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  • SARPI, Paolo

    SARPI, Paolo The History of the Quarrels of Pope Paul V with the State of Venice

    London, [Eliot's court press for] John Bill, 1626 £1,850.00 More Details
  • SCOT, Sir John

    SCOT, Sir John Delitiae poetarum Scotorum hujus aevi illustrium

    Amsterdam, Iohannem Blaeu, 1637 £1,750.00 More Details
  • SMYTHE, Sir John

    SMYTHE, Sir John Instructions, obseruations, and orders mylitarie. Requisite for all chieftaines, captaines, and higher and lower men of charge, and officers..

    London, By Richard Iohnes, 1595 £3,750.00 More Details
  • SOMNER, William

    SOMNER, William The antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall…

    London, printed by I[ohn] L[egat] for Richard Thrale, 1640 £1,950.00 More Details
  • SPEED, Robert

    SPEED, Robert The counter scuffle. VVhereunto is added, The counter rat. Written by R. S.

    London, Printed by Richard Bishop, 1637 £2,350.00 More Details
  • SPEIDELL, John

    SPEIDELL, John A geometricall extraction, or a compendious collection of the chiefe and choyse problemes,

    London, Edward Allde for the author, 1617 £2,400.00 More Details
  • ST. BEDE, The Venerable.

    BEDE, The Venerable. The historie of the Church of England. .. Translated, by Thomas Stapleton.

    St Omer, [Printed by Charles Boscard] For Iohn Heigham, 1622 £9,500.00 More Details
  • STANDISH, Arthur

    STANDISH, Arthur The commons complaint. Wherein is contained tvvo speciall grieuances..

    London, Printed by William Stansby, 1611 £4,950.00 More Details

    The Historie of Twelve Caesars. ..and newly translated into English..

    London, M. Lownes, 1606 £4,750.00 More Details
  • TASSO, Torquato

    TASSO, Torquato Godfrey of Bulloigne, or The recouerie of Ierusalem. Done into English heroicall verse, by Edward Fairefax Gent.

    London, by Ar. Hatfield, for I. Iaggard and M. Lownes, 1600 £11,000.00 More Details
  • TAYLOR, John

    TAYLOR, John All the vvorkes of Iohn Taylor the water-poet

    London, J. B[eale, Elizabeth Allde, Bernard Allsop, Thomas Fawcet] for James Boler, 1630 £9,500.00 More Details
  • TILLESLEY, Richard

    TILLESLEY, Richard Animadversions upon M. Seldens History of Tithes, and his review thereof: before which is premised a catalogue of seventy two authors, before the yeere 1215

    London, John Bill, 1619 £1,650.00 More Details

Showing 85–96 of 104 results