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  • WIDDRINGTON, Roger [i.e. PRESTON, Thomas]

    WIDDRINGTON, Roger [i.e. PRESTON, Thomas] Ad Sanctissimum Dominum Paulum Quintun humillima supplicatio

    Albionopoli [i.e. London], apud Rufum Lipsium [A. Islip for Eliot’s Court Press], 1616 £1,350.00 More Details
  • WILKINS, John

    WILKINS, John Mathematicall magick. Or, the wonders that may be performed by mechanicall geometry.

    London, printed by M[iles]. F[lesher]. for Sa. Gellibrand, 1648 £3,250.00 More Details
  • WILKINS, John.

    WILKINS, John. The Discovery of a New World or a Discourse tending to prove… there may be another habitable world on the moone. With a Discourse concerning the possibility of a Passage thither. [with] A Discourse concerning a New Planet Tending to prove, That tis probable our Earth is one of the Planets.

    London, John Norton for John Maynard [with] R.H. for John Maynard, 1640 £7,750.00 More Details

    WILLIAM OF TYRE. Historia della guerra sacra di Gierusalemme.

    Venice, appresso Antonio Pinelli, 1610 £1,950.00 More Details
  • WILLIAMS, Roger, Sir

    WILLIAMS, Roger, Sir The actions of the Lowe Countries.

    London, Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Mathew Lownes, 1618 £5,500.00 More Details
  • WILLIS, Thomas [with] ETTMÜLLER, Michael

    £2,750.00 More Details
  • WILSON, Thomas

    WILSON, Thomas A Discourse upon Usurie

    London, Roger Warde, 1584 £5,750.00 More Details
  • WINGATE, Edmund

    WINGATE, Edmund or the construction and use of the logar-ithmeticall tables by the helpe whereof, multiplication is performed by addition, division by subtraction, the extraction of the square root by bipartition, and the cube root by tripartition, &c.. [with] Une table logarithmetique par laquelle on peut trouver le logarithme de quelque numbre que ce soit dessous 400000

    1) London, Miles Flesher, 1648 2) London, [Printed by M. Fletcher], 1635 £2,950.00 More Details
  • WINSEMIUS, Pierius

    WINSEMIUS, Pierius Amores

    Franeker, Ex officinna Uldrici Balck, 1631 £950.00 More Details
  • WIRSUNG Christopher.

    WIRSUNG Christopher. Praxis medicinae universalis; or A Generall Practice of Physicke..

    London, Impensis Georg. Bishop, 1598 £5,750.00 More Details
  • WISHART, George

    WISHART, George I.G. de rebus auspiciis serenissimi, & potentissimi Caroli gratia magnæ Britanniæ, &c. sub imperio illustrissimi Iacobi Montisrosarum marchionis…: Supremi Scotiæ gubernatoris anno 1644, & duobus sequentibus præclarè gestis, commentarius

    Paris, ex Typographia Ioannis Bessin, propè Collegium Remense, 1648 £4,250.00 More Details
  • WITHER George.

    The hymnes and songs of the Church. Diuided into two parts. The first part comprehends the canonicall hymnes, and such parcels of Holy Scripture, as may properly be sung, with some other ancient songs and creeds. The second part consists of spirituall songs, appropriated to the seuerall times and occasions obserueable in the Church of England

    London, Printed [by John Bill] for G[eorge] W[ither], 1623 £6,500.00 More Details

Showing 1129–1140 of 1149 results