Plenaria indulgencia e remissio de tots los peccats.

[Toledo, Juan Varela de Salamanca, 1509-10]


Broadside. 29.3 x 21.5 cm, 48 + 53 lines, complete. Large Gothic letter, double column to second page, in Catalan. Browning to outer edge, lower edge a bit chewed, a few faint marginal water stains, a couple of marginal worm trails, heavier around right wax seal, left seal covered by slip of printer’s scrap paper (probably another indulgence). Good, crisp, uncut copy. Woodcut stamp ‘ihs’ and printed signature ‘Didacus Ep[iscopu]s Majorica[rum]’ to both leaves.

Good, uncut copy of this scarce indulgence in Catalan first issued by Julius II on 22 June 1509. It was probably printed by Juan Varela in Toledo and signed by Diego de Ribera, bishop of Mallorca between 1508 and 1512. This ‘bulla de Africa’ was issued to fund Julius II’s newly-planned crusade against the Turks, which would be debated at the Fifth Lateran Council a few years later due to the ongoing war against the French in the Papal States. The first part explained the criteria of the indulgence; addressed to the subjects of the King and Queen of Spain, it granted the same remission of all ‘sins, crimes and excesses’ which penitents would have obtained by visiting Rome or the Holy Land, through the payment of two silver ‘reals’ and the visitation of churches or holy places on specific days. The second part detailed these sacred days, some devoted to a specific saint or celebrations, others identified as individual ‘stations’ within a longer ritual of penitence during Advent and Lent.

Only Princeton, Newberry and Harvard copies recorded in the US.

USTC 344273; Wilkinson, Iberian Books, 6079; Norton, Spain and Portugal, 1075B. Not in BL STC Sp.


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