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  • CASAS Bartolomé de las

    CASAS Bartolomé de las Istoria ò breuissima relatione della distruttione dell' Indie Occidentali

    Venice, Marco Ginammi, 1630 £3,950.00 More Details

  • CIEZA DE LEÓN, Pedro

    CIEZA DE LEÓN, Pedro [with] LOPEZ DI GOMARA, Francesco La prima parte dell'Istorie del Peru… [with] Historia delle nuove Indie Occidentali… [and] Historia di Don Fernando Cortes..

    Venice, Camillo Franceschini, 1576 £9,850.00 More Details

  • CONESTAGGIO, Cerolamo Franchi di

    CONESTAGGIO, Gerolamo Franchi di The historie of the vniting of the kingdom of Portugall to the crowne of Castill.

    London, Arn[old] Hatfield for Edward Blount, 1600 £4,750.00 More Details

  • FELINI, Pietro Martire

    FELINI, Pietro Martire Trattato nuovo delle cose maravigliose dell’alma città di Roma

    Rome, Andrea Fei [Giovanni Antonio Franzini], 1625 £2,250.00 More Details

  • FORESTI, Giacomo Filippo

    FORESTI, Giacomo Filippo Nouissime hystoriarum omnium repercussiones

    Venice, Impressum per Albertinum De Lissona Vercellensem, 1503 £12,500.00 More Details

  • GOETEERIS, Anthonis.

    GOETEERIS, Anthonis. Iournael Vande Legatie ghedaen in de Iaren 1615. Ende 1616.

    ’sGraven-Hage [The Hague], Henricus Hondius, 1640 £7,500.00 More Details

  • GRYNAEUS, Simon [with] HUTTICH, Johann

    GRYNAEUS, Simon [with] HUTTICH, Johann Die New Welt der landschaften vnd insulen

    Strasburg, Georg Ulricher, 1534 £11,500.00 More Details

  • HAKLUYT, Richard

    HAKLUYT, Richard The principall navigations, voiages and discoveries of the English nation, made by Sea or over Land..

    London, George Bishop and Ralph Newberie, 1589 £69,500.00 More Details

  • HAMOND Walter

    HAMOND Walter A Paradox. Prooving, that the inhabitants of the isle called Madagascar, or St. Laurence, …are the happiest people in the world

    London, for Nathaniell Butter, 1640 £9,500.00 More Details

  • HAWKINS, Sir Richard.

    HAWKINS, Sir Richard. The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins Knight, in his Voyage into the South Sea.

    London, John Iaggard, 1622 £22,500.00 More Details

Showing 11–20 of 47 results