[ALEXANDER VI] Indulgencia plenaria…contra el Turco enemigo.

[Valladolid?], [n.pr.], [1501?]


Broadside, oblong sm folio in two parts, 21.6 x 28.2 cm, 33 lines, Gothic letter. Decorated initial, circular woodcut stamp of the resurrected Christ and printed autograph of the Bishop of Jaen at foot. Washed, traces of glue to verso, couple of little interlinear worm trails, little tearing to lower margin, right: on thick paper, slightly soiled.

A rare vernacular indulgence probably printed in Valladolid c.1501, one of the two ‘authorised indulgence-presses, that is…Gumiel at Valladolid or Hagembachs’ successor at Toledo’ (Norton). The two parts were taken from the binding of the same folio where they were used as filling. The left side is in better condition, the right more soiled and washed. They do not align perfectly as they derive from different issues. Wilkinson identifies five printed in 1501: the only one with a woodcut E initial with fleurons, like the left-hand portion of this copy, is 5994; the only one which spells ‘infra’ with an ‘i’, not a ‘y’, and has ‘e’ attached to ‘Remision’ in the title is 5996. (‘Remision’ is recorded with either one or two Ss in bibliographies.) This bull, issued by Pope Alexander VI and addressed to the king of Spain, sought to raise alms for war against Turks, in which the Serenissima had lost territories in Greece and Dalmatia to the advancing Ottoman army. It promised those who would acquire it, for two golden ‘reales’, indulgence for sins including simony and an indulgence ‘in articulo mortis’ in case of sudden death prior to a final confession. This blessing would only apply at the moment of death, not when it was imparted. This copy was unused.

Four copies recorded in Spain.Wilkinson 5994 and 5996; Palau 36846. Not in Göllner.

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