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    [ACADÉMIE DES SCIENCES]. Prophéties perpetuelles depuis 1521 jusquà la fin du monde.

    Manuscript, on paper, France, 1680 [but early 1700s] £2,750.00 More Details
  • [MODENA].

    [MODENA]. Grida sopra il datio Della Carne, Pesce, & Oglio & dell’Estrattione de gl’Animali.

    Modena, Per Giulian Cassiani Stampator Ducale, 1636 £1,250.00 More Details
  • [WINE].

    [WINE]. [Cambio de Víñas en Morales.]

    Zamora (Spain), Manuscript on paper, 1455 £8,750.00 More Details

    ATHENAEUS Deipnosophistae (with) Dipnosophistarum sive Coenae sapientum libri XV

    Venice, Aldus Manutius & Andrea Torresani, 1514(with) Andreas Arrivabenus, 1556 £29,500.00 More Details
  • CERVIO, Vincenzo.

    CERVIO, Vincenzo. Il Trinciante… Ampliato et a Perfettione.

    Rome, Giulio Burchioni, 1593 £9,500.00 More Details
  • DU CHESNE, Joseph.

    DU CHESNE, Joseph. Diaeteticon polyhistoricon.

    Paris, C. Morel, 1606. £2,650.00 More Details
  • ESTIENNE, Charles

    ESTIENNE, Charles Seminarium, et plantarium fructiferarum praesertim arborum quae post hortos conseri solent

    Paris, Robert Estienne, 1540 £1,950.00 More Details
  • GIEGHER, Mattia

    GIEGHER, Mattia Li tre trattati

    Padua, Paolo Frambotto, 1639 £12,500.00 More Details
  • LANCELLOTTI, Vittorio

    LANCELLOTTI, Vittorio Lo scalco prattico

    Rome, Francesco Corbelletti, 1627 £3,250.00 More Details

    MAINERI, MAINO de. Regimen sanitatis.

    [Strasbourg, Johann Pruss, 1503.] £5,850.00 More Details
  • MARKHAM, Gervase

    MARKHAM, Gervase A Way To Get Wealth: Containing sixe Principall Vocations or Callings, in which every good Husband or House-wife may lawfully imploy themselves…

    London, Printed by E[dward] G[riffin] for John Harison, 1638 £4,950.00 More Details
  • WHITAKER, Tobias.

    WHITAKER, Tobias. Peri ydroposias: or, a discourse of waters: their qualities, and effects diæteticall, pathologicall, and pharmacaiticall.

    London, [by A. Mathewes] for Iohn Grismond, 1634. £5,750.00 More Details
  • WIRSUNG, Christopher.

    WIRSUNG, Christopher. The General Practise of Physicke

    London, [J. Legat] for Thomas Adams, 1617. £3,750.00 More Details

Showing all 13 results