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  • FUCHS, Leonhart

    FUCHS, Leonhart

    Basel, [Michael Isengrin], 1545 £12,500.00 More Details

  • GENGA, Bernardino

    Genga, Bernardino Anatomia per uso et intelligenza del disegno.

    Rome, Del Rossi, 1691 £3,750.00 More Details

  • GIARDA, Cristoforo

    GIARDA, Cristoforo Bibliothecae Alexandrinae icones symbolicae.

    [Milan], G.B.Bidelli, 1628 £2,750.00 More Details

  • GOETEERIS, Anthonis.

    GOETEERIS, Anthonis. Iournael Vande Legatie ghedaen in de Iaren 1615. Ende 1616.

    ’sGraven-Hage [The Hague], Henricus Hondius, 1640 £7,500.00 More Details

  • GOLDSMITH, Oliver

    GOLDSMITH, Dr. Vicar of Wakefield

    Chiswick, from the press of C Whittingham, etc., 1819 £50.00 More Details

  • GOLTZIUS, Hubert.

    GOLTZIUS, Hubert. Vivae omnium fere imperatorum imagines.

    Antwerp, [s.n., but Egidius Copenius Disthemius], 1557 £4,500.00 More Details

  • HEXHAM, Henry

    HEXHAM, Henry The second part of The principles, of the art militarie, practized in the warres of the Vnited Provinces.

    London, [i.e. Delft : By Jan Pietersz. Waelpot] for Mr Robert Younge, 1638 £29,500.00 More Details

  • KEINSPECK, Michael.

    KEINSPECK, Michael. Lilium musice plane.

    Augsburg, per Johannem Froschawer, 1498 £39,500.00 More Details

  • KIRCHER, Athanasius.

    Ars magna lucis et umbrae.

    Rome, sumptibus Hermanni Scheus, 1646 £7,500.00 More Details

  • LANGLEY, Batty

    LANGLEY, Batty Gothic architecture, …To which is added an historical dissertation (With) A catalogue of modern books on architecture, theoretical, practical and ornamental: … on sale at I. and J. Taylor’s architectural library

    London, Printed for I. & J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library No. 59. Holborn, [1790?] (with) [London, I. & J. Taylor, 1796?] £2,750.00 More Details

Showing 21–30 of 60 results