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  • PADOVANI, Fabrizio.

    PADOVANI, Fabrizio. Tractatus duo alter de ventis alter perbrevis de terraemotu.

    Bologna, apud Giovanni Battista Bellagamba, 1601 £9,500.00 More Details

  • PALEOTTI, Alfonso, MALLONIO, Daniele

    PALEOTTI, Alfonso, MALLONIO, Daniele Iesu Christi Crucifixi Stigmata Sacrae Sindoni

    Venice, apud Barezzo Barezzi, 1606 £2,500.00 More Details

  • PARADIN, Claude

    PARADIN, Claude Devises héroïques et emblêmes de M. Claude Paradin, reveues et augmentées de moytié [by François d’Amboise]

    Paris, J. Millot, -1614 £2,250.00 More Details

  • PIGNORIA, Lorenzo.

    PIGNORIA, Lorenzo. Vetustissimae tabulae Aeneae Sacris Aegyptiorum Simulachris coelatae accurata Explicatio.

    Venice, G.A. Rampazetto & G. Franco, 1605 £5,250.00 More Details

  • PLATT, Sir Hugh

    PLATT, Sir Hugh The Jewell House of Art and Nature.

    London, Printed by Peter Short, 1594 £8,750.00 More Details


    PLUTARCH Illustrium virorum vite

    Paris, Jodocus Badius Ascensius, [1520] £12,500.00 More Details


    PRIVY COUNCIL Instructions for Mvsters and Armes, and the use thereof

    London, Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1623 £7,500.00 More Details

  • PTOLEMY, Claudius

    PTOLEMY, Claudius The Compost of Ptolomeus, Prince of Astronomie. Very necessary and profitable for all such as desire the knowledge of the famous art of astronomie.

    London, By M. P[arsons] for Henry Gosson, and are [to be sold by Edward Wright, 1638[?] £19,500.00 More Details

  • PUCKLE, James

    PUCKLE, James The Club; in a Dialogue between Father and Son.

    London, Printed for the Proprietor, by John Johnson, and Sold by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orm and Brown, 1817 £175.00 More Details

  • RITCHIE, Leith

    RITCHIE, Leitch Turner's Annual Tour, Wandering by the Loire

    London, published by the proprietor, by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman and Rittner and Goupil, Paris, 1833 £250.00 More Details

Showing 41–50 of 60 results