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  • [ANON] Pathomachia

    Pathomachia: or, The battell of affections

    London, Printed by Thomas and Richard Coats, for Francis Constable, 1630 £5,750.00 More Details
  • [BIBLE].

    [BIBLE]. The Booke of Common Prayer. [with] The Bible. [and] The New Testament.

    London, Robert Barker, I: 1604; II: 1603. £3,750.00 More Details
  • [BROWNE, William]

    [BROWNE, William] Britannia’s pastorals. The first booke.

    London, by Iohn Hauiland, 1635 £4,500.00 More Details

    [CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.] Coded text and verse by Cambridge students.

    Manuscript on paper, [England, c.1526-35]. £4,950.00 More Details
  • [CAMPBELL, Colen]. [and] WOOLFE, John.

    [CAMPBELL, Colen]. [and] WOOLFE, John. Vitruvius Britannicus, vols I-III. [and] Vitruvius Britannicus, vol. IV.

    London, Sold by the Author…, 1717, 1717, 1725, 1767. £29,500.00 More Details

    [ENGLAND] The maner of kepynge a court Baron and a Lete wyth dyvers fourmes of entreis (etc.).

    London, Nicholas Hill, 1546 £4,950.00 More Details
  • [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after].

    [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after]. [English Astrological MS]

    Manuscript, on paper, England, [mid- to third quarter of the 18th century] £2,750.00 More Details

    [MAGNA CARTA]. Secunda pars Veterum Statutorum.

    London, in edibus Thome Bertheleti regii impressoris, anno dom. 1532. mense Ianuar[ii] £5,950.00 More Details
  • [MARCELLINE, George].

    [MARCELLINE, George] Vox militis: foreshewing what perils are procured where the people of this, or any other kingdome liue without regard of marshall discipline

    London, By B[ernard] A[lsop] for Thomas Archer, 1625 £3,500.00 More Details

    Lawes and Ordinances of Warre, For the better Government of his Majesties Army Royall

    Newcastle, Robert Barker, 1639 £2,250.00 More Details

    An Ordinance…For the Preservation and Keeping together for publique Use such Books, Evidences, Records and Writings sequestered or taken by Distresse or otherwirse, as are fit to be Preserved

    London, Edward Husbands, 1643 £4,950.00 More Details
  • ACKERMANN, Rudolph, ed.

    ACKERMANN, Rudolph, ed. A History of the University of Cambridge, its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings.

    London, printed for R. Ackermann, 1815. £9,500.00 More Details
  • AINSWORTH, William Harrison

    AINSWORTH, W. Harrison Jack Sheppard. A Romance

    London, Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street, 1840 £450.00 More Details
  • ALMANSA Y MENDOZA, Andres de

    ALMANSA Y MENDOZA, Andres de The Joyfull Returne of the most illustrious Prince, Charles […]

    London, Edward All-de, 1623 £3,250.00 More Details
  • ANDREWES, Lancelot

    ANDREWES, Lancelot Tortura Torti: siue, Ad Matthaei Torti librum responsio, qui nuper editus contra Apologiam serenissimi potentissimique principis, Iacobi, pro Iuramento fidelitatis.

    London, Robertus Barkerus, serenissæ Regiæ Maiestatis typographus, 1609 £1,500.00 More Details
  • BACON, Francis

    BACON, Francis Historia Regni Henrici Septimi

    Leiden, Francis Hack, 1642 £450.00 More Details
  • BACON, Francis

    BACON, Francis Historia regni Henrici Septimi

    Leiden, Francis Hack, 1647 £350.00 More Details
  • BACON, Francis

    BACON, Francis Historia regni Henrici Septimi

    Amsterdam, Ex officina Elzeviriana / Elsevier, 1662 £150.00 More Details

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