English Literature

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  • FAIRBURN’s Collection of Songs

    FAIRBURN, John The Harmonist's Preceptor, or Universal Vocalist

    London, J Fairburn, ca 1830 £450.00 More Details
  • FORGET ME NOT 1825

    SHOBERL, Frederic Forget Me Not 1825

    London, R. Ackerman, 1824 £225.00 More Details
  • FORGET ME NOT 1828

    SHOBERL, Frederic Forget Me Not 1828

    London, R. Ackerman, 1827 £225.00 More Details

    FRIENDSHIP'S OFFERING Friendship's Offerings; A Literary Album and Christmas and New Year's present for 1832

    London, Smith, Elder & Co, 1831 £175.00 More Details
  • FULBECKE, William

    FULBECKE, William A Parallel or Confrence of the Civil Law, the Canon Law, and the Common Law. London, the Company of Sationers, 1618 [with] The Second part of the Parallele [and] the Padectes of the Law of Nations

    London, Thomas Wright, 1602 £3,750.00 More Details
  • GODWIN, Francis

    GODWIN, Francis A Catalogue of the Bishops of England

    London, George Bishop, 1601 £2,850.00 More Details
  • GOLDSMITH, Oliver

    GOLDSMITH, Dr. Vicar of Wakefield

    Chiswick, from the press of C Whittingham, etc., 1819 £50.00 More Details
  • GOLDSMITH, Oliver and PARNELL, Thomas

    GOLDSMITH, Oliver and Thomas Parnell Poems by Goldsmith and Parnell

    London, printed by W. Bulmer and Co. Shakespeare Printing Office, 1804 £275.00 More Details
  • HAKLUYT, Richard

    HAKLUYT, Richard The principall navigations, voiages and discoveries of the English nation, made by Sea or over Land..

    London, George Bishop and Ralph Newberie, 1589 £69,500.00 More Details
  • HALL, Joseph

    HALL, JOSEPH The Shaking of the Olive-tree. The remaining works of Joseph Hall.

    London, J . Cadwel for J. Crooke, 1660 £2,950.00 More Details
  • HALL, S. C. (Ed.)

    HALL, S. C. The Book of Gems. The Modern Poets and Artists of Great Britain.

    London, Whittaker and Co, Ave Maria Lane., 1838 £1,250.00 More Details
  • HAYWARD, Sir John

    HAYWARD, Sir John The life, and raigne of King Edward the Sixt

    London, printed [by Eliot’s Court Press, and J. Lichfield at Oxford?] for Iohn Partridge, 1630 £1,650.00 More Details

Showing 13–24 of 61 results