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  • PORCACCHI, Thomaso

    PORCACCHI, Thomaso L'Isole piu famose del Mondo

    Venice, Simon Galignani & Girolamo Porro, 1572 £9,500.00 More Details
  • RADZIWIŁŁ, Mikołaj.

    RADZIWIŁŁ, Mikołaj. Peregrinacya abo Pielgrzymowanie do Ziemie Swiętey.

    Cracow, W Drukarniey Antoniego Wosinskiego, 1628 £6,500.00 More Details
  • RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista

    RAMUSIO, Giovanni Battista Delle navigationi et viaggi…Volume primo. (with) Delle navigationi et viaggio…Volume secondo. (with) Delle navigationi et viaggi…Volume terzo

    Venice, Giunta, 1613, 1583, 1606 £39,500.00 More Details
  • RITCHIE, Leith

    RITCHIE, Leitch Turner's Annual Tour, Wandering by the Loire

    London, published by the proprietor, by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman and Rittner and Goupil, Paris, 1833 £250.00 More Details
  • SANDYS, George

    SANDYS, George A relation of a iourney begun an: Dom: 1610. Foure bookes. Containing a description of the Turkish Empire, of Ægypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote parts of Italy, and ilands adioyning

    London, Printed [by Thomas Cotes] for Ro: Allot, 1627 £2,750.00 More Details
  • SEMEDO, Alvaro

    SEMEDO, Alvaro Histoire universelle du grand royaume de la Chine..

    Paris, Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, et Gabriel Cramoisy, 1645 £3,750.00 More Details
  • SOMNER, William

    SOMNER, William The antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall…

    London, printed by I[ohn] L[egat] for Richard Thrale, 1640 £1,950.00 More Details

    STRABO De Situ Orbis

    Venice, Heirs of Aldus Manutius, 1516 £55,000.00 More Details
  • THEVET, Andre

    THEVET, Andre Historia dell'India America detta altramente Francia antartica, di M. Andrea Tevet tradotta di francese in lingua iataliana, da M. Giuseppe Horologgi

    Venice, Gabriel Giolito de'Ferrari, 1561 £13,500.00 More Details
  • TOTTI, Pompilio

    TOTTI, Pompilio Ritratto di Roma antica.

    Rome, Andrea Fei, 1627 £1,750.00 More Details
  • TRIGAULT, Nicolas

    TRIGAULT, Nicolas Rei Christianae apud Iaponios Commentarius ex litteris annuis Societatis Jesu annorum 1609. 1610. 1611. 1612

    Augsburg, Christophorum Mangium, 1615 £3,950.00 More Details
  • TRIGAULT, Nicolas

    TRIGAULT, Nicolas De Christiana expeditione

    Lyon, Horatius Cardon, 1616 £6,500.00 More Details

Showing 37–48 of 51 results