millenarist influenced by the Calvinist theology of Alsted and by Rosicrucianism. His prognostication is divided into three sections where he collects excerpts first from the Old and New Testament, then from the works of Martin Luther and other Lutheran theologians, and finally from earlier Christian scholars. All portend violent renewal for the world and for Germany, and an unpleasant reversal for Rome. He then attaches a ‘Confutation’ which expresses his anger that various astronomical and astrological works had been published under his name, without his knowledge, consent, or, implicitly, any chance of his being paid for them. He counsels against avarice, states that God will punish these wrong-doers, and notes that he doesn’t even have the time to write anything of that sort, busy as he is with his medical practice. The final four pages of the pamphlet comprise a poem in German criticising the immorality of the rich and emphasising the futility of all wealth gathering, unless accompanied by moral repentance. VD 17 lists only four entries for printing in Alkmaar, Northern Holland, all of the present title, two in 1635, and two in 1637. One of the entries queries whether the imprint is fictitious. The paper is in fact typically German of the period.

Not in BMC Ger C17. Cantamessa VIII 5867, locating copies only at Berlin, Halle and Göttingen. Worldcat adds none
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