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  • [ANON] Pathomachia

    Pathomachia: or, The battell of affections

    London, Printed by Thomas and Richard Coats, for Francis Constable, 1630 £5,750.00 More Details

  • [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after].

    [LILLY, William, PARTRIDGE, John, after].

    Manuscript, on paper, England, [mid- to third quarter of the 18th century] £2,150.00 More Details

  • [MARCELLINE, George].

    [MARCELLINE, George] Vox militis: foreshewing what perils are procured where the people of this, or any other kingdome liue without regard of marshall discipline

    London, By B[ernard] A[lsop] for Thomas Archer, 1625 £3,500.00 More Details


    An Ordinance…For the Preservation and Keeping together for publique Use such Books, Evidences, Records and Writings sequestered or taken by Distresse or otherwirse, as are fit to be Preserved

    London, Edward Husbands, 1643 £4,950.00 More Details

  • [UDALL, William. Camden, William.]

    [UDALL, William. Camden, William.] The Historie of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart Queene of Scotland.

    London, John Haviland for Richard Whitaker, 1624 £5,950.00 More Details

  • AELFRIC, Abbot of Eynsham

    AELFRIC, Abbot of Eynsham A Saxon treatise concerning the Old and New Testament

    London, Iohn Hauiland for Henrie Seile, ...at the signe of the Tygers head, 1623 £1,950.00 More Details


    CRESCENZI, Pietro de' De agricultura vulgare

    [Venice], [Alessandro Bindoni], [9 July 1519.] £2,250.00 More Details

  • BRINSLEY, John

    BRINSLEY, John Ludus literarius: or, The grammar schoole; shewing how to proceede .. both to masters and schollers; onely according to our common grammar.

    London, Imprinted by Felix Kyngston for Richard Meighen, 1627 £4,950.00 More Details

  • BUTLER, Charles

    BUTLER, Charles The Feminine Monarchie

    Oxford, Joseph Barnes, 1609 £19,500.00 More Details

  • BUTLER, Charles.

    BUTLER, Charles The English Grammar. (with) Rhetoricæ Libri duo. (with) Syngeneia. De propinquitate matrimonium impendiente, regula. (and) The feminin monarchi , or the histori of bee s. Shewing their admirable natur , and propertis.

    Oxford, by William Turner, 1634 (with) London, Ioannes Hauiland, 1629; (with) Oxford, Iohannes Lichfield & Guilielmus Turner, 1625. (and) Oxford, by William Turner, 1634 £7,500.00 More Details

Showing 1–10 of 43 results