Conduct Literature

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  • CASTIGLIONE, Baldassare.

    CASTIGLIONE, Baldassare. Il Cortegiano.

    Vinetia, G. Giolito, 1544 £1,350.00 More Details
  • CLEAVER, Robert. DOD John.

    CLEAVER, Robert. DOD John. A godly forme of houshold gouernment, for the ordering of priuate families, according to the direction of Gods Word.

    London, [Eliot’s Court Press for] the assignes of Thomas Man, 1630 £2,950.00 More Details
  • GOUGE, William.

    GOUGE, William. Of domesticall duties eight treatises.

    London, printed by Iohn Haviland for William Bladen, 1622 £4,950.00 More Details

Showing all 3 results