Per supremam Curiam parlamenti presentis patrie delphinatus, ad mandatum eiusdem impressioni commendata

Grenoble, Avec privilege…Lan Mil cinq cens trente et ung.. 1531.


4to. ll [i] 9 [viii] [A-D4, E2]. Roman letter in double columns, historiated woodcut initials, t.p. with half page woodcut of the Arms of the Dauphiné flanked by two angels, full page woodcut of woman consoling a chained unicorn at verso of D4. Light age yellowing, light oil splashes to upper margin throughout, contemporary ms ex libris (Claude Chevrerius?) to verso of last. A well-margined copy in boards covered with incunable leaf with psalm 139 and commentary with red initials, later endpapers.

A supplement to the collected Statutes of the province of Dauphiné for the year 1531, printed during the Italian Wars, the so-called ‘Time of Troubles’ when the region served as campground for Francis I and his troops. The work is a practical resource with information on the appointment of advocates, court procedure, and even criminal trials, but uniquely doubles as a declaration of freedom. Unlike earlier collections of statutes, this printing coincides with Francis I’s attempts at integrating the occupied Dauphiné into the rest France. The Dauphinois Parliament responded by rejecting certain royal ordinances, culminating in 1539 with their refusal to ratify the Ordinance of Villers-Cotterets, a reform act meant to discontinue the use of Latin and suppress regional dialects. In other words, an act that would render legal dual-language texts like this one obsolete. Francis had the final word: within a year he enacted the Ordinance of Abbeville, triple the length of Villers-Cotterets, and specifically targeted at reforming the Dauphinate legal system to mirror the rest of France. A pamphlet war between those believing in the freedom of the Dauphiné and adherents to central power continued until the time of the Revolution.

OCLC 669832135. Aureliana, Répertoire bibliographique des libres imprimés en France au seiziéme siécle , XLVIII 6, and Baudrier XII 67 cite variations.


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