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  • BURTON, Henry

    BURTON, Henry The baiting of the Pope’s bull. Or An vnmasking of the mystery of iniquity

    London, By W[illiam] I[ones, Augustine Mathewes, John Jaggard? and others?] for Michaell Sparke, 1627 £9,500.00 More Details

  • BUTLER, Charles

    BUTLER, Charles The Feminine Monarchie

    Oxford, Joseph Barnes, 1609 £19,500.00 More Details

  • CAMDEN, William

    CAMDEN, William Britannia, sive florentiss, regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, insularumq[ue] adiacentium ex intima antiquitate descriptio.

    Amsterdam, Gulielmus Blaeu, 1639 £2,350.00 More Details

  • CAMDEN, William.

    CAMDEN, William Britannia

    London, [printed at Eliot's court press] impensis Georg. Bishop, 1600 £15,750.00 More Details


    CARTWRIGHT, John The Preachers travels: ...through the great countreyes of Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania and Parthia. With the authors returne by the way of Persia, Susiana, Assiria, Chaldæa, and Arabia

    London, by William Stansby for Thomas Thorppe, 1611 £14,500.00 More Details

  • CASTLEMAINE, Roger Palmer, Earl of

    CASTLEMAINE, Roger Palmer, Earl of The Catholique apology … & D.r Du Moulins Answer to Philanax; as also D.r Stillingfleet’s last gun-powder treason sermon, his attaque about the treaty of Munster, & all matter of fact charg’d on the English Catholiques by their enemies.

    [Antwerp], s.n., M. DC. LXXIV. 1674 £2,250.00 More Details

  • CHAUCER, Geoffrey

    CHAUCER, Geoffrey The Workes of our Ancient and Learned Poet

    London, Adam Islip, 1602 £8,500.00 More Details


    CHURCH OF ENGLAND The primer in Englishe [and] Latin: set forth by the kynges maieste [and] his clergie to be taught learned, [and] read: [and] none other to be vsed throughout all his dominio[n]s. [with] The epystles & gospels, of euery Sondaye

    1) London, by Eduuard VVhitchurche, 1548 2) London, by Thomas Raynalde, 1550 £7,500.00 More Details

  • CLOWES, William

    CLOWES, William A profitable and necessarie booke of observations, for all those that are burned with the flame of gun powder, &c., and also for curing of wounds.

    London, Edmund Bollifant for Thomas Dawson, 1596 £9,500.00 More Details

  • COTGRAVE, Randle

    COTGRAVE, Randle A dictionarie of the French and English tongues

    London, printed by Adam Islip, 1611 £2,750.00 More Details

Showing 11–20 of 88 results