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  • NORWOOD, Richard

    NORWOOD, Richard Trigonometrie. or, the doctrine of triangles:… Whereunto is annexed (chiefly for the use of seamen,) a treatise of the application therof in the three principall kindes of sailing

    London, William Jones, 1631 £5,950.00 More Details
  • PEVERONE, Giovan Francesco

    PEVERONE, Giovan Francesco Arithmetica e geometria

    Lyon, Jean II de Tournes, 1581 £2,750.00 More Details
  • RECORDE, Robert

    RECORDE, Robert The ground of arts: teaching the perfect worke and practise of arithmeticke, augmented by Mr. Iohn Dee. And since enlarged Iohn Mellis.

    London, Printed by Iohn Beale for Roger Iackson, 1623 £4,250.00 More Details
  • RECORDE, Robert

    RECORDE, Robert The grounde of artes: teaching the work and practise of arithmetike

    London, Henry Binneman and John Harison, 1575 £24,000.00 More Details
  • REISCH, Gregorius

    REISCH, Gregorius Margarita Filosofica...Accresciuta di molte belle dottrine da Oratio Fineo matematico regio. Di nouo tradotta in italiano da Gio. Paolo Gallucci...

    Venice, Barezzo Barezzi, 1599 £7,250.00 More Details
  • SFORTUNATI, Giovanni

    SFORTUNATI, Giovanni Nuouo lume libro de arithmetica. ..imperoche molte propositioni che per altri auttori, sono falsamente concluse, in questo si emendano: & castigano ... Con uno breue trattato di geometria, ...

    Venice, per Bernardino de Bindoni milanese, 1544 [1545] £4,950.00 More Details
  • STÖFFLER, Johannes

    STÖFFLER, Johannes Elucidatio Fabricae ususque Astrolabii

    Oppenheim, Jacobus Kobel, 1513 (colophon 1512) £9,500.00 More Details
  • TUNSTALL, Cuthbert

    TUNSTALL, Cuthbert De artes supputandi, libri quator

    Strasbourg, ex Officina Knoblock per Georg Machaerop, 1544 £3,950.00 More Details
  • WELLS, John [with] BRIGGS, Henry

    WELLS, John [with] BRIGGS, Henry (1) Sciographia, or the art of shadowes. Plainly demonstrating, out of the sphere, how to project both great and small circles, upon any plane whatsoever (2) Table des logarithmes, pour les nombres d’un, à 10000

    (1) London, Thomas Harper, 1635 (2) Gouda, par Pierre Rammaseyn, 1626 £3,750.00 More Details
  • WILKINS, John

    WILKINS, John Mathematicall magick. Or, the wonders that may be performed by mechanicall geometry.

    London, printed by M[iles]. F[lesher]. for Sa. Gellibrand, 1648 £3,250.00 More Details
  • WINGATE, Edmund

    WINGATE, Edmund or the construction and use of the logar-ithmeticall tables by the helpe whereof, multiplication is performed by addition, division by subtraction, the extraction of the square root by bipartition, and the cube root by tripartition, &c.. [with] Une table logarithmetique par laquelle on peut trouver le logarithme de quelque numbre que ce soit dessous 400000

    1) London, Miles Flesher, 1648 2) London, [Printed by M. Fletcher], 1635 £2,950.00 More Details
  • ZUBLER, Leonhard.

    ZUBLER, Leonhard. Novum Instrumentum Geometricum, Das ist Kurtzer unnd grundtlicher Bericht, alle Weite, Breite [with] Fabrica et usus instrumenti chorographici, Das ist Newe Planimetrische Beschreibung

    Basel, Ludwig König, 1607 £2,350.00 More Details

Showing 25–36 of 38 results