[BROWNE, William]
Britannia’s pastorals. The first booke London, printed by Iohn Hauiland, 1625. £5,750 FIRST EDITON thus. Two vols. in one. 8vo. pp. [xvi], 140 [i.e. 142], [xiv], 179, [i]. A-Y⁸. “Variant 1: (second) title page is a cancel, with ‘Haviland’ in the

[COMBE, William]
A History of The University of Oxford, its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings. London, Printed for R. Ackermann, 101, Strand, by L. Harrison and J. C. Leigh, 373, Strand, 1814. £4,950 2 vol. Folio. Vol 1: [a]4 (-[a]1, half title), b-e4, f2

Renuncia que hizo la Religion de nuestro Padre S. Francisco…… en la Nueva España é Islas Filipinas. Toledo? 1645? £2,950 FIRST and ONLY EDITION. Folio. 4 pp., added blanks. Roman letter,

[GAULTIER, Jacques]
Rodomontades Espagnolles. Colligées des commentaires des tres espouentables ... Capitaines, Matamares, Crocodille & Rojobroqueles, Fanfaron. Rodomuntadas Castellanas.

Les annales du japon, de la chine, et de mogor. Liege, chez Art de Coerfvvarem Imp. juré. l’an, 1601 £4,250 FIRST EDITION thus. 12mo. ff. [lxxxiv] A-G12. Roman letter some Italic. Woodcut printer’s device on title, floriated woodcut initial,

Lettre de la chine de l’an 1601 Paris, Claude Chappelet, 1605 £3,950 FIRST EDITION thus. 12mo., ff. 53. a-d12, e5 [lacking blank e6]. Roman letter some Italic. Small woodcut printers unicorn device on title, small grotesque woodcut initials and

[Pseudo] HYPPOCRATES, [Pseudo] DIOGENES of Synope and [Pseudo] BRUTUS, Marcus Junius
KING MITHRIDATES' COLLECTION OF TRANSLATED GREEK LETTERS Epistolae. Florence, Piero Pacini, 1505. £2,450 4to., 40 leaves, A-B8, C6, D4, E8, F6, missing leaf Avi. Roman letter; title within wide

[RUDNICKE, Michael]
Compendiosum examen... Cracow, per Mathiam Scharfenbergk, 1529. £5,750 8vo. ff. 16. Gothic letter, Roman letter at colophon, rubricated throughout, verso of t.p. with woodcut of Christ on the

Coustumes du Bailliage de Sens ancies ressorts d'iceluy, Redigées, arestées au mois de Novembre, l'An Mil cinq cents cinquante cinq, par Ordonnance du Roy. Sens, De l'Imprimerie de Gilles Richeboys,

Statuta Provincialia Augsburg, Erhardt Ratdolt, 5th April 1491 £4,750 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. 17 unnumbered leaves. a-b6, c5, as usual lacking final blank. Gothic letter. Numerous white on black fine, large

[TABOUROT, Étienne]
Les Bigarrures, et Touches du Seigneur des Accords…; Le Quatriesme des Bigarrures du Seigneur des Accords; Les Touches du Seigneur des Accords; Les Contes Faceciuex du Sieur Gaulard; Les Escraignes

Ihesus. The floure of the commaundements of god. London, Wynkyn de Worde, 1521. £65,000 Folio. Ff (xxiv) 264 (misnumbered 260). Black letter, double column; woodcut initials in various styles (grotesque,

[VON SCHUSSENRIED, Werner] [with] LECOURT, Benoît [and] JAMET, François
BY THE FIRST IMPORTANT WOMAN PRINTER [Von SCHUSSENRIED, Werner]. Modus legendi abbreviaturas in utroque iure. Paris, Claude Chevallon, 1537. [with] Legum flosculi. Paris, Charlotte Guillard,

Rime degli Accademici Timidi ... per fregio della laurea ... dell’una, e l’altra Legge. Mantua, Alberto Pazzoni, 1731. £1,250 8vo., pp. 36. Roman and Italic letter; a few damp stains, small rust spot to middle of gutter. Good copy in elegant

ACOSTA, Emanuel [with] MAFFEI, Giovan Pietro
THE JESUIT VIEW OF JAPAN BETWEEN 1548 - 1564 Rerum a Societate Iesu in oriente gestarum.... Accessere de Iaponicis rebus epistolarum libri 4, item recogniti, & in latinum ex hispanico sermone

ACOSTA, José de
AN ENLIGHTENED DESCRIPTION OF SOUTH AMERICAN NATIVE SOCIETIES De natura novi orbis ... et de promulgatione Evangelii apud babaros. Cologne, officina

ADORNO, Agostino
Manuscript Letter. Genoa, 1496. £1,450 One sheet, 20.5 x 29.5cm, paper, autograph letter signed 30 March 1496, 16 lines (plus signature), Latin in a very neat, humanistic italic, brown ink, paper wafer seal and docket to verso, some spotting

Vita & Fabulae...cum interpretatione Latina (and other works). Venice, Apud Aldum, October, 1505. £59,500 FIRST EDITIONS (in parts) Folio. 150 ll. A8 a8 B10 b8 C8 c8 D10 d8 e-h8 i6 k-_8, o4. Greek and Roman

MORAL EDUCATION FOR MEDIEVAL PUPILS Aesopus moralistus cum bono commento. n.l., n.r., probably Augsburg, Johannes Schönsperger, 1497. £9,500 4to., 40 unnumbered leaves. a-c6, d4, e-g6. Gothic letter, text in

AGRICOLA, Georgius (BAUER, Georg)
IN USE AFTER 400 YEARS De re metallica libri XII. De animantibus subterraneis liber. Basel, Hieronymus Froben and Nicolaus Bischoff, 1561. £11,500 Folio, pp. (xii) 502 (lxxiv). Roman, Greek and Gothic letter.

AGRICOLA, Georgius (BAUER, Georg)
De re metallica libri XII. De animantibus subterraneis liber. Basle, Hieronymus Froben and Nicolaus Bischoff, 1561. £12,500 Folio, pp. [xii] 502 [lxxiv]. Roman, Greek and Gothic letter. Woodcut printer's device

AGRIPPA, Henrich Cornilius
Militiae Equitis Aurati...in Artem Brevem Raymundi Lullii, Commentaria. Solingen, Joannes Soter, 1538. £4,250 8vo. pp [284] a-r8 s6. Roman letter, occasional Italic. Woodcut initials, t.p. with printer's device

ALBERTI, Leon Battista
THE FIRST PRINTED BOOK ON ARCHITECTURE L' Architettura…, tradotta in lingua fiorentina da Cosimo Bartoli gentil'huomo & accademico fiorentino. Con la aggiunta de disegni. Et altri diuersi trattati del medesimo auttore. Mondovi, Lionardo

A PATRICIAN'S COPY OF EMBLEMS Diverse imprese ... tratte di gli emblemi. Lyon, Guillaume Rouillé, 1551. £2,750 8vo., pp. 191, (1). Italic letter, little Roman; title and printer’s device within

Emblemata…Emblemata, elucidata doctissimis Claudij Minois commentarijs ; quibus additae sunt eiusdem auctoris notae posteriores. Lyon, apud haeredes Gulielmi Rouillij,

ON REAL AND FANTASTIC GENETIC MALFORMATIONS Monstrorum historia cum paralipomenis historiae omnium animalium. Bologna, Nicolò Tebaldino for Marco Antonio Bernia,

A PIONEERING WORK ON HOOVED ANIMALS Quadrupedum omnium bisulcornum historia. Bologna, Gian Battista Ferroni for Marco Antonio Bernia, 1641. £3,750 Folio, pp. (8), 1040,

MOST UNUSUALLY COMPLETE [Complete Works]. Bologna, Nicola Tebaldino & Clemente e Giovanni Battista Ferroni per Marco Antonio Bernia, 1640-1652, 1668. £225,000 13 volumes, fol.: 1): pp. [4], 893,

ALESSIO Piemontese (RUSCELLI Girolamo)
The secretes of the reuerend Maister Alexis of Piemont. Containing excellent remedies against diuers diseases, woundes, and other accidentes, with the maner to make distillations, parfumes, consitures, dyinges,

ALFONSO X, King of Castile and Leon
TABLES FOR ASTRONOMICAL MATHEMATICS Tabule & Theoremata quorum hic est index ... In calce huius libri seorsum annexe sunt tabulae Elisabeth Reginae nuper castigatae & in ordinem redactae per L.

ALLEN, William, G.D., and Sir STANLEY, William
A briefe discouerie of Doctor Allens seditious drifts, contriued in a pamphlet written by him, concerning the yeelding vp of the towne of Deuenter, (in Ouerrissel) vnto the king of Spain, by Sir William

ALLESTREE, Richard [with] DADE, William [and] NEVE, John et. al.
12 EXCEPTIONALLY RARE ALMANACKS FOR THE YEAR 1635 £25,000 I. ALLESTREE, Richard.1635. A new almanacke and prognostication, for the yeere of our Lord God,

ALPINI, Prospero
ONE OF THE EARLIEST EUROPEAN STUDIES OF NON-WESTERN MEDICINE AND BOTANY De medicina Aegyptiorum. (with) De plantis Aegyptis liber ... De balsamo dialogus. Venice,

ALVERNUS, Guillelmus
De fide De legibus. Augsburg, Günther Zainer, 1475. £13,500 FIRST EDITION fol. 139 ex 140 ll. lacking initial blank, unpaginated and unsigned [a9 b-o10], 43 lines plus headline to page, text in an elegant

A BRIDGEWATER BINDING The Roman historie London : Printed by Adam Islip, An. 1609. £5,950 FIRST EDITON thus. Folio. pp. [iv], 432, [lxxvi]. A², B-3I⁴, a-d⁴, ²A-E⁴, ²F². Roman letter, some Italic. Floriated woodcut initials, grotesque woodcut and

AMMONIUS, Alexandrinus Hermiae
Aristotelis categorias, et librum de interpretatione Venice, Vincentium Valgrisium, 1559. £1,950 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, ff. (cviii). Roman letter, text in double numbered column, printer's

ANDREWES, Lancelot
Tortura Torti: siue, Ad Matthaei Torti librum responsio, qui nuper editus contra Apologiam serenissimi potentissimique principis, Iacobi, pro Iuramento fidelitatis. London, excudebat Robertus

UNUSUALLY WELL PRESERVED COPY Closet for Ladies and Gentlevvomen. Or, The Art of preserving, conserving, and candying. London, Printed by John Hauiland, 1627. £4,950 12mo. 96 unnumbered leaves. A-H12.

Illuminated Manuscript in Latin on a leaf from an Antiphonal. Central Italy, mid-14th century. £1,850 Folio (475 x 340 mm). On recto seven four-line staves in red, music in square notation alternating with seven

Decorated Manuscript on Vellum. Spain, c. 1550, later additions dated 1769. £9,750 540 x 400 mm, 169 leaves, lacks first leaf of original codex, else complete, 1(2) (front pastedown is part of

Decorated Manuscript on Vellum. Southern Spain, perhaps Grenada, or Portugal, c. 1600. £12,500 520 x 365 mm, 160 leaves, last numbered clxvii; I-XXI⁸ lacking 5ll. of text i.e. V₆, VI₇, IX₃, XIX₃

ANTWERP (broadsheet)
Gheboden ende uutgheropen, 20.12.1590. Alsoo verboden ende schandaleuse boecken bevonden worden, dat niemandt in eenighe sterf-huysen noch oude-cleercoopers gheen boecken en sullen vercoopen ten zy de selve zijn

Interpretatio antiqua, ac perutilis in Apollonij rhodij Argonautica. Paris, Jacques Bogard for the widow of Conrad Neobar, 1541. £1,250 8vo. 152 unnumbered leaves, α-τ8. Greek letter. Small woodcut printer’s

IN SPLENDID CONTEMPORARY MOROCCO Delle guerre civili (with) Delle guerre esterne Florence (with) Venice, Heirs of Filippo Giunta (with) Nicolò Zoppino, 1526. £16,500 8vo, 2 works in one: 1): ff. 287, (1); 2): ff.

APPIANUS, Alexandrinus with FONTAINE, Jacques with ALTHAMER, Andreas
ON THE WARS THAT LED TO THE DEMISE OF ROME AND RHODES De civilibus romanorum bellis historiarum libri quinque et liber Illyricus & Celticus, Libycus & Syrius, Parthicus

Opera. Rome, Swyenheym and Pannartz, 1500. £8,500 Folio. ff. 118 [last blank] leaves 5-117 numbered I-cxii, cvi. [*] 4, a-t6, 44 lines and head-line. Roman letter a little Greek. Capital spaces with some

EXTENSIVE CONTEMPORARY ANNOTATIONS ON ANCIENT ROMAN NOVEL Opera. £17,500 Folio, 178 leaves, A6, a-m8.6, n8, o-x8.6, y-z6, &6, 76, missing first blank.  Elegant Roman letter;

MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY IN INCUNABLE EDITION Quaestiones de duodecim quodlibet. Nuremberg, Johann Sensenschmidt and Andreas Frisner, 15 April 1474. £19,500 Folio. 136 unnumbered leaves, the first blank (Tabula

AQUINAS' SEMINAL WORK Prima et secunda pars summe sacre theologie. Venice, Philippo Pincio Mantuano, 1509. £2,950 Folio, two volumes, 1) ff. 14, 148; 2) ff. (6), 195, (1). 1)

Opera quae extant. Nouis demonstrationibus commentariisque illustrata. Per Dauidem Riualtum a Flurantia Coenomanum. Paris, Apud Claude Morel, 1615. £5,950 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. pp. [xliv] 549 (i.e. 551),

Humanae salutis monumenta Antwerp, ex officina Christophe Plantin, 1571. £5,250 FIRST EDITION.  76 unnumbered leaves, pp. 39 [i]. A-I8, K4, a-b8, c4. Issue without borders to illustrations, illustration on K2 dated 1572. Italic letter, some

ARIOSTO, Ludovico
Orlando furioso, tutto ricorretto, et di nuoue figure adornato. Alquale di nuouo sono aggiunte le annotationi di Girolamo Ruscelli, la vita dell'autore, descritta dal signor Giouambattista Pigna. Venice, appresso

CLASSICAL COMEDY IN ALDINE EDITION Comoediae Novem. Venice, Apud Aldum, 1498. £59,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS. Folio. 346 unnumbered leaves, lacking two blanks. Text in Aldus’ large Greek type 146, 41

ESTIENNE'S ETHICS OF ARISTOTLE Decem librorum Moralium Aristotelis, tres conversiones. Prima Argyropili Byzantij, secunda Leonardi Aretini, tertia vero antiqua per capita et numeros conciliate: communi,

THE FOUNDATION OF PHYSICS AND NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, A HANDSOME VOLUME De physico auditu...ab Averri cordubesi commentate. Venice, Andrea de Asula, 2nd October 1483. £19,500 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, 159

THE FERRARI - ROVIDA ANNOTATED COPY De animalibus et alia. Venice, Aldus, 1497 or 1498. £39,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS. Folio, ff. 457 (i.e. 458), (9), aaαα-&&ωω10,

Deipnosophistae (with) Dipnosophistarum sive Coenae sapientum libri XV. Venice, Aldus Manutius and Andrea Torresani (with) Andreas Arrivabenus, 1514 (with) 1556. £29,500 FIRST EDITIONS, folio, pp. [xxxx] 192 [i];

AUSONIUS, Decius Magnus
Opera. Venice, In Aedibus Aldi et Andreae Soceri, November 1517. £3,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. ff. 107 [i]. Italic letter. Aldine device on t-p and last. Very faint occasional waterstains, sm. marginal piece

Brocardica sive generalia juris. Basel, Kaspar Herwagen per Eusebium Episcopium, et Nicolai Episcopii haeredes, August 1567. £1,850 8vo. pp. [xx], 864, [lxxxiv]. Roman

BACON, Francis
The Twoo Bookes...Of the proficience and aduancement of Learning. London, Henrie Tomes, 1605. £4,750 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. (ii) 46; 1-120. Roman and Italic, woodcut initials. A fine, well margined copy.

BALE, John
A FINE SCOTTISH COPY Illustrum maioris Britanniae scriptorum. Wesel and Ipswich, Theodorus Platenus and John Overton, 1549. £16,500 FIRST EDITION, 4to, ff (xii) 255 lacking final blank, Roman letter,

BALE, John [BADE, Conrad]
Les vies des evesques et papes de Rome … nouvellement traduites de latin en françois.  Geneva, Conrad Badius, 1561. £13,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. pp. [lvi],

BAMBERG, City of
BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED Peinliche Halsgerichtsordnung. Bamberg, Johann Wagner, 1580. £5,950 Folio, ff (iv) 72 (xx). Gothic letter, title in red within very ornate, almost baroque border, the Episcopal arms in

LATIN TEXT - BYZANTINE ICONOGRAPHY Illuminated manuscript vellum leaf from a Gradual Northeastern Italy or Dalmatia, 1300. £5,750 Large folio (c. 52 x 38 cm), initial ‘E’ measuring 10.5 x 9 cm, with a blue ground

BARA, Jerome, SCOHIER, Jean, and MOREAU, Philippe
Le blason des armoiries, auquel est monstree la maniere que les anciens & modernes ont vse en icelles. (with) L' estat et comportement des armes. Contenant l'institution des armoiries, et

BARBARO, Daniello
La pratica della perspettiua .., opera molto vtile a pittori, a scultori, & ad architetti. Venice,  appresso Camillo, & Rutilio Borgominieri fratelli, al segno di S. Giorgio, 1568 £9,750 FIRST EDITION first issue [Both title and colophon

BARDI, Girolamo
Dichiaratione di tutte le istorie, che si contengono nei quadri posti nouamente nelle Sale dello Scrutinio, & del Gran Consiglio, del Palagio Ducale della Serenissima Republica di Vinegia. Venice, Felix

CONTROVERSY IN JESUIT LITERATURE Traicté et dispute contre les équivoques, traduit du latin de R. P. F. Paris, R. Baragnes et J. Villery, 1625. £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. (xl) 571 (iii)

Traicté et dispute contre les équivoques, traduit du latin de R. P. F. Paris, R. Baragnes et J. Villery, 1625 £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. (xl) 571 (iii) first and last blank. Roman and Italic letter. Small woodcut printer’s device on title,

BASSI, Martino
ARCHITECTURAL EPISTLES OF THE RENAISSANCE Dispareri in materia d’architettura e perspettiva. Brescia, Francesco e Pietro Maria Marchetti, 1572. £6,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp. 53, (1) plus 12 numbered plates. Roman letter, little Italic;

BAUDIUS, Dominicus
STUFFED WITH MANUSCRIPT REMAINS Amores (with) Dissertationum ludicrarum at amoenitatum scriptores varii Leiden, Franciscus Hegerus and Franciscus Hackius, 1638. £1,450 8vo, two volumes in one: 1):

BAUHIN, Gaspard
PRINTING AND THE MIND OF MAN Pinax theatri botanici. Basle, sumptibus & typis Ludovici Regis, 1623. £9,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp (xxiv), 522, (xxiv). *-3*⁴, A-Z⁴, Aa-Zz⁴, AA-YY⁴, ZZ1. Roman letter, some Italic. Small woodcut printer’s

Vita Reginaldi Poli. Venice, Domenico & Giovanni Battista Guerra, 1563. £1,350 FIRST EDITION. 4to, ff. 48. Roman letter; printer’s device

De indulgentiis, et Iubileo libri duo ... et alia ...opuscula. Cologne, Anton Hierat, 1599. £1,250 FIRST EDITION, thus. Large 8vo, pp. [8], 373, [3], without final blank, gathering B repeated. Predominantly Roman letter, little Italic; Jesuit

BELON, Pierre
ADVANCEMENTS IN ICHTHYOLOGY, WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND COLOURING De aquatilibus, libri duo cum [epsilon, iota] conibus ad viuam ipsorum effigiem, quoad eius fieri

BEMBO, Pietro
A CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT IN PRINT OF RENAISSANCE VENICE Historiae Venetae libri XII Venice, Aldus’ sons and Gualterio Scoto, 1551. £3,250 FIRST EDITION. Folio, ff. [4], 203, [1]. Neat Roman letter on

MONASTICAL GUIDEBOOK FOR WOMEN Sermoni diuotissimi ad vna venerabel sua sorella monacha: del modo del ben viuere Venice, Bernardino de Viano Vercelese, 1529. £3,750 8vo. ff. CXIX, (i). Roman letter. Large

BESSARION, Cardinal Johannes
A DEFENSE OF PLATONISM AND A TRANSLATION OF ARISTOTLE'S METAPHYSICS In calumniatorem Platonis. Venice, in aedibus Aldi et Andreae Soceri, 1516. £15,000 Folio. ff. (viii) 116 + 55 (i). Roman letter, some Greek.

BEUGHEM, Cornelis Van
Bibliographia juridica & politica novissima Amsterdam, apud Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1680. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 12mo. pp. [xvi], 389, [iii]. Roman letter, some Italic and Gothic. Typographical ornament on title, small floriated woodcut

BEUGHEM, Cornelius von
GROUNDBREAKING POCKET SIZING Incunabula typographicae. Amsterdam, Joannem Wolters, 1688. £3,850 FIRST EDITION. 12mo pp (xiii) 191 (iii). Roman letter, printer’s sphere device on

IN BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH BLACK MOROCCO Psalterium Davidis. London, Apud R. Young, 1640. £3,250 8vo. pp. (264). A2, A-Q8, R2. Roman letter. Engraved title of King David, highlighted in red ink in a

A COMPLETE EARLY-THIRTEENTH CENTURY PORTABLE PARISIAN BIBLE Illuminated manuscript on vellum France, Paris or Amiens, 13th century (2nd

ENGLISH BIBLE AND PSALTERIUM IN ORIGINAL BINDING BIBLE. The Booke of Common Prayer (with) The Holy Bible (and) The Whole Book of Psalms London, Robert Barker, 1635, 1636, and G.M. for the

ENGLISH BIBLE IN STAMPED AND EMBOSSED CALF COVER BIBLE. The Holy Bible including Genealogies London, Bonham Norton and John Bill, 1628. £2,750 4to. in 8s, mostly black letter, double column. Bible and

GENEVA MARRIAGE BINDING La Bible (with) Les CL. Pseaumes de David, … mis en rime francoise par Clément Marot, & Théodore de Besze. Avec la forme

IN A TAPESTRY WORK BINDING AND THE ONLY COPY BIBLE. The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, newly translated out of the original Greek: and with the former

Bibel das ist alle Bucher Alts und News Testaments ach alter in Christlicher kyrchen gehabter translation mit auslegung ettlicher dunckeler ort vn besserung vieler verruckter wort und

Biblia Sacra. Antwerp, heirs of Arnold Bircmann, 1569-70 £3,950 4 vols, 24mo. ff. (xviii) 319 (i); 423 (i); 373 (i); 328 (xiv) (i). Text in Roman letter, side notes in Italic, woodcut printer’s device to each t-p. T-ps slightly soiled with

SPLENDIDLY BOUND BIBLE. that is, the Holy Scriptures conteined in the Old and New Testament. …With most profitable annotations vpon all hard places, and other things of great importance. [Amsterdam], Imprinted at London by the deputies of

BIBLE in Arabic
ARABIC TYPE IN ITALIAN PRINT Evangelium Sanctum, in Arabic Rome, Medici Oriental Press, 1591. £25,000 FIRST EDITION. Folio, ff. 368. Arabic letter, a few lines in Latin on title and colophon, all neatly impressed

BIBLE, Cistercian

MINIATURE EDITION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Testamenti Novi editio vulgata. Lyon, Apud héritiers Sébastien Gryphe, 1564. £2,250 16mo. pp. 496, 343 (xvii). a-z8, A-H8, aa-xx8, yy4,

Biblia utriusque Testamenti. [Geneva], Robert Estienne, 1556-1557. £65,000 In 2 vols. Fol., ff. [10], 188, 316, [2], 436, 336, 41, [1]. Predominantly Roman letter, some Greek and Hebrew; large printer’s device and decorative head-piece with

BOAISTUAU, Pierre and BELLEFOREST, Francois de, etc.
FANTASTICAL STORIES OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND RENAISSANCE Histoires Prodigieuses Extraictes de plusieurs fameux autheurs. Paris, Chez la Vefue Guillaume Cauellat

La Fiammetta del Boccaccio per messer Tizzone Gaetano di Pofi, novamente revista. Toscolano Maderno, P. Alex. pag. Benacenses, F. Bena, (Alessandro Paganino), 1520. £4,250 8vo. ff. 107, (i). A-N8, O4. Italic

DISAPPOINTMENT IN LOVE AND POLITICS Laberinto d'amore ... con una epistola a Messer Pino de Rossi confortatoria. Florence, [heirs of Filippo Giunta],

BOCHIUS, Joannes
Descriptio Publicae Gratulationis Spectaculorum et Ludorum. Antwerp, ex Officina Plantiniana, 1595. £11,500 Folio. pp. 174 [ii]. Roman and italic letter, historiated woodcut initials, head-and tail-pieces, title

WITCHES, SORCERERS AND SPIRITS Le Fleau des demons et sorciers. Niort, Par David du Terrior, 1616. £3,750 8vo. pp. [v] 556 [xxii]. Roman and italic letter, occasional Hebrew and Greek, title within architectural

De la demonomanie des sorciers. Paris, Chez Iaques de Puys Libraire Iuré, a la Samaritaine, 1581. £3,250 4to. ff. [xii] 256. ã4, e4, i4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, AAa-SSs4. Roman letter, some Italic and Greek. Du Puy’s

BODIN, Jean.
De la demonomanie des sorciers. Paris, Chez Iaques de Puys Libraire Iuré, a la Samaritaine, 1580. £7,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to. [xiv], 252 (i.e. 256). ã4, e4, i4, õ2, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, AAa-SSs4. Roman letter, some

BOEMUS, Johannes
A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF AFRICAN, ASIAN, AND EUROPEAN CIVILISATIONS Mores, leges, et ritus omnium gentium. Lyon, Sébastien Gryphius, 1546. £2,950 8vo, pp. 311, [25]. Italic letter, little Greek;

BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus
Libri dialectici Venice, Giovanni Griffio, 1546. £2,750 Folio, ff. (2), 199, (1). Predominantly Roman letter, some Italic; large printer’s device on title, woodcut decorated initials (the first

FINE MAP OF THE AMERICAS La Sphere des deux mondes, composee en Francois, par Darinel, pasteur des Amadis Antwerp, Iehan Richard, au Soleil d'Or,

BOLTON, Edmund
FINE CONTEMPORARY MOROCCO Nero Caesar, or Monarchie Depraved. An Historical Worke, by the Translator of Lucius Florus. London, printed by T.S. for Thomas Walkely, 1622. £2,250 FIRST EDITION. Folio. pp. [xviii]

Grammaticae Institutiones ad Graeca lingua. Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1557 £1,950 8vo, ff. 322. Italic and Greek letter, some Roman. Printer’s woodcut device on title page and privilege on last

Vita et martyrium Edmundi Campiani martyris Angli è Societate Iesu. Antwerp, apud heredes Martini Nutii, 1618. £1,450 FIRST EDITION. 12mo pp. 360 (xii).

Decem tractatus astronomiae Augsburg, Ehrard Ratdolt, 1491. £47,500 FIRST EDITION (first issue without added register). 4to, 408 leaves, a-z8, A-Z8, AA-EE8. Gothic letter.

BONHAM, Thomas
The chyrurgians closet: or, an antidotarie chyrurgicall. … Printed by George Miller, for Edvvard Brevvster, and are to be sold at the signe of the Bible at the north doore of Pauls, London,

POPULAR TEXTS OF CANON LAW Sextus decretalium liber in Lugdunensi coniclio editus. (with) Clementinarum Constitutionum liber. (with) Extravagantes communes a diversis Romanis Pontificibus. (with) Extravagantes seu

BOODT, Anselmus
IMPORTANT WORK ON GEMSTONES AND MINERALS Gemmarum et lapidum historia. Nunc vero recensuit, à mendis repurgavit, commentariis et pluribus melioribusque figuris illustravit & multo locupletiore

EXCEPTIONAL MINIATURE BOOK OF HOURS IN THE STYLE OF THE MILDMAY MASTER Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on vellum. Flanders, 3rd quarter of the 15th-century. £95,000 Small 8vo., 96 x 68 mm, 223 leaves on parchment,

THE HOURS OF THE NOBLE FRASIA DA SIENA Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on vellum probably Ferrara, Italy, 1460-1480. £28,500 81 x 61 mm, 382

Book of Hours, use of Rome, in Latin and French, printed on vellum. Hore beate Marie virginis secundum usum Romanum totaliter ad longum sine require Cum

PRINTED ON VELLUM Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin and French. Ces presentes heures sont a lusaige de Romme toutes au long sans requerir. [Paris: Germain

Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin and Dutch, illuminated manuscript on vellum, in a signed binding by Ludovicus Bloc. Low Countries (probably Bruges), c. 1460 £49,500 160 by 110mm., 180 leaves (plus an original endleaf at front and back),

A CHINESE INFLUENCE? Book of Hours, Use of Paris, in Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on vellum, with additional miniatures from another near-contemporary Book of Hours. Northern France (Paris) c. 1470, with additional cuttings from Low

Book of Hours, in Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on vellum. Low Countries (probably French-Flanders), c. 1500 with sixteenth century additions £38,500 160 leaves (plus one vellum endleaf at front), complete, collation: i-ii6, iii4

Book of Hours, Use of Rouen, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on vellum. Northern France (Rouen), c. 1500 £125,000 180 by 116mm., 85 leaves (plus one eighteenth- or early nineteenth-century vellum endleaf with new frontispiece and 4 paper

Horae beate marie virginis secundum usum Romanum. [Paris], [Philippe Pigouchet pour Simon Vostre], (1506 ?) [Calendar 1502-1520] £22,500 8vo. ff. [140]. [a]8, b-c8, d4, e-s8. Gothic letter, on vellum, 21 lines. 18 full-page metalcuts within

Manuscript on paper. France, 1570-1596. £5,750 Folio. Manuscript in brown ink in a C16th French secretarial hand, dated with entries from 1570 to 1596, later notes added in margins dated up to 1635. First a quire of 32 half page leaves, second

BORDONE, Benedetto
FIRST ACCOUNT OF PIZARRO IN PERU Isolario Venice, Paolo Manuzio for Federico Torresani, 1547. £20,000 Folio, ff. (10), 74. Roman letter; title in black and red with printer’s

UNRECORDED NEW AND EXPANDING EDITION Les annales Dacquitaine faictz et gestes en sommaire des roys de France et Dangleterre, pays de Naples et de Milan. Revues et corrigees par lacteur et de nouvel iusques en lan Mil

RARE AND BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED EDITION Les triu[m]phes de la noble et amoureuse Dame et l'art de honnestement aymer. Paris, en la gallerie pro ou on va a la chancellerie par Jehan Longis,

De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae. London, Richard Tottell, 1569. £9,750 FIRST EDITION, folio., ff (xvi) 444. Roman letter, index in italic, very large historiated initial repeated, others white on black.

PRINTING AND THE MIND OF MAN De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae. London, Richard Tottell, 1569. £7,750 FIRST EDITION, folio, ff (xvi) 444. Roman letter, index in italic, very large

NOT IN STC Canticum evangelicum summam. London, John Norton for Robert Bird, 1636. £9,500 8vo, pp (iv) 48 (ii) lacking initial leaf preceding t-p, certainly blank. Roman letter, decorative woodcut on t-p,

BRESSANI, Francesco Giuseppe
THE JESUIT STORY IN CANADA Breue relatione d'alcune missioni de' PP. della Compagnia di Giesù nella Nuoua Francia del P. Francesco Gioseppe Bressani Macerata, Per gli heredi d'Agostino Grisei,

BRETON, John le
Britton. London, In Flete strete by me Robert Redman dwellyng in saynt Dunstones parysshe at the signe of the George, [1533?] £9,500 FIRST

WITH AN ILLUSTRATION BY JOHN SCOTTOWE Decorated manuscript on vellum with three illuminated initials. Northern Italy, probably Lombardy or Ferrara, c.1440-1450. £43,000 132 x 92 mm, 221 leaves + 1 flyleaf at

BREYDENBACH, Bernard von
THE FIRST ILLUSTRATED TRAVEL BOOK Le grant voyage de hierusalem. Paris, for Francois Regnault, 1522. £37,500 4to. ff. (iv) 66 + folding plate, 67-90 + folding plate, 91-210, last blank. Lettre bâtarde, two parts

THE FIRST COMPLETE SET OF TRIGONOMETRICAL TABLES Trigonometria Britannica: sive De doctrina triangvlorvm libri dvo. Gouda, Pieter Rammazeyn, 1633. £5,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio, pp. [viii] 110,

BROME, Richard
EXCEPTIONAL COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION, WITH IMPORTANT LIST OF PLAYERS' NAMES IN MANUSCRIPT The Antipodes: a Comedie. Acted in the Yeare 1638, by the Queenes Majesties Servants, at Salisbury Court

BROSSIN, Jacques
BOUND FOR LOUIS XIII Extrait des Descendans & Ascendans de Andre de Laval, Chevalier n.p., n.p., 1630. £7,500 FIRST EDITON. 4to. 28 unnumbered pages A-C4, D2. Roman letter, some

BRUNSCHWIG, Hieronymus
ALCHEMY IN THE SERVICE OF MEDICINE Liber der arte distulandi simplicia et composita : das nüv bůch d[er] rechte[n] Kunst zů distilliere[n], ouch vo[n] Marsilio Ficino

SCOTTISH HISTORY FROM JAMES VI'S TUTOR Rerum Scoticarum historia. Edinburgh, Alexandrum Arbuthnetum, 1582. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio. ff. (iv), 85, (i), 74-249, (i).

BURGOS, Pedro Alfonso de
De vita & laudibus Mariae Virginis Libellus. Barcelona, Claudio Bornat, 1562. £1,950 FIRST EDITION. Sm. 8vo, ll. [iv] 94 [iv]. Roman letter. Woodcut printer’s device on t-p, woodcut historiated initials. Light age-yellowing, contemporary

BURTON, Robert
A NEW ENGLAND PROVENANCE The Anatomy of Melancholy. Oxford, for Henry Cripps, 1632. £4,750 Folio pp. (x) 78 (vi) 722 (x), two additional unnumbered ll. after 218. Roman

CAESAR, Caius Julius
Commentarii, tradotti in volgare par Agostino Ortica della porta Genovese. Venice, Gregorio de Gregorii, 1523. £2,250 Small 8vo. ff. [viii] CCXXXI [i] including final blank. Italic letter,

Commentaires … sur la Concordance ou Harmonie composée de trois Évangélistes, Item sur S. Jehan [Geneva], Imprimé par Conrad Badius, 1561. £2,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. pp. [xvi] 608. ff. 609-960, [xvi] [last blank]. Text in Italic, commentary

CAMILLI, Camillo
108 FINE ENGRAVINGS Imprese illustri di diversi co i discorsi di Camillo Camilli et con le figure intagliate in rame di Girolamo Porro Padouano. Venice, Francesco Ziletti, 1586. £2,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to. (in

CAMPANUS, Johannes Antonius
Omnia Campani Opera. Venice, Andrea Torresano, 1502. £3,950 Folio. ff. 118 [vi] 84 [2] 58 [iv] 26 [i]. Roman letter; some light marginal spotting, slight marginal water-staining to one or two quires, not

EARLY POPULAR WORK FROM POLAND Commentariolus. Cracow, per Matthew Scharfenberg, 1534. £5,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo ff. 32. Roman letter, woodcut initial sig. B. Light age yellowing, some dampstaining around edges

EARLY POPULAR WORK FROM POLAND Proverbia Salomonis. Cracow, sold by Floriano Unglerio, 1534. £5,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. ff. 66. Roman letter, woodcut initials. T.p. with woodcut of cherubs holding a banner, full

CAPOBIANCO, Alessandro
Corona e Palma Militare di Arteglieria. Venice, Giovanni Antonio Rampazetto, 1598. £12,500 FIRST EDITION. folio, ff. [iv] 58. Roman letter; woodcut portrait of the author in his study with military apparatus on

CARACCIOLO, Marino II, Prince of Avellino
Highly decorative and unusually large law degree certificate. Naples, 8 June 1627. £3,750 Manuscript in brown ink on fine vellum (56 x 76 cm), 42 lines including ornamental heading gilt, ornate floral

CARDANO, Girolamo
67 ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS Libelli duo. Vnus, de supplemento Almanach. Alter, de Restitutione temporum & motuum coeslestium. Item Geniturae LXVII, insignes casibus & fortuna, cum expositione. Nuremberg, apud

CARDIM, António Francisco
THROUGH THE EYES OF MISSIONARIES: CAMBODIA, HAINAN, JAPAN, LAOS, MACAU, THAILAND, AND VIETNAM Relatione della provincia del Giappone. Rome, Andrea Fei, 1645. £4,950 FIRST EDITION. 8vo.,

CAREW, Thomas
TRAVELS IN WAR TIME Itinerarium R.D. Thomae Carue Tripperariensis .... cum histori facti Butleri, Gordon, Lesley & aliorum - (with) Itinerarium, Pars Altera. Mainz,

CAROSO, Fabritio
Il Ballarino. Venice, Francesco Ziletti, 1581. £12,500 FIRST EDITION. 2 parts 4to. ff. [viii] 16 184 [iv]. Italic letter, occasional Roman. Ziletti’s star device on both title pages, Caroso’s engraved

VERY RARE FIRST EDITION The Preachers travels: through the great countreyes of Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania and Parthia. With the authors returne by the way of Persia, Susiana, Assiria, Chaldæa, and

CASAS Bartolomé de las
Istoria ò breuissima relatione della distruttione dell' Indie Occidentali. Venice, Marco Ginammi, 1630. £3,950 4to. pp. [xvi] 150 (ii), in double column, Spanish text in Roman letter,

Le parfait courtisan. Rouen, De L’Imprimerie de George L’Oysselet, pour Claude Micard a Paris, 1585. £2,750 8vo. pp. (xxxii), 660, (xxxiv); Lacking last blank. Double column, French in Roman

Libro del cortegiano. Venice, figliuoli di Aldi, 1547. £1,950 8vo, ff. [5], 195, [8]. Italic letter; large Aldine device on title and verso of last leaf, within fine border with cornucopiae, cupids and mask; title and few other leaves a bit

Il libro del cortegiano Venice, Girolamo Scoto, 1556. £1,450 8vo. ff. 204. A-2B8, 2C4. Woodcut printer’s device on title, first line of title within small woodcut border, large historiated woodcut initials,

CATANEO, Girolamo
THOMAS KNYVETT'S COPY Nuovo Ragionamento del Fabricare le Fortezze. (with) Modo di formare con prestezza le moderne battaglie di picche, archibugieri, et cavalleria. Brescia, Giovanni Francesco

A RENAISSANCE ARTIST’S COPY L' architettura … Sono aggiunti di piu il Quinto, Sesto, Settimo e Ottauo libro. Venice [Paolo Manuzio], 1567 £9,500 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio pp. [iv], 196, [viii]. π², A-2A⁴, 2B², 2C⁴. Roman letter, small Italic

THE GOAD - MENDHAM COPY Taxe cancellariae apostolice et taxe sacre penitentiarie itidem apostolice. Paris, Venundantur Toussaint Denis, 1520. £3,750 4to. ff. (iv)

A RENAISSANCE TREASURE STYLE BINDING Bullae et statuta officii septem sedis apostolicae potonotariorum in Curia Romana participandum. Rome, not before 1556, 1621-1661 and 1825. £49,500 Manuscript on Vellum.

CATULLUS, Gaius Valerius
Catullus et in eum commentaries M. Antonii Mureti. Venice, Paulus Manutius Aldus, 1554. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. ff. [iv] 134 [ii]. Italic letter, occasional Roman and Greek. Anchor device on title and verso of

Carmina. Paris, Simon de Colines, 1529 [with] Satyrae. Venice, Aldus, 1501. £12,500 8vo, two editions in one volume: 1): ff. 167, [1]; 2): 78 leaves, A-G8, H10, a8, b4. Two different sets of Italic letter; large printer’s device on title and

(Works). Paris, Simon de Colines, 1534. £2,750 8vo. ff. 80, 89-168 (misnumbered). Italic letter, black-on-white woodcut initials. Title page from another contemporary edition, repaired at fore

CAUS, Salomon de
Les raisons des forces mouuantes, auec diuerses machines tant vtiles que plaisantes: auquelles sont adjoints plusieurs desseins de grotes & fontaines. Paris, chez Hierosme Droüart, ruë S. Iacques, à l'escu au soleil, 1624 £15,000 Folio. 3

CAVENDISH, William. Earl of Devonshire. HOBBES, Thomas (?)
PHILOSOPHICAL COMMENTARY ON HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, THE CO-AUTHORS COPY Horæ subseciuæ. Observations and discovrses. London, [Eliot’s Court Press] for Edward Blount,

Dialogue treselegant intitule le Peregrin, traictant de lhonneste et pudicq amour concilie par pure et sincere vertu. Paris, Jehan Petit, 1540. £9,750 8vo. ff (xii) 327, (lacks last, blank). Lettre Bâtard.

A DUCAL BOZERIAN De medicina libri octo. Leiden, Jean Elzevir, 1657. £2,750 12mo, pp. [24], 558, [2]. Roman letter, little Italic; engraved allegorical

CESI, Bernardo
ELEMENTS OF THE EARTH IN EARLY SCIENTIFIC FORMAT Mineralogia sive naturalis philosophiae thesaurus. Lyon, Jacques and Pierre Prost, 1636. £3,750 FIRST

RELIGION, POLITICS, AND POWER IN SCOTLAND UP TO THE EARLY C17 De Scotorum fortitudine, Doctrina & Pietate, ac de ortu & progressu haeresis in Regnis Scotiae

De Rep. Anglorum Instauranda Libri Decem. (with) In Laudem Henrici Octavi. (and) De Illustrium Quorundum Encomiis Miscellanea. London, Thomas Vautrollier, 1579. £2,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. (xxiv) 379 (i).

CHAUCER, Geoffrey
IMPROVED SECOND EDITION The Workes of our Ancient and Learned Poet. London, Adam Islip, 1602. £8,500 Folio. ff. (xxiv) 376 (xiv). Black letter, some

CHOLIERES, Dagoneau de, Jean.
La guerre des masles contre les femelles Paris, chez Gilles Robinot, 1614. £4950 12mo. ff. [viii] 143 [i]. ã8, A-Z8-4, Aa-Bb4. Roman letter, some Italic, small typographical ornament on title, woodcut initials, typographical and woodcut head and

DE THOU À LA GRECQUE Aliquot orationes.  D. Chrysostomi graecae, et latinae ... editae, ... cum Epiphanii quadam oratione, ac Historia de Iesu Christo: interpretibus Martino cromero & Vito Amerpachio. Basle, Per Ioannem Oporinum, 1552

CICERO, Marco Tullio
Le pistole di Cicerone ad Attico, fatte uolgari da M. Matteo Senarega Venice, in casa de' figliuoli di Aldo, 1555 £1,850 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. ff. 399, [i]. A-Z⁸ a-2d⁸. Italic letter. Woodcut Aldine device on title, repeated on verso of last,

CICERO, Marco Tullio, [BONFADIO Giacomo]
Oratione di Cicerone, in difesa di Milone, tradotta di latino in uolgare da Giacomo Bonfadio. Venezia, in casa de’ figliuoli di Aldo, 1554 £2,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. ff. 38 (ii) [last two blank]. A-E8. Italic letter, preface in Roman.

CICERO, Marcus Tullius
Epistole famigliari. Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1554-1555. £1,750 8vo, ff. 319, [1]. Italic letter; large printer’s device on title and, within floral border with putti, on last; occasionally lightly age yellowed, light damp stain to lower gutter

CICERO, Marcus Tullius
SEVEN OF CICERO'S PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS Secundo volumine haec continentur, de natura Deorum libri III. Venice, Aldus and Andrea Torresani, 1523. £2,450 8vo, ff. 214, (2). Roman and Italic

CICERO, Marcus Tullius
Epistole famigliari.  Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1554 £1,750 8vo, ff. 319, [1]. Italic letter; large printer’s device on title and, within floral border with putti, on last; occasionally lightly age yellowed, light damp stain to lower gutter of a few

CICERO, Marcus Tullius
COLLECTION OF LETTERS, VERY RARE COMPLETE Epistolae familiares Paris, ex officina Simonis Colinaei, 1545. £3,950 16mo. ff. 327, (ix). A-2T8, last two leaves blank. Italic letter, titles in Roman, some Greek.

CICERO, Marcus Tullius
Epistole famigliari. Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1554-1555. £1,750 8vo, ff. 319, [1]. Italic letter; large printer’s device on title and, within floral border with putti, on last; occasionally lightly age yellowed, light damp stain to lower gutter

CICERO, Marcus Tullius [with] APHTHONUIS, Sophista 
RHETORICS AND PHILOSOPHY Philippicae. [with] Praeexercitamenta Fabula. London, R. Pynson, 1520-1. £32,500 8vo. Two works in one. (1) ff. 137 (i.e. 138 misnumbered). Roman letter. Title within elaborate

PERU AND THE WEST INDIES La prima parte dell'Istorie del Peru. (with) LOPEZ DI GOMARA, Francesco. Historia delle nuove Indie Occidentali. (with) LOPEZ DI GOMARA, Francesco. Historia di Don

CINI, Desiderio
Desiderio, e speranza fantastichi. Comedia tropologica. Da Desiderio Cini di Pistoia composta. Venice, Sebastiano de Combi, 1607. £1,450 FIRST EDITION. 12mo. pp. 334 (i.e. 330), (vi), last two blank. A-O12.

Opera. Venice, in aedibus Aldi & Andreae Asolani Soceri, 1523. £3,500 8vo. ff. 176. Italic letter. Anchor device on title page and last. A fine copy in high quality early 18th C crimson morocco, tooled in

COLUMNA, Petrus Galatinus
A VERY RARE AND CURIOUS CABALISTIC WORK De arcanis catholicae veritatis, contra obstinatissimam Judeorum nostrem tempestatis perfidiam: ex Talmud, aliisque hebraicis libris nuper excerptum. Epigramma hebraicum. Orthona, per Hieronymum Soncinum,

Sententiae, id est gnomai. Geneva, Henri Estienne, 1569. £1,450 16mo, pp. (xxxii) 633 (i.e. 635), (v) last blank. Italic, Greek, and Roman letter. Woodcut headpieces, with Shirburn Castle North Library label,

COMMINES, Philippe de
  An Epitome of All the Lives of the Kings of France. London, I. Okes, 1639. £950 FIRST EDITION 8vo. pp. (xiv), 344, (viii). Roman letter; elaborate engraved architectural frontispiece depicting

COMMINES, Philippe de
Historia delle guerre di Lodovico XI. Venice, P. Geronimo Giglio, 1569. £1,650 Small 8vo., ff. (xii) 248 (viii). Italic letter printer's devices on title and at end, some woodcut initials and

Le rime di Messer Luca Contile divise in tre parti con discorsi, et argomenti di M. Francesco Patritio, et M. Antonio Borghesi. Con le sei canzoni dette Le sei sorelle di Marte. Venice, Appresso F. Sansovino, et

Le Menteur. Rouen, et se vend à Paris : A. de Sommaville et A. Courbé, 1644 £3,950 12mo. pp. [viii], 91 [i]. a4, A-G6, H4. Roman letter. Small typographical ornaments on title, grotesque and floriated woodcut

Tomus primus, quo continentur institutionum libri quatuor, et digestorum siue pandectarum libri quinquaginta. Tomus secundus, quo continentur d. Iustiniani codicis, libri 12. Amsterdam, apud

CORVINUS, Johannes Arnold
THE BALUZE – DE ROTHESAY – SCHIFF COPY   Postumus Pacianus seu Definitiones. Amsterdam, Louis Elzevir, 1643.                                                          

COTTA, Catellano
Memoralia ex variis utriusque Iuris Doctoribus collecta. Lyon, Jean Frellon, 1556. £1,950 8vo, pp. (40), 942, (50). Neat Roman letter, little Greek, large woodcut initials. Original paperflaw affecting one letter

Arrest par lequel est p[ro]hibe et defendu a tous Prelatz/ Chapitres/Prieurs/Vicaires/ et administrateurs des Eglises de ne faire aucune exactions, donne par la court de Parlement de Provence le dixneuviesme de

CRESCENZI, Pietro de
AN INFLUENTIAL MEDIAEVAL TREATISE ON AGRONOMY AND AGRICULTURE Opera di Agricultura. Ne la quale si contiene a che modo si debbe coltivar la terra, la proprieta’ de tutti e frutti, & herbe; la natura de tutti gli

CRESCENZI, Pietro de
Le Bon Mesnager. Au present volume des prouffitz champestres et ruraulx est traicte du labour des champs, vignes, jardins, arbres de tous especes Paris, Nicolas Cousteau for

CUJAS, Jacques
Opera omnia, quae prodierunt, auctore vel superstite, vel defuncto. Studio et diligentia Alexandri Scot, Scoti iurisconsulti Lyon, Ioannis Pillehotte, 1606. £3,250 Folio. FIRST EDITION thus.

CZECH LAWS, Renewed Land Orders of 1627
Obnovené právo a Zrízení zemské dedicného království Ceského. Prague, 1627. £13,500 Folio. (iii) 238 (v) ll. unsigned and unpaginated. Binding 22 x 30.3cm, text block 13 x 24cm , approx. 32 lines per page. Black

Practycke in criminele saecken. Nut en proffytelyck, voor alle souvereins, baillius borgemeesters ende schepenen. Item hier is noch by ghevoecht d'Ordinantie op t'stuck van de criminele justitie in

DANTI, Egnatio
  La Sfera di Proclo Liceo. (with) Trattato dell’Uso della Sfera. Florence, Giunti 1573. (with) PICCOLOMINI, Alessandro. Della Grandezza della Terra e dell’Acqua. Venice, Giordano

Antiquæ linguæ Britannicæ, nunc vulgò dictæ Cambro-Britannicæ, a suis Cymraecae vel Cambricae, ab aliis Wallicæ, et linguæ Latinæ, dictionarium

DAVIES, Sir John
A MAJOR HISTORICAL WORK A Discovery of the True Causes why Ireland was never entirely Subdued. London, John Jaggard, 1612. £3,750 4to, pp. (iv) 287 (i). lacking first blank except for signature. Roman letter,

DE BILLON, François
A PASSIONATE PANEGYRIC ON THE MERITS OF WOMEN Le Fort inexpugnable de l'honneur du sexe femenin. Paris, Ian d'Allyer, 1 April 1555. £9,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp. 257, (vi). Woodcut portrait of the author

Mundi Lapis Lydius, sive Vanitas per Vertate falso accusata & convicta opera. Antwerp, Jaon. Cnobbari, 1639. £2,250 FIRST EDITION 4to. pp. [xxviii] 249 [xxvi]. Roman letter, a little italic,  printed side

DE BRY, Theodor
EXCELLENT ENGRAVINGS Americae Nona & postrema Pars. Frankfurt, Apud Matth. Beckerum, 1602. £13,750 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. Five parts in one. pp. (viii), 362, (ii), last blank: pp.

DE BRY, Theodor
SENSATIONAL EARLY ILLUSTRATED AMERICANA Americae Tertia pars memorabilem provinciae Brasiliae Historiam Continens. Frankfurt, Mathew Becker for Theodore de Bry, 1592 (1605). £19,750 Folio,

DE DOMINIS, Marco Antonio
Sui reditus ex Anglia consilium. Rome, Typography of the Rev. Apostolic Chamber, 1623. £2,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. 39, (1). Roman letter, little Italic; large printer’s device within elegant

DE L'ORME, Philibert
BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED AND ILLUSTRATED TREATISE Nouvelles inventions pour bien bastir. Paris, Hierosme de Marnef et Guillaume Cauellat, au mont S. Hilaire à l'enseigne du Pelican, 1576. £6,500 Folio. pp. (xii), 94,

DE'MEDICI, Lorenzo
Poesie Volgari. Venice, Figliuoli di Aldo, 1554. £8,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. ff. 205 (iii). Roman and Italic letter, anchor device to title page and verso of last, historiated woodcut

DEL MIGLIORE, Ferdinando Leopoldo
BOUND FOR THE DEDICATEE, MARQUIS AND AMBASSADOR TO CARDINAL DE’MEDICI Senatori Fiorentini. Florence, Stamperia di S.A.S. alla Condotta, 1665. £4,750 FIRST EDITION,

DEL MONTE, Guidobaldo
MATHEMATICS IN SERVICE TO EARLY THEORIES OF PHYSICS In duos Archimedis aequeponderantium libros paraphrasis. Pesaro, Girolamo Concordia, 1588. £7,500 FIRST EDITION.

Orationes Quatuor contra Phillipum. Venice, Paulus Manutius, 1551. £1,350 4to. ff (lii). Roman letter; title with anchor and dolphin device surrounded by cornucopiae and cherubs, early manuscript underlinings and

Orationes Quatuor contra Phillipum. Venice, Aldi Filios, 1549. £1,450 4to. ff (lii). Roman letter; title with anchor and dolphin device surrounded by cornucopiae and cherubs, contemporary manuscript underlinings,

Commentarii grammatici. Eorum, quae in commentariis sparsim annotata sunt, index amplissimus Paris, ex officina Roberti Stephani, 1537 £2,000 FIRST EDITION thus. folio pp. 691, (lxv). a-z⁸ A-Z⁸ 2a¹⁰. Robert Estienne’s large ‘noli altum sapere’

IRISH MILITARY CONDUCT, A GUIDE Lawes and orders of warre, established for the good conduct of the seruice in Ireland. London, Christopher Barker (?), 1599 (?). £3,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp.

Historia del regno di Napoli. Con l'agiontione de dodeci altri libri. Aquila, Gioseppe Cacchio, 1582. £3,450 FIRST EDITION, variant issue. Folio. pp. [xii], 477, [iii]. Roman letter.

Antiquitatum Romanarum Lib. X and De Compositione Robert Estienne, Paris, 1546/1547 £1,750 EDITIO PRINCEPS. Folio, pp (ii) 3 – 538 (ii), (ii) 3 – 128 (iv). Two parts in one, separate title page

De Thucydidis Historia Iudicium. Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1560. £2,500 4to, 94 unnumbered leaves. Roman letter, large sections in Greek. Aldine device on title page and verso of final leaf, a few small ink-spots

DIONYSIUS Periegetes
AN INCUNABLE TRANSLATION FROM VERSE OF A GEOGRAPHY MANUAL OF ANTIQUITY De situ orbis. lat. von Antonius Beccaria. Venice, Bernhard Maler, Erhard Ratdolt and Peter Löslein, 1477. £12,500 FIRST

DIONYSIUS Periegetes
THE GEOGRAPHY OF ANTIQUITY IN VERSE De Situ Orbis Ferrara, Ioannes Maciochus, 1512. £1,950 EDITIO PRINCEPS, 4to., 52 unnumbered leaves. A-E8F, G6. First half Greek letter, rest Roman, quite

BLANKAART’S COPY Situ orbis description [et alia]. [Geneva], Henri Estienne, 1577. £1,750 Large 4to, pp. [8], 158, [24],

DODOENS, Rembert
A CELEBRATED AND INNOVATIVE HERBAL A new herball, or historie of plants: their names, natures, operations, & vertues: and that not onely of those which are heere growing in this our countrie of

DOGLIONI, Giovanni Nicolo
L'ungheria Spiegata. Venice, Damian Zenaro, 1595. £3,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. (xxxii) 209 (iii). Roman and Italic letter, woodcut initials, head- and tail-pieces, title page with printer's salamander device

BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS OF ALCHEMICAL EQUIPMENT AND EXPERIMENTS Dell'elixir Vitae Naples, Secondino Roncagliolo, 1624. £24,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio. pp. (xii) 182 +

HANDSOME CONTEMPORARY BINDING Poems by J.D. with Elegies on the Authors death. London, printed by M.F. for John Marriot, 1639. £12,500 8vo. pp. (x) 388 (xxxii). Roman letter. Elegant engraved

ON THE CONTROVERSIAL RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF CATHOLICS IN ENGLAND Pseudo-martyr. Wherein this conclusion is euicted. That those which are of the Romane religion in this kingdome, may and ought to take the Oath of

DORSTEN, Theodor
BENEDETTO VARCHI’S COPY Botanicon Frankfurt, Christian Egenolff, 1540. £39,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio, ff. (10), 306. Predominantly Roman letter, some Greek and little Gothic; historiated initials,

DREXEL, Jeremias
SINNERS’ HELLISH REWARDS, FROM THE HAMPTON PALACE LIBRARY Infernus damnatorum carcer et rogus aeternitatis pars II. Antwerp, Jan Cnobbaert,

DREXEL, Jeremias
THE ANNOTATED TORMENTS AWAITING SINNERS Infernus damnatorum carcer et rogus aeternitatis pars II. Cologne, Bernhard Wolter, 1632. £1,750 16mo., pp. (16),

DREXEL, Jeremias
RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS DEDICATED TO PRINCE JOHANN OF HOHENZOLLERN-SIGMARINGEN Zodiacus Christianus ... seu signa XII divinae praedestinationis. Cologne, Cornelius van Egmondt,

DREXEL, Jeremias
THE VIRTUES OF SEXUAL ABSTINENCE FROM AMBASSADOR KENELM DIGBY’S LIBRARY Nicetas seu triumphata incontinentia. Cologne, Cornelius van Egmondt, 1631. £3,250 24mo., pp. (14), 284, (2). Roman

DU FAUR, Pierre
FRENCH LEGAL COMMENTARY De diversis regulis Iuris antiqui. (with) De justitia et jure: itemque de origine iuris. Lyon [Geneva], François Le Fèvre, 1602;

DETAILED REFERENCE WORK ON HUNTING La caccia di Giacomo di Foglioso scudiero e signore di esso luogo, paese di Gastina in Poitu. Con molte ricette, & rimedij per risanare i cani da diuerse

DURANTE, Castore
FOOD, WINE AND THEIR RELATION TO EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Il tesoro della sanita. Nel quale s'insegna il modo di conseruar la sanita et prolungar la vita. Venice, Lucio Spineda, 1601. £1,450 8vo. pp. (xvi), 270.

DURET, Jean.
Aduertissemens sur l'edict d'Henry roy de France et de Pologne, faisant droict aux Remonstrances proposees par les Estats du Royaume assemblez par son commandement en la ville de Bloys l'an 1576. Lyon,

EGNATIUS, Giovanni Battista
De exemplis illustrium virorum Venetae civitatis, atque aliarum Gentium Paris, Bernardo Torresano sub Aldina Bibliotheca, 1554. £2,750 16mo, ff. (16), 334, (2), missing

Discours de la prinse de deux grandes navires envoyees de la part de la royne d'Angleterre au roy de Navarre Paris, veuve François Plumion, 1589 £1,650 FIRST

ELYOT, Sir Thomas
THE EDUCATION OF PRINCES The boke named the governour. London, Thomas Marsh, 1557. £8,500 8vo. ff. (viii) 216. Black letter, some Italic. Title within woodcut architectural border (McKerrow and Ferguson, 52),

Historia delle cose di Francia Venice, Michele Tramezzino, 1549. £1,450 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to ff. (xxviii) 354 (ii). Italic letter, woodcut printer's device of the Sybilline Oracle on title,

POVERTY LEGISLATION BY CHARLES I Orders and directions, together with a commission for the better administration of iustice: how, and by whom the lawes and statutes tending to the reliefe of the poore, the well

Modus tenendi unum Hundredum sive Curiam de Recordo London, William Myddleton, 1547. £3,250 8vo. 14 unnumbered leaves. A8 B6 lacking final blanks. Black letter, attractive title with Royal arms between white on

Enchiridion, et Cebetis Tabula Leiden, Ex Officina Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1616. £2,250 64mo, text 7.1cm x 4.4cm (2.8” x  1.7”) pp. 247, (9). Greek and Roman letter, single column parallel

Tou agiou patrow hmon Epifaniou. Ad physiologum. Eiusdem in die festo Palmarum Sermo. Antwerp, Christopher Plantin, 1588. £3,950 Two parts in one. 8vo. pp. (xvi) 124 (xii). Roman, Italic and Greek letter. Nearly

REFERENCE COLLECTION OF LETTERS BY THE GREEK CLASSICS Epistolae diversorum philosophorum. Επιστολαὶ διαφόϱων φιλοσόφων.  Venice, Aldus Manutius, March 1499. £35,000 EDITIO PRINCEPS. 4to. Two volumes in one,

ERASMUS, Desiderius
Opus de conscribendis epistolis. Paris, Simon de Colines, 1539. £9,500 8vo, ff. 194. Roman letter, very little Greek; title within floral border with centaurs, nymphs, medallion portraits and printer’s monogram; light dampstain to blank head of

BECKFORD’S COPY The True Mannor and Forme of the Proceeding of the Funerall of the Right Honourable Robert Earle of Essex and Ewe. (with) An Elegie upon the most lamented death of the Right Honourable and truly

Seminarium, et plantarium fructiferarum praesertim arborum quae post hortos conseri solent. Paris, Robert Estienne, 1540. £1,950 8vo, pp. 193, [23]. Roman letter, little Greek; printer's device on title; a few tiny ink spots on blank outer

A LARGE PAPER COPY De dissectione partium corporis humani libri tres… cum figuris, & incisionum declarationibus, à Stephano Riuerio chirurgo compositi. Paris, apud Simonem Colinæum,

A ROYAL BINDING Maison Rustique, or, The Countrey Farme. London, Arnold Hatfield for Iohn Norton and John Bill, 1606. £3,250 4to. pp. (xxx), 901, (xxvii), lacking first

FROM THE LIBRARY OF LOUIS IV'S FIRST MINISTER Nizoliodidascalus, Siue, Monitor Ciceronianum Nizolianorum. Geneva, Henri Estienne, 1578. £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. (viii), 200. Roman letter, some Greek,

ON WINE AND BOOKFAIRS Francofordiense emporium. [Geneva], Henri Estienne, 1574. £5,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo, pp. [8], 31, [1], 120. Roman and Greek letter, a little Italic;

ESTIUS, Gulielmus
Historiae martyrum Gorcomiensium, maiori numero Fratrum Minorum, qui pro fide Catholica a perduellibus interfecti sunt anno Domini M.D. LXXII. Libri quatuor. Douai, Baltazaris Belleri,

SIR ROWLAND HILL'S COPY, INVENTOR AND ENTREPRENEUR Elementorum liber decimus. Paris, Michel de Vascosan, 1551. £4,950 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to, ff. (xviii) 140. Theorems in Roman letter, explanations in

EXTENSIVE EARLY ANNOTATIONS AND DIAGRAMS Stoicheion Bibl. XV Ek ton Theonos Synousion. Proklou bibl. IV. Basle, J. Herwagen, 1533. £37,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS. Folio

THE MOST FAMOUS MATHEMATICAL TEXTBOOK Opera. Venice, Joannes Tacuinus de Tridino, 1510. £29,500 Folio, 240 unnumbered leaves. (10) A-Z8, AA-EE8, FF6, lacking last blank. Theorems in

LATIN EDITION OF EUCLID'S WORKS Elementorum geometricorum libri XV. Basle, Iohannem Hervagium, 1546. £7,500 Folio, pp. (viii) 587 (i). Roman letter in two sizes, commentary in italic, some Greek innumerable

ALDINE PRINCEPS IN BOZERIAN BINDING Tragoediae. Venice, Aldus, 1503. £9,750 EDITIO PRINCEPS. 2 volumes 8vo. (242) (216) unnumbered ff. Volume I: Α-Γ⁸, Δ⁴, Ε-Η⁸, Θ⁶, Ι-Λ⁸, Μ⁶, ΝΞ⁸, Ο¹⁰, Π-Ρ⁸,

 A MAGNIFICENT PAIR Tragoediae. Venice, Aldus, 1503. £27,500 Two volumes 8vo. (268); (189) unnumbered ff. Greek letter, Aldine dolphin device to versos of last, frequent Latin and Greek marginalia in

AN ACCOUNT OF THE GALLIC WARS Epitome Belli Gallici. £3,750 Paris, Robert Estienne, 1544. FIRST EDITION, 8vo., pp. (ii) 3-134 (civ). Mostly Italic, some Roman letter, a little Greek. Estienne’s woodcut Noli

NATURE-INSPIRED MORALS Dialogus Creaturarum Moralizatus. Strasbourg, Jan van Doesborch, c. 1528. £25,000 4to, ff. 153 (of 164) (lacks *1, A2-3, B1-3, F and TT4). Gothic letter, more than 100

FELINI, Pietro Martire
Trattato nuovo delle cose maravigliose dell’alma città di Roma Rome, Andrea Fei [Giovanni Antonio Franzini], 1625. £2,250 8vo, pp. (16), 437, (3). Two parts in one with separate titles. Roman and Italic letter, title in black and red, woodcut

FERRARA, Gabriele
Sylva chirurgiae, in tres libros divisa Frankfurt, sumptibus Jacobi de Zetter : typ. H. Palthenii, 1625. £2,750 FIRST EDITION thus. pp. [xvi], 405, [xxxv]. Two suites of engraved plates, 38 in books II, 34 in book III. ):(⁸ A-2D⁸ 2E⁴. Roman

FERRER, Saint Vincent
Prophetie Danieles tres horribiles de casu videlicet & ruina vite spiritualis. Cracow, Floriano Unglerio, 1527. £5,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. ff. 20. Gothic letter, title page with dramatic woodcut of falling

FEYERABEND, Sigmund (ed.)
COMPENDIUM OF DEMONOLOGICAL LITERATURE IN THE MIDDLE AGES Theatrum Diabolorum. Frankfurt, Peter Schmidt, 1575. £7,350 Large folio, ff. (6), 568, (12). Black and Roman letter; black-and-red title,

FICINO, Marcilio
A BLEND OF FOLK MEDICINE AND GREEK PHILOSOPHY, IN COMPLETELY ORIGINAL CONDITION De triplici vita (with) Apologia (and) Annotatio. Basel, Johann Amerbach, not after 1498. £12,500 4to. 100

FILLASTRE, Guillaume
THE HISTORY OF THE FRENCH GOLDEN FLEECE Le Premiér et le Second Volume de la toison d'or. Paris, Antoine Bonnemére for Francois Regnault, 10 Dec 1517. £47,500 Folio. Two volumes in one. ff. (ii) 127; (i) 232.

PARTICULARLY RARE EDITION OF A POPULAR ITALIAN ACCOUNT OF SAINT FRANCIS' LIFE La vita & li miracoli che lui fece in vita. Venice, Francesco Bindoni and Mapheo Pasini, 1541. £2,950 8vo. ff. 96. A-M8.

FIRENS, Pierre (Ed.)
SAINTS IN SOLITUDE BROUGHT TO LIFE IN ENGRAVED FORM Figures of Holy Monks Hermits. Paris, Pierre Firens, c. 1600. £1,750 Large 8vo., 48 numbered fine engraved

I Lucidi comedia (with) Trinutia Comedia. Venice, Giovanni Griffio and Pietro Boselli, 1552. £1,250 12mo. Two works in one volume. ff. 41 (i) + 40 (ii), last blank. Italic letter. Charming

La Nouvelle Natura Brevium. London, Richard Tottell, 1553. £1,850 8vo. ff. (xxiv) 271 (i). Black letter, title within lovely woodcut border comprising compartment with mask and cornucopiae at head, female figures

FITZHERBERT, Thomas [with] MICHAEL, Jean [with] ABERCROMBY, Robert
An sit vtilitas in scelere vel de infelicitate principis Macchiauelliani, contra Macchiauellum & politicos eius sectatores. Rome, Gulielmum Facciottum, 1610. [with] Anatome corporis politici, siue Liber de

ON MEDIEVAL RELIGIOUS ORDERS IN IRELAND Ricardi Archiepiscopi Armachani Hyberniae Primatis Defensorum Curatorum aduersus eos qui privilegiatos se dicunt. Paris, Apud

Ricardi Archiepiscopi Armachani Hyberniae Primatis Defensorum Curatorum aduersus eos qui privilegiatos se dicunt - Paris, Apud Petrum Billaine, 1633. 8vo. pp. [xvi] 168. á8, A-K8, L4. (á7+8 blank). Roman letter, some Italic. Small woodcut

A Catholike confutation of M. Iohn Riders clayme of antiquitie; and a caulming comfort against his caueat. … a replye to M. Riders Rescript; with a discouerie of puritan partialitie in his behalfe. Roan [i.e. Douai] : [Pt. 1 by P. Auroi, pt. 2 by


HUMAN FLAWS SATYRISED IN VERSE AND EMBLEMS Nebulo nebulonum hoc est, jocoseria modernae nequitiae censura. Frankfurt, Jakob de Zetter, 1620. £3,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo., pp.

Gioello della corona per le nobili, e virtuose donne. Siena, Matteo Florimi, 1604. £9,500 Oblong 4to, ff. [34]. Italic letter; title within typographical border, including tailpiece; typographical headpiece and decorated initials on dedication,

FLORUS, Lucius Annaeus
CHARMING CONTEMPORARY BINDING Rervm Romanarvm, ex Tito Liuio, Epitoma, in quatuor libros distincta. Lyon, apud Ioannem Pillehotte, 1597. £4,950 16mo. pp. (xl) 182, (ii). *8, **8, ***4, A-L8, M4. (last leaf

A DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANITY AGAINST ATHEISM Atheomastix: clearing foure Truthes against Atheists and Infidels. London, Nicholas Okes, 1622. £3,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio. pp (xxxvi), 68, 99-362.

FOUGASSES, Thomas de
THE DUKE OF MONMOUTH’S COPY The general historie of the Magnificent State of Venice. London, G. Eld and W. Stansby, 1612. £5,750 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. pp. (viii), 579, (iii), 500, (xliv).

UNRECORDED LEGAL DIARY Calendrier des iours & autres temps que lon n'a accoustume de tenir les Plaits ordinaires au siege d'Yssouldun. Poiters, Julien Trouve, mid-16th

Edict Faict par le Roy sur le reiglement de ses monnoyes, & Officiers d’icelles Paris, Jean Dallier, 1554. £1,850 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. 32 unnumbered ll. A-H4. Roman letter, woodcut arms of

FRANCOIS I [with] ARENA, Antoine
THE EDICTS THAT ESTABLISHED ROYAL CONTROL OVER THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT PRE-REVOLUTION Ordonnances du (...) Francois premier en ce pays de Provence, Forcalquier et terres adjacentes. (with) Les Taux, moderations,

INTRICATE ENGRAVINGS OF ARCHDUKE ALBERT VII'S FUNERAL PROCESSION Pompa funebris optimi potentissimiq[ue] principis Alberti Pii, Archiducis Austriae, ducis Burg. Bra. &c. Brussels, Joannem Mommartium,

FREIG, Johannes Thomas
Paedagogus. Basel, Sebastian Henric Petri, 1582 £2,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo, pp. (16), 366, (2). Roman, Italic, Greek and Hebrew letter. Large printer’s woodcut device on title and last verso, one decorated initial representing a rabbit; folding

RARE FIRST EDITION Nova relatio historica de statu rei Christianae In Iaponia, et de Qvabacvndoni, hoc est, monarchae Iaponici trucidatione binis epistolis. Mainz, Ioannis Albini, 1598. £3,950 FIRST EDITION.

FUCHS, Leonhard
HIGHLY INFLUENTIAL FIRST EDITION OF GERMAN HERBAL New Kreüterbuch. Basel, Michael Isingrin, 1543. £49,500 Folio, 444 leaves, +-++6, +++4, a-z6, A-Z6, Aa-Zz6, AA6, BB8.

SHAKESPEARE AND THE LAW OF NATIONS A Parallel or Confrence of the Civil Law, the Canon Law, and the Common Law. (with) The Second part of the Parallele (and) The Padectes of the Law of Nations. London,

ADVICE FOR A GENTLEMAN AT WAR Instructions for Young Gentlemen. Oxford, John Lichfield, 1633. £2,350 FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. 12mo. pp. (viii) 122 (ii). Roman letter within double ruled line

CONTROVERSIAL TREATISE ON ORIENTAL ASTROLOGY Curiositez inouyes, sur la sculpture talismanique des persans. Horoscope des patriarches. Et lecture des estoilles. (Paris),

A DUCAL EDITION OF EMBLEMS Quadriga aeternitatis universi generis humani meta. Munich, Raphael Sadeler, 1619. £3,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo., pp. (10), 124, (2). Roman

GALEN, Claudius
De naturalibus facultatibus libri tres. De pulsuum usu liber unus. De diebus criticis Paris, apud Simon de Colines, 1528 £2,350 8vo. ff. [viii] 91 [i]. a-m8, n4. Roman letter, some Greek. Simon de Colines' fine ‘Tempus’ woodcut device on title,

GALILEI, Galileo
GALILEO'S DEFENSE OF THE COPERNICAN THEORY, FIRST EDITION Istoria e dimostrazioni intorno alle macchie solari e loro accidenti... Si aggiungono nel fine le Lettere, e Disquisizioni del finto

GALLUCCI, Giovanni Paolo
PRINCEPS EDITION OF SIXTEENTH CENTURY CELESTIAL ATLAS Theatrum mundi, et temporis. Venice, Giovanni Battista Somasco, 1588. £9,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. (16), 478, plus

GAMUCCI, Bernardo
ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR GUIDE BOOKS FOR THE RENAISSANCE TRAVELLER Le antichita della citta di Roma. (...) In questa seconda editione da infiniti errori emendate & corrette da Thomaso

GARCIA, Jimenez de Cisneros
A SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO MENTAL PRAYER Tractatus Directorii horarum canonicarum et Exercitatorii vite spiritualis. Paris, Jean Petit, 13 April 1511. £3,250 8vo. ff. 99 (v). A-B8, a-n8, last blank.

TREATISE ON WARFARE IN CONTEMPORARY PAINTED BINDING FROM THE LIBRARY OF THE DUKE OF SAVOY Il Capitano Generale. Nuoavamente mandato in luce. Venice, Ziletti, 1556. £9,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo.

GARISENDI, Antenore or VIZANI Pompeo
AN ACCOUNT OF A CHIVALRIC TOURNAMENT Torneo fatto sotto il Castello d'Argio Da' SS Cavalieri Bolognesi il di IX. Febraio 1578. Bologna, Giovanni Rossi, 1578. £3,450 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. 112. Roman and Italic

GEMINUS, Thomas.
Compendiosa totius anatomie delineatio, ære exarata London, [J. Kingston for] Thomas Gemini, 1559. £7850 Folio. 40 of 42 plates, without the folded plate of two seated nude figures with moveable flaps, and one other anatomical plate, without the

A GARDENING AND HERBAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA, IN CONTEMPORARY CALF The Herbal or General Historie of Plantes.  London, Adam Islip, Joice Norton, and Richard Whitakers, 1636. £5,250 Folio pp. (xl) 1630 (xlviii).

GERSON, Johannes
FROM THE AUTHORITATIVE VOICE ON INTERPRETATIONS OF MAGIC AND SUPERSTITION IN THE MIDDLE AGES Opera: Inuentarium eorum que in operibus Gersonis continentur (with) Prima pars operum Oohannis

ITALIAN HISTORY AND POLITICS, IN EXCEPTIONAL GENEVA BINDINGS Historiarum sui temporis. Paris, Michel de Vascosan, 1558-1560. £7,750 Two volumes. Folio:

Vita Sfortiae clariss. ducis. Rome, Antonio Blado, 1539. £5,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to, ff. [4], 48, [4]; handsome italic letter; printer’s device on colophon, impressive woodcut portrait of Muzio  Attendolo Sforza on aivv; light, mainly marginal,

FIRST COLLECTION OF MODERN EUROPEAN TRAGEDIES Le Tragedie. Venice, Giulio Cesare Cagnacini, 1583. £2,250 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. pp (xvi) 135 (i), 143, 157(iii), 118 (ii), 127 (i), 142 (ii),

GODWIN, Francis
A Catalogue of the Bishops of England. London, George Bishop, 1601. £2,850 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. (viii) 547 (i). Black letter, woodcut headpiece, foliated initials. Title page slightly dusty at head, woodcut

GOLTZIUS, Hubertus
THE EARLIEST GERMAN CHIAROSCURO Lebendige Bilder gar nach aller Keysern von C. Iulio Caesare bisz auff Carolum V und Ferdinandum seinem Bruder verhaftet. Antwerp, Gillis Coppens van Diest,

THE FIRST OCCURRENCE OF CHINESE CHARACTERS IN A EUROPEAN BOOK Historia de las cosas mas notables, ritos y costumbres del gran Reyno de la China. Con un

GORDON, Bernard de
Tabula Practice Dicte Lilium Medicine. Venice, Giovanni & Gregorio de Gregori Fratelli [Benedetto Fontana], 1496/97 £7,500 4to, ff. (4), 271, (1). Gothic letter, text in double column. Charming title page with large publisher’s woodcut device

CONTAINING AN UNKNOWN MS De confessione amantis. London, In Fletestrete by Thomas Berthelette, the. XII. daie of Marche. 1554. £39,500 Folio. ff. [vi], CXCI, [i]. *⁶, A-2I⁶. Black letter in two sizes, some Roman, double column. Title within

GRATAROLO, Bongianni
Altea. Tragedia di m. Bongianni Gratarolo di Salo Venice, Francesco Marcolini, 1556. £1,200 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. ff. 46 (i) (lacking last blank). Italic letter. Historiated woodcut initials,

INCUNABLE EDITION OF CLASSICAL GREEK GRAMMAR BOOK Thesaurus Cornucopiae et Horti Adonidis. Venice, Aldus Manutius, 1496. £37,500 FIRST EDITION. Large folio, ff.

INCUNABLE RARE EDITION OF CANON LAWS Decretales cum summariis suis et textuum divisionibus ac etiam rebicaru continuationibus. Venice, Baptista de Tortis, 1489. £12,500 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. ff. (iv) 288

PRINCIPLES OF CANON LAW, IN PLACE FOR EIGHT CENTURIES Decretales Epistolae. Paris, Claudium Cheuallonium, 1537. £3,750 8vo. ff. (20) 332. Mainly Roman letter, some Italic,

CANON LAWS FROM A JUDGE'S LIBRARY Compendium textuale compilationis decretalium Gregorii noni sine qua (ut est vulgaris prudentium sententia) omnis ceca practica est. Paris (Rouen), Franciscum

FIRST ENGLISH EDITION OF DUTCH HISTORY UP TO THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY A generall historie of the Netherlands: with the genealogie and memorable acts of the Earls of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friseland. London, A. Islip and G. Eld,

GYSIUS, Johannes and LAS CASAS, Bartolomé
THE CRUELTIES COMMITTED BY AN EMPIRE Le miroir de la cruelle, & horrible tyrannie espagnole perpetree au Pays Bas, par le tyran duc de Albe, &

HAKLUYT, Richard
A CHRONICLE OF BRITISH LAND DISCOVERIES AND VOYAGES UP TO THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY The principall navigations, voiages and discoveries of the English nation, made by Sea or over Land. London, George

HALL, Joseph
A SATIRICAL DESCRIPTION OF FOREIGN LANDS Mundus Alter et Idem, sive Terra Australis ante hac semper incognita longis itineribus peregrini academici nuperrime lustrata. Hanover, Sumptibus hæredum

A PLEA AGAINST THE CORRUPTION OF RELIGIOUS FAITH IN IRELAND Fratres sobrii estote. I. Pet. 5. 8. Or, An admonition to the fryars of this Kingdome of Ireland, to abandon

HART, John
The anatomie of vrines: together with a narrow suruey of their substance, chiefe colours, and manifold contents, ioyning withall the right vse of vrines. Neuer heretofore published London, Richard Field

THE FIRST KNOWN BIOGRAPHY OF KING EDWARD VI The life, and raigne of King Edward the Sixt. London, Eliot’s Court Press, and J. Lichfield (at Oxford?) for Iohn Partridge, 1630. £1,650 FIRST EDITION, First issue. 4to. pp. (vi), 179, (i). lacking

PRINCEPS EDITION OF THE FIRST EUROPEAN NOVEL Historiae aethiopicae libri decem, nunquam antea in lucem editi. Basle, ex officina Hervagiana, 1534. £2,950 EDITIO PRINCEPS. 4to. pp. (viii) 242 (ii). Greek letter with some Roman, printer’s device

FRANCOIS HOTMAN & HENRI IV Paris, Cinqieme jour de Octobre, 1594. £3,750 Single vellum leaf, [ cm. x  cm.] folded in two. Ten lines of manuscript, in a fine C16th French secretarial hand, autograph of Henry IV below, another illegible

A VERY GOOD CLEAN COPY OF HERBAL FROM ELIZABETHAN ERA The greate Herball. London, John Kynge, 1561. £37,500 Folio, 148 unnumbered leaves. *6, A-X6, Y8, Aa6, Bb2. Double column, black letter, large woodcut on

RARE AND EARLY EDITION OF THE ONLY FRENCH HERBAL Le Grand Herbier, contenantes les qualitez vertus et proprietez des herbes, arbres, gommes, semences, huyles et pierres precieuses. Paris, Alain Lotrian, c.

FIRST ILLUSTRATED HERBARIUM PRINTED SOUTH OF THE ALPS Tractatus de virtutibus herbarum. Venice, Simon Bevilaqua, 1499. £59,500 4to. ff. 172. A4, a-x8. including final blank. Roman letter in two

Herbolario volgare Venice, Giovanni Andrea Valvassori and brothers, 1534. £27,500 8vo, 180 leaves, a6, A-X8, Y6 (Yiii and conjugate leaf misbound at the beginning after aaiii, aaii after aaiii).

HERBERSTEIN, Sigismund Von
Comentari della Moscovia et parimenti della Russia Venice, Nicolò Bascarini per Giovan Battista Pedrezzano, 1550. £12,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to, (8), 90, (1), initial and final blanks; 3 pp. misnumbered. Italic letter, a little Roman,

SUMPTUOUS BINDING Ars Oratoria absolutissima. Geneva, Petrum Aubertum, 1614. £4,750 8vo., pp (xvi) 568 (xvi) 229 (iii). Principal text double column, Greek and Roman

MECHANICS IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY De gli Automati, overo Machine se Moventi, libri due, tradotti dal Greco da Bernardino Baldi. Venice, Girolamo Porro, 1589. £5,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to. ff. 48. Roman

PIONEERING ANATOMY OF THE HORSE IN FRENCH Hippostologie, c'est a dire, discours des os du cheval. Paris, Mamert Patisson, 1599. £12,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff. (iv), 23, (i).

Coacae Praenotationes Graece & Latine. Amsterdam, Louis and Daniel Elzevir, 1660 £950 12mo, pp. [12], 577, [107]. Roman, Italic and Greek letter; title in black and red with printer’s device, a few foliated initials, head- and tail-pieces;

THE MOST COMPLETE HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ISLES UP TO THE LATE 1500s The First and Second Volumes of Chronicles (with the Third) Volume. London, John Harrison, George Bishop, Rafe Newberie,

Herwologia anglica: hoc est, Clarissimorum et doctissimorum aliquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno Cristi MD. usq'ad presentem annum MDCXX vivae effigies vitae et

HOOD, Thomas
THE ONLY EARLY EDITION ON THE USE OF THE STARS FOR NAVIGATION The Use of the Celestial Globe in Plano. London, John VVindet for Tobie Cooke, 1590. £7,950 FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, ff. (iv),

CORRECTED EDITION OF HOTMAN'S CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS, BEAUTIFULLY PRINTED Iuris consulti commentarius in quatuor libros institutionum iuris civilis. Lyon, Antonium

HOWARD, Henry, Earl of Northampton
A LEARNED ATTACK ON JUDICIAL ASTROLOGY A defensative against the poyson of supposed prophecies. London, W. Jaggard, 1620. £3,250 Folio in 4s. ff. (viii), 151 (i). Roman and italic letter. Title page slightly shaved at f-e, title within white

WITH PRINTER’S PRESS PRICE LIST Essame de gl'ingegni de gl’huomini… Venice, presso Aldo, 1590 £1,950 8vo. pp. [xvi], 367, [xvii]. *⁸ A-2A⁸. Italic letter. Small dolphin and anchor device on title, historiated and grotesque woodcut initials and

ASTRONOMY IN POETICAL FORM AND A PRECURSOR TO THE GREAT STAR ATLASES De Stellis, Poeticon Astronomicon. Pavia, Octaviana Scoti, 1513. £4,750 4to. 52 unnumbered leaves, last blank, A-F8 G4.

REFERENCE GUIDE ON PLEADING AND LEGAL PROCEEDINGS Intrationum Liber. London, Richard Pynson, 28th February 1510. £25,000 FIRST EDITION, folio, ff. 185 (i). Black

At the Parliament begun and holden at Dublin, the foureteenth day of Iuly, in the tenth yeere of the raigne of our most gracious soveraigne lord, Charles .. And there continued

THE FIRST ACCOUNTS OF THE FAR EAST THAT REACHED EUROPE Nuovi avisi dell' Indie di Portogallo. Venice, Michele Tramezzino, 1568. £7,500 8vo., ff. (iv) 59 lacking final blank. Italic letter, printer's sibyl

JESUIT LETTERS. Compagnia di Giesu
THE SOCIETY OF JESUS IN 1500s JAPAN Lettere del Giappone dell'anno 1577. Scritte dalli reuerendi padri della Compagnia di Giesu Rome, Francesco Zanetti, 1579. £4,350 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. 72. A-D8, E4. Roman

FROM THE LIBRARY OF SAINT ROBERT BELLARMINE Lettera annua di Giappone del 1603. Scritta dal p. Gabriel de Matos al r.p. Claudio Acquauiua generale della Compagnia di Giesu. Con vna della Cina e delle

THE JESUIT MISSIONS IN CURRENT-DAY CANADA Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable és missions des Peres de la Compagnie de Iesus, en la Nouuelle France, es annees 1650 & 1651 Paris, Sebastien

THE JESUIT INTERPRETATION OF POLITICAL INSTABILITY IN JAPAN Lettera del p. Alessandro Valignano. Visitatore della Compagnia di Giesu nel Giappone e nella Cina de' 10 d'Ottobre del 1599. (with) Sopplimento dell'Annua

Nuovi avisi dell’Indie di Portogallo ... terza parte. Venice, Michele Tramezzino, 1562. £3,750 8vo, pp. [8], 316. Italic letter; large printer’s

REGULATIONS OF THE SOCIETY OF JESUS Ordinationes praepositorum generalium instructiones & formulae communes toti societati. Auctoritate v. congregationis generalis recognitae. Rome, Collegio

THE POLITICS OF THE JESUIT SOCIETY Decreta Congregationum generalium Societatis Iesu (with) Canones Congregationum generalium Societatis Iesu (with) Formulae congregationum in quartâ generali congregatione

PAPAL PROPHECIES AND ORACLES OF THE MIDDLE AGES Vaticinia, siue Prophetiae abbatis Ioachimi, & Anselmi episcopi Marsicani, cum imaginibus aere incisis,

FROM GEORGE III'S CHAPLAIN Ai theiai leitourgiai. Venice, Antonio Pinelli, 1626. (with) Apostolos. Venice, Gian Pietro Pinelli, 1633. £3,750 4to., two works in one: 1) A-D8, ff. (32); 2) α-υ8, +2, ff.

A DEFENSE OF LIBERAL POLITICAL EDUCATION Policraticus sive De nugis Curialium, et vestigiis philosophorum Metalogicus. Leiden, Ioannis Maire, 1639. £1,450 8vo., pp. (xvi) 931 (i). Mostly Roman

IN DEDICATION TO SCOTTISH KINGS AND QUEENS Inscriptiones historicae regum Scotorum. Amsterdam, Cornelius Claessonius for Andrew Hart, 1602. £1,950 FIRST EDITION,

JOINVILLE Jean, Sieur de
THE REIGN OF KING LOUIS IX OF FRANCE Histoire et Chronique du Tres Chrestien Roy Sainct Loys, IX. Du Nom, et XVIIII. Roy de France. Geneva, Jacques Chouët, 1596. £950 12mo., pp. (xxiv), last four blank, 320, (xvi), last four blank. Roman and

TREATISE ON THE NATURAL WORLD, OF SCOTTISH PROVENANCE Thaumatographia naturalis. Amsterdam, Guilielm Blaeu, 1632. £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 12mo., (xii) 501 (iii). Roman and Italic letter, woodcut initials and

A COMPREHENSIVE COMPENDIUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE Thaumatographia Naturalis. Amsterdam, Joannem Janssonium, 1633. £950 12mo., pp. (vi) 578 (i.e. 576) (ii). Roman, italic and Greek letter, ornamental tail pieces, manuscript press mark on pastedown

A HISTORY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE IN PRINCEPS EDITION Φλαβιου Ἰωσηπου Ἰουδαικης ἀρχαιολογιας λογοι κ. Ἰουδαικης ἁλωσεως λογοι ζ. Περι ἀρχαιοτητος Ἰονδαιων κατα Ἀπιωνος λογοι β. Εἰς τους Μακκαβαιους λογος, ἠ περι

INCUNABLE ANTHOLOGIES IN WELL-PRESERVED RENAISSANCE BINDING Justini historici clarissimi in Trogi Pompeji historias exordium. Venice, Filippo di Pietro, 12 Dec 1479 [with] Noctium Atticarum comentarii. Venice, Bernardus de Choris, de

KEPLER, Johannes
THE QUINTESSENTIAL ASTRONOMICAL TREATISE OF THE RENAISSANCE Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae. Linz, Planck, 1618. (with) Epitomes Astronomiae Copernicanae...Liber

KEPLER, Johannes
A SCIENTIFIC EXPOSITION OF THE SUPERNOVA IN FIRST EDITION De stella nova ... De stella tertii honoris ... De Jesu Christi vero anno natalitio. Prague, Pavel Sessius (impensis

KEPLER, Johannes
A SCIENTIFIC EXPOSITION OF THE SUPERNOVA IN FIRST EDITION, EARLIEST PRINT De stella nova ... De stella tertii honoris in cygno ... De Jesu Christi servatoris nostri vero

KETHAM, Johannes de
FIRST MEDICAL BOOK ILLUSTRATED WITH REALISTIC FIGURES Fasciculus medici[n]e. Venice, Cesare Arrivabene, 1522. £29,500 Folio, ff. (4), 58 (i.e.

KIRCHER, Athanasius
  FIRST EDITION OF KIRCHER'S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MUSIC Musurgia universalis. Rome, Francisci Corbelletri, 1650. £9,750 FIRST EDITION. Two volumes in one. pp. (xliv) 690; (iv) 462 (xix, lacking final

KRACOW, Matthew of
CONFESSION AND THE RIGHTFUL TREATMENT OF SINS Confessionale seu libellus peroptimus. Paris, Denis Roce, n.d. £2,250 8vo. 24 unnumbered leaves (A-C8). Gothic letter, woodcut initials,

THE SPECIFICS OF THE FRENCH PARLIAMENTARY ESTABLISHMENT Treze livres des parlemens de France. Esquels est amplement traicté de leur origine et institution et

THE SEARCH FOR THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE, IN HANDSOME MANUSCRIPT BINDING Praeciosa ac nobilissima artis chymiae collectanea. Nuremberg, Gabriel Hain,

Des divines institutions, contre les gentilz & idolatres. Paris, Benoist Prevost, par Estienne Rosset sur le pont sainct Michel, a l’enseigne de la Rose blanche, 1547. £3,500 8vo. ff. [xvi] 235 [i]. Roman letter side notes in Italic.

LAET, Johannes de [with] [ABELIN, Johann Philippx, COOTWIJK, Johannes van, DRECHSLER, Wolfgang, FARGHANI, SIONITA, Gabriel, HESRONITA, Johannes]
AN INTRODUCTION TO PERSIA AND ARABIA FOR EUROPEAN MERCHANTS Persia seu Regni Persici status. Variaque itinera in atque per Persiam: cum aliquot iconibus incolarum [with] Arabia, seu Arabum vicinarumq[ue]

LAMBARD, William
LEGAL PROCEDURES AND THE JUSTICES OF PEACE Eirenarcha, or the Office of the Justices of peace. (with) The Duties of Constables, Borsholders, Tythingmen, and

EUCHARISTIC CHURCH DEBATE IN IRELAND The ryght and trew vndersta[n]dynge of the Supper of the Lord and the vse therof faythfully gathered out of ye holy Scriptures

ITALIAN CUISINE FOR THE HIGH DIGNITARIES OF THE 17C. Lo scalco prattico. Rome, Francesco Corbelletti, 1627. £3,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp. (8), 300. Roman letter, a little

ONE OF THE BEST KNOWN REFLECTIVE POEMS OF THE MIDDLE AGES The vision of Pierce Plowman newlye imprynted after the authours olde copy. London, Owen Rogers, 1561. £23,500 4to. 256 unnumbered pages.

LASKO, Osvald
GERMAN SERMONS OF THE RENAISSANCE Sermones Dominicales (…) Biga salutis intitulati. Hagenau, Heinrich Gran for Johann Rynmann, 1506. £4,950 4to, 436 leaves,

INFLUENTIAL TREATISE ON GHOSTS AND APPARITIONS De spectris. Geneva, Ioannem Crispinum, [1570]. £2,950 FIRST EDITION thus. pp. (16), 272. Italic letter, some Roman. Small woodcut printer’s

Le Demosterion de Roch le Baillif edelphe medecin spagiric. Sommaire veritable de la medecine Paracelsique, ...Petit traite de lantiquite et singularites de Bretagne

BANKERS ON THE RUN(S) LE FLUX DISSENTERIQUE des bourses financieres, ou, La dissenterie des financiers : ensemble le Salué regine desdits financiers à la royne mere. [Paris?] np., npr., 1624. RESPONSORIUM au Salve Regina des financiers Paris

LE PETIT, François
A HISTORY OF THE DUTCH EMPIRE IN THE 16C. La Grande Chronique de Hollande, Zelande, Westfrise, Utrecht, Frise, Overyssel & Groeningen (etc.). Dordrecht, Jacob Canin chez Guillaume

LEMNIUS, Levin (translated by J. Gohory)
Les Occultes Merveilles et Secretz de Nature, avec plusieurs enseignemens des choses divers. Paris, Gailiot du Pré, 1574. £2,450 8vo., ff. (i) 212 (xx). Roman letter, side notes and quotations in Italic. Woodcut printer's device on title,

BECKFORD'S COPY OF THE GEOGRAPHY AND ECONOMICS OF AFRICA Historicale description de l’Afrique. Antwerp, Jean Bellere, 1556. £12,500 8vo., ff. (xvi) 412

A FIRST FORAY INTO THE STUDY OF SYPHILIS Libellus de Epidemia, quam vulgo morbum Gallicum vocant. Venice, Aldus Manutius, 1497. £25,000 FIRST EDITION. 4to., 29 leaves,

LEONICENO, Niccolò [with] LEONICENO, Niccolò [and] HUTTEN, Ulrich von
THE FABRI-IMPERIAL COPY De serpentibus [with] Antisophista [and] De guaiaci medicina et morbo gallico. Bologna, Giovanni Antonio Benedetti,1518 [with] Bologna, Girolamo Benedetti,1519 [and] Mainz,

LEOPOLD of Austria
ASTRONOMY AS THE BASICS OF ASTROLOGY, AND A MEDIEVAL UNDERSTANDING OF METEOROLOGY Compilatio ... de astrorum scientia decem continentis tractatus. Venice, per Melchiorem

LEOPOLDUS of Austria
AN INCUNABLE ANALYSIS OF CELESTIAL BODIES Compilatio de astrorum scientia. Augsburg, Erhard Ratdolt, 9 January 1489. £15,000 FIRST EDITION. 4to. 110

LESSIO, Leonardo
A DEFENSE OF THE POPE De antichristo et eius praecursoribus disputatio apologetica gemina: qua refutatur praefatio monatoria, falso, ut creditur, adscripta magnae Britanniae Regi. Antwerp, ex officina

ALCHEMICAL TREATISE CONTAINING THE FIRST CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK Alchymia recognita, emendata, et aucta (incl. Commentarii). Frankfurt, Johannes Saur for Peter

LICETI, Fortunio
GENETIC DEFORMITIES AND MONSTERS OF NATURE De monstrorum Natura, Caussis, et differentiis. (and) Pyronarcha sive De Fulminum Natura. Padua, Paolo Frambotto (and) Criuellario, 1634. £5,950 4to.

GYNAECOLOGY FOR YOUNG WOMEN, FIRST FRENCH EDITION Trois livres de la santé, foecundité et maladies des femmes. Paris, Jacques du Puys, 1582. £3,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. pp. (xvi) 923 (i) (xvi). Roman letter,

De Emendata Structura Latini Sermonis Libri Sex. London, Richard Pynson, 1524 £25,000 FIRST EDITION. 4to, ff [2] 113 [1, blank] 78. Roman letter, some Greek. Title within the handsome ‘Laws Porsenna’ border designed by Holbein (McKerrow &

LITURGICAL MUSIC FROM THE MASTERS OF THE FRENCH-FLEMISH SCHOOL Evangelia dominicorum et festorum dierum musicis numeris pulcherrime comprehensa & ornata.  n.p., n.p., n.d.. [Nuremberg, Ioann Montanus and Ulric

LIVY, Titus [and] SIGONIUS, Carolus
ROMAN HISTORY BY A CLASSICAL SCHOLAR OF RENAISSANCE ITALY Historiarum ab Urbe Condita [with] Scholia. Venice, Paulus Manutius, 1555. £3,850 FIRST EDITION thus.

FROM ART TO THEORY AND BACK Trattato dell'arte della pittura, scoltura, et architettura, di Gio. Paolo Lomazzo milanese pittore, diuiso in sette libri. ... Con vna tauola de' nomi de tutti li

FIRST EDITION OF A SEMINAL WORK OF ART THEORY Trattato dell'arte della pittura, scoltura, et architettura, di Gio. Paolo Lomazzo milanese pittore, diuiso in sette libri. ... Con vna tauola de' nomi de tutti li

LONDON CEREMONIES AND PUBLIC MORES OF THE 17TH CENTURY The Order of My Lord Mayor, The Aldermen and the Sheriffes, for their meetings. London, R. Young, 1629. £4,500 Small 8vo. pp. (iv) 32

 EUROPEANS' DISCOVERY OF THE AZTEC EMPIRE The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the Weast India [by] Prince Hernando Cortes. London, Henry Bynneman,

FIRST ITALIAN EDITION OF A FUNDAMENTAL TREATISE ON CHESS Il giuoco de gli scacchi di Rui Lopez, spagnuolo nuovamente tradotto in lingua italiana da M. Gio. Domenico Tarsia. Venice, Cornelio Arrivabene,

LOREDANO, Bernardino (i.e. SIGONIO Carlo)
RESPONSE TO AN ATTACK ON AGRARIAN LAW In M. Tullii Ciceronis orationes de lege agraria contra P. Seruilium Rullum Tribunum pl. commentarius. Venice, Paulus Manutius,

LOREDANO, Giovanni Francesco
ONE OF 16C.-ITALY BEST KNOWN PLAYS La Matringa. Venice, Libraria della Speranza, 1601. £950 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. 128. Italic letter. Small woodcut printer’s device on title, title within small woodcut

LOYOLA, Ignatius de
MEDITATION AND SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE Exercitia spiritvalia. Pont-à-Mousson, Melchiorem Bernardum, 1605. £2,350 16mo. pp. 256, (x). A-R⁸. Roman letter, some Italic. Woodcut Jesuit device on title page,

LUCAN, M. Anneus
De bello civili libri decem. Eiusdem vita in fine operis Paris, ex officina Rob. Stephani typographii Regii, 1545. L2377 8vo. pp. 273 [vii]. a-r8, s4. Italic letter, headlines in Roman. Estienne’s woodcut ‘Noli Altum Sapere’ device on title-page,

LUCIAN of Samosata and PUYS, Claude du
ON THE VIRTUES OF FRIENDSHIP Toxare ou de l'amitié, dialogue non moins prouffitable que joyeux. Traduit du grec de Lucian par Claude Dupuys parisien, professeur de Messieurs de Louvain Antwerp, Ian

LULL, Ramon
A PHILOSOPHICAL EXPLANATION OF FAITH IN RARE FIRST LATIN TRANSLATION Proverbia Raemundi. Philosophia amoris eiusdem. Paris, Chalcographia Ascensiana (Josse Bade) and Ioannis Parvi, 1516. £19,500 FIRST EDITION

LURBE, Gabriel de
Anciens et nouveaux statuts de la ville et cité de Bourdeaus. Esquels sont contenues les ordonnances requises pour la police de ladicte ville, & de tous les estats & maistrises d'icelle.

LUSIGNAN, Estienne
ARISTOCRATIC HEREDITY AND EUROPEAN ROYALS' CLAIM OVER JERUSALEM Les genealogies de soixante et sept tres-nobles. (with) Les droicts, autoritez et

LUTHER, Martin
Jena, Donat Richtzenhan et Thomas Rebart (vols 1, 3) and Christian Rödinger & heirs (vols 2, 4), 1557-1579. £3,750 In 4 vols. Folio: 1): ff. [12], 540, [4]; 2): ff. [6], 603, [1]; 3) ff.

LYNDWOOD, William, Bishop of St. David's [with] ACTON, John
CANTERBURY LAWS IN THE MIDDLE AGES AND THE FIRST ENGLISH CANON LAW Provinciale seu constitutions Anglie. Antwerp, Francis Brickman [Ruremond],

MACER, Floridus. [ODO, Magdunensis]
Herbarum vires Macer tibi carmine dicet np. [Paris] np. [Pierre Baquelier]. nd. [c, 1515] £9,750 8vo. 160 unnumbered leaves. a-v8. [last blank]. Gothic letter. Large woodcut on title of scholar in his study, 65 large woodcuts of plants within

A BALANCED HISTORY OF THE VENETIAN PRINCIPATE Historie fiorentine. Venice, Domenico Giglio, 1554. £2,250 12mo., ff. 157 (i.e. 257), (1). Italic letter. Large

MACROBIUS, Ambrosius Theodosius
A DIALOGUE ON ROMAN PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE In Somnium Scipionis Lib. II. Saturnaliorum, Lib. VII. Lyon, Seb. Gryphium, 1556. £1,450 8vo. pp. 567 (lxxiii). Italic letter, some Greek, woodcut printer's device on

MAGINI, Giovanni Antonio
HANDSOME COPY OF THE PREMIER EARLY ITALIAN ATLAS Italia. Bologna, impensis Auctoris, 1620 (1632). £22,000 Folio, pp. (x) 24, 61 engraved maps (59 double page, 2 single). Italic letter, text within printed

A MYTHOLOGICAL TRAGEDY IN VERSE La Semiramis, Tragedia. Bergamo, Comin Ventura, 1593. £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff. (iv) 92. Italic letter. Printer’s ‘Fortune’ device on title, floriated woodcut initials and

CANTOS IN DEDICATION TO WOMEN OF THE ITALIAN ARISTOCRACY Madrigali di Mutio Manfredi il Fermo Academico Olimpico &c. Sopra molti soggetti strauaganti composti, ne men di tre, ne piu di cinquanta sono per

A DECORATIVE AND WELL-PRESERVED LEAF Manuscript Vellum Leaf from an Antiphonal. Italy, c. 1420. £950 Large folio (c.  45 x 32 cm), seven lines of text and musical notation in neumes in red and black on both

COMMENTARY REVEALING OF POLITICAL SUBTLETIES IN CICERO'S AGE In Epistolas Ciceronis ad Atticum. £1,500 Venice, Paulus Manutius, 1553. 8vo. ff. (iv) 414. Italic letter. Anchor and dolphin device to title; very faint damp stain to outer margin a

COMMENTARY REVEALING OF POLITICAL SUBTLETIES IN CICERO'S AGE, IN NORTH EUROPEAN BINDING In Epistolas Ciceronis ad Atticum. Venice, Paulus Manutius, 1553. £1,350 8vo. ff. (iv) 414. Italic letter. Anchor and dolphin device to title; title page

ROMAN LAW, COMPILED BY ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF ALDINE PUBLISHING Antiquitatum Romanarum Pauli Manutii Liber de Legibus. Paris, Bernard Turrisan, 1557. £950 8vo., pp. 288. Roman letter, privilege and

MANUZIO, Paolo (ed.)
Epistolae clarorum virorum selectae. Paris, Bernardo Torresani in Aldina Bibliotheca, 1556. £1,950 16mo, ff. 123, [5]. Italic letter; Aldine device on title and final recto, both hand-coloured in gold and silver probably later; floriated

MARANDO, Theobaldo
Le Sacre Muse, Compositioni varie in lode del molto Rev. P. Maestro Gaspare Pagni romano Eremita Agostiniano & Predicatore in Santa Eufemia di Verona. Verona, Bartolomeo Merlo,

MARRIAGE IN BALANCE De l'Heur et malheur de mariage, ensemble les loix connubiales de Plutarque, traduictes en françois, par Jehan de Marconville Paris, Jean Dallier, 1571. £1,950 8vo. ff.

RARE EDITION OF IMPORTANT TREATISE ON COSMETICS AND HYGIENE Gli ornamenti delle donne. Venice, Giouanni Valgrisio, 1574. £1,650 8vo. ff. (viii) 376 (xxxvi). a⁸, A-3E⁸, 3F3. (lacking last

MARINEO, Siculo Lucio
SPANISH RENAISSANCE WOODCUTS Pandit Aragoniae. Saragossa, Jorge Coci, 1509. £14,500 Folio. ff. XLIX. a8, b-h6 (lacking blank h6.) Gothic letter. Full page woodcut printer’s device of arms, held aloft by an angel, on title, fine white on black

Resolutions politiques et maximes d'estat Rouen,  chez Iean Pain, pres le College des Iesuistes ioignant la Rouge-mare, 1620 £1,250 8vo. pp. [xii], 467, [i]. Roman letter, some Italic, extensive printed sidenotes. Woodcut arms of Louis XIII on

MAROT, Clément
   LOVELY RENAISSANCE BINDING Les Oeuvres de Clement Marot, de Cahors… [with] Les Cinquante Deux Psalmes. Paris, De l'Imprimerie de Guillaume Thibout. 1558 £6,750 16mo. ff. 336, 16. [xii], 79

EXTREMELY RARE FIRST COLLECTED EDITION Tragedies and comedies collected into one volume. Viz. 1. Antonio and Mellida. 2. Antonio's Revenge. 3. The tragedie

A UNIVERSAL PORTRAIT OF ROMAN FOIBLES IN VERSE Epigrammata. Venice, Aldus et Andreae Soceri, December 1517. £2,250 8vo. ff. 190 (ii). Italic letter, anchor and dolphin device on title and verso of last,

MARTIAL Marcus Valerius [Petrus Scriverius]
Nova editio, ex museo Petri Scriverii.  Iusti Lipsii, Iani Rutgersii, I. Isaci Pontani, Notae in Martialem. Ad Petrum Scriverium. Leiden, apud Ioannem Maire, 1619. £1,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 16mo. Three vols. in one. pp. [viii], 16, 312; pp.

MARTINI, Matthaeus
BOWELS AND MIND De moribis mesenterii abstrusioribus. Leipzig, Capar Closemann, 1630. £1,250 8vo., pp. (16) 365 (41). Roman and italic letter. A good, well-margined copy, vellum stub in early English hand, in fine contemporary English calf,

BINDING ATTRIBUTED TO FLORIMOND BADIER La Cronique martiniane de tous les papes qui furent iamais et finist iusques au pape Alexa[n]dre derrenier decede mil cinq cens et trios, et avecques ce les additio[n]s de plusiers croniqueurs. Paris, (?)

MASON, Francis.
A REGAL BINDING Vindiciæ Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ; siue De legitimo eiusdem ministerio, id est, de episcoporum successione, consecratione, electione, & confimatione: item, de presbyterorum, & diaconorum ordinatione, London, Impressum per Felicem

Sonetti morali Bologna, Antonio Manuzio, 1557. £4,500 FIRST and ONLY ALDINE EDITION. 8vo, ff. 116. Sonnets 305-06 mis-numbered. Roman and Italic letter, Aldine woodcut device on title page and last verso, one historiated initial. Title page a

LETTERS FROM PARAGUAY BY ONE OF THE PREACHERS CLOSEST TO THE LOCAL PEOPLE Litterae annuae provinciae Paraquariae Societatis Jesu Antwerp, Jean van Meurs, 1636. £4,850 FIRST EDITION. 8vo., pp.

MATTHAEUS Westmonasterensis (pseud.)
AN ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE WORLD INSPIRED BY MEDIEVAL CHRONICLES Flores Historiarum. London, Thomas Marsh, 1570. £1,750 Folio, pp. (xxxii) 466 including blank before index, unnumbered leaf inserted after Ttt5. Roman and italic letter,

EUROPEAN CHRISTIANITY AGAINST THE OTTOMAN TURKS Dell'Historia di S. Luigi IX e delle Cose piu Memorabili occorse nella Guerra da lui fatta con Saraceni per l'Acquisto di Terra Santa. Venice,

MENGHI, Girolamo
THE EXORCIST'S STEP BY STEP MANUAL Flagellum daemonum exorcismos terribiles, potentissimos, et efficaces. (with) Fustis daemonum, adiurationes formidabiles, potentissimas, et efficaces in malignos spiritus fugandos

THE TEXTBOOK OF THE MEDICAL STUDENT IN RENAISSANCE SPAIN Institutiones chirurgicae ... pro chirurgis in praxis examinandi. Madrid, Sanchez, 1594. £1,850 FIRST EDITION, 8vo, ff. (4), 112, 83,

FITNESS AND EXERCISE IN THE 1500s De arte gymnastica. Paris, Jacobus du Puys, 1577. £2,250 4to. ff. (iv) 201 (i.e. 200) (xiv), last blank, roman and greek letter, 24 full-page woodcut

METIUS, Adrian
CELESTIAL GUIDANCE FOR NAVIGATORS De genuino usu utriusque globi tractatus adjecta est nova Sciatericorum, et artis Navigandi ratio novis Instrumentis et inventionibus illustrata. (with) Mensura geographica et usus

MEURSIUS, Johannes
DE THOU'S COPY Denarius Pythagoricus. Leiden, Ioannis Maire, 1631. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. 112, (xii). A-O⁴, P⁶. Roman and Greek letter, some Italic. Woodcut printer’s device on title, small

LAWS OF THE EARLY CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CENTRAL AMERICA Sanctum Provinciale Concilium Mexici. México, Juan Ruiz, 1622. £9,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio, ff. (6), 102, (1), 38, (1), missing final blank. Neat Roman letter;

MIDDLETON, Richard of
DIALOGUE ON THEOLOGY AND MUNDANE LIFE In quartus sententiarum resolute questiones. (with) Questiones quodlibetales. Venice, Lazarus Soardus, 5 September and 10 July 1509. £3,250 Two works in one. Folio. ff

MING CHINA’S LAND, ISLANDS, AND RIVERS Overview of the Realm (Tianxia tu lüe 天下圖略). China, between 1625-1650. £12,500 Fascinating hand-drawn map depicting Ming明 dynasty (1368 – 1644) China and surrounding lands produced by an unknown

NINE LANGUAGES AND CONTEMPORARY LINGUISTICS Ductoris in linguas. The guide into tongues. London, John Haviland, 1627. £1,950 Folio, pp. (iv) cols 760 (pp. 380) (iv). Double column. Black, Roman, Italic and Greek and Hebrew letter, printed side

MINUCCI, Minuccio [with] [SARPI, Paolo]
MINUCCI, Minuccio. Historia degli Uscochi …… Co i progressi di quella gente fino all’Anno 1602. n.pl., n.pr., n.d. [Venice, 1606?] [SARPI, Paolo]. Aggionta all'Historia degli Uscochi …… Continuata sin’ all'anno 1613. n.pl., n.pr., n.d. [Venice,

MISSA BEATAE VIRGINAE, et aliae Orationes
Bologna, 1494. £19,500 12mo. 66 x 95 mm. Illuminated manuscript on vellum. Ff. (ii) 145 (ii), fol.31 with full page illumination depicting the Virgin and the Infant Christ within full-page border,

C17th VELVET AND SILVER BINDING Paris, Societatem Typographicam Librorum Officii, 1600. £9,500 Folio, ff. (xxxviii) 228, 42. Roman letter in red and black, double column within printed borders, extensive music.

A SINGULAR SURVIVAL AMONG THE MORE COMMON SARUM EDITIONS Missale ad vsum ecclesie Eboracen[sis] tam in ca[n]tu q[uo] in litera recognitu[m],

NUMEROUS BLUE AND RED INITIALS, FROM THE LIBRARY OF A HARROW MASTER Manuscript in Latin on Vellum. Milan, 14th Century. £29,500 8vo. 12 x 16.5 cm, ff. (234); (1)8, (2)10, (3)10, (4)10, (5)10, (6)10,

MODIUS, Francois (AMMAN Jost)
RELIGIOUS ATTIRE OF THE MIDDLE AGES, FROM THE LIBRARY OF COUNT BRIENNE Cleri totius Romanae Ecclesiae subiecti, seu, Pontificiorum ordinum omnium omnino vtriusque sexus, habitus ... nunc primum a Iudoco Ammanno

MOLETI, Giuseppe
CELESTIAL COMPUTATIONS FOR THE NEW GREGORIAN CALENDAR Tabulae Gregorianae Motuum Octavae Sphaerae ac Luminarium. (with) De Corrigendo Ecclesiastico

MOLITOR, Ulricus
THE FOUNDATION IMAGERY OF WITCHCRAFT De laniis et phitonicis mulieribus. Constance, [Basel, Michael Furter] 1489 [ie. about 1495]. £95,000 4to. 30 unnumbered leaves.

MONSTRELET, Enguerran de
EUROPEAN MEDIEVAL HISTORY Le premier [-tiers] volume. Ensuyuant froissart, des croniques de France Dangleterre Descosse Despaigne, de Bretaigne, de

MONSTRELET, Enguerran de
EUROPEAN HISTORY FROM THE LIBRARY OF A PRE-CIVIL WAR PARLIAMENTARIAN Les Chroniques. Paris, Pierre L'Huillier, 1572. £4,950 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio. Three

MONTAGU, Sir Henry
AFTER LIFE AND DEATH FOR THE COMMON READER Manchester Al Mondo. Contemplatio Mortis, & Immortalitatis. The third impression much inlarged. London, John Haviland for Francis Constable, 1636. £1,250 12mo., pp. (iv) 211 (iii). Roman letter.

ARE TITHES JUSTIFIED? Diatribae upon the first part of the late History of Tithes. London, Felix Kyngston for Matthew Lownes, 1621. £1,650 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp. (xii) 579 (i). Roman letter, some Italic and Greek. Woodcut initials, ornaments

MONTAIGNE, Michel de
An exceptional copy The Essayes or Morall, Politike and Millitarie Discourses. .. done into English by ... Iohn Florio. London, Val. Sims for Edward Blount, 1603 £49,500 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, pp. (xx) 664 (iv). A⁸ [¶]² B-Q⁶, R⁴, S-2P⁶,

MORE, St. Thomas
SUPERB WOODCUT DECORATION BY HOLBEIN THE YOUNGER Epigrammata. Basle, J. Froben, 1520. £13,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to. pp. 115 (i). Roman letter, some Greek. Fine white on black woodcut historiated initials (one eight line), superb woodcut

MORE, St. Thomas
WIT IN POETRY, THE FIRST EDITION TO BE PRINTED IN ENGLAND Epigrammata Thomae Mori Angli, viri eruditiones pariter ac virtutis nomine clarissimi Angliaeq[ue] olim Cancellarii. London, I[ohn] H[aviland]

MORE, St. Thomas
THE LIECHTENSTEIN-BONNA COPY La Description de L’Isle Utopie. Paris, Charles l’Angelier, 1550. £29,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo., ff. (viii) 105 (vii). Roman

Il Duomo di Milano. Milan, Francesco Paganello [Antonio degli Antoni], 1597. £3,750 FIRST EDITION. 16mo, pp. (16), 142, (ii). Roman and Italic letter, printed side notes, printer’s woodcut device on title page, decorated initials and

MORLEY, Thomas
THE CONTEMPORARY THEORY OF RENAISSANCE MUSIC A plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. London, Peter Short, 1597. £27,500 FIRST EDITION, folio, pp.

Commentarius mirabilis super titulo de regulis iuris. Venice, Ottaviano Scoto, 1536 £950 8vo, pp. 134, [16]. Gothic letter, a little Roman. Text in single column, smaller printed notes

GERMAN IMPERIAL COURT CASES IN ANALYSIS Singularium observationum iudicij Imper[ialis] Camerae, Centuriae IIII. Basle, heirs of Eusebius and Nicolaus Episcopus, 1570. £1,850 8vo., pp. (32), 482, (80). Predominantly Italic letter, Roman in

NAUSEA, Friedrich
A Treatise of Blazing Starres in Generall. London, Bernard Alsop for Henry Bell, 1618. £3,759 Small 4to.18 unnumbered ll.. Black Letter with some Roman. Woodcut illustration on tp. of a comet, woodcut

NERI, Antonio
THE SECRETS OF GLASS L’arte vetraria distinta in libri sette. Florence, Giunta, 1612. £3,850 FIRST EDITION. 4to., pp. (8), 114, (6). Roman letter, little Italic; printer’s

NERI, St. Philip
THE RULES OF A RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY NOT BOUND BY CONSTRAINT Instituta Congregationis Oratorii S. Mariæ in Vallicella de Urbe A.S. Philippo Nerio Fundatæ. Rome, Typis

NEVILLE, Alexander
CANTERBURY HISTORY OF THE BRITISH PROVINCES IN THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY De furoribus Norfolcensium Ketto Duce ... eiusdem Norvicus. London, Henry Binneman, 1575. £1,450 FIRST EDITION, first issue. 4to., pp. (xvi)

NICOLAY, Nicolas de
A ROYAL VALET'S TRAVELS ACROSS THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE AND MIDDLE EAST Les navigations, peregrinations et voyages, faicts en la Turquie, par Nicolas de Nicolay. Antwerp, Guillaume Silvius, 1577. £4,950 4to.

NIDER, Johannes
STRAIGHTENING GUIDANCE FOR THE SINFUL Tractatus Utilis de septem peccatis mortalibus. Paris (?), Denis Roce, 1510 (?). £2,250 8vo., 12 unnumbered and unsigned leaves, final blank. Gothic

NIEREMBERG, John Eusebius
THE NEW WORLD'S FAUNA AND FLORA IN FIRST AND ONLY EDITION Historia Naturae Maxime Peregrinae. Antwerp, Plantin, Balthasar Moretus, 1635. £7,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio pp. (viii) 502 (cvi), last

NOLPE, Pieter
THE HOUSE OF ORANGE HONOURS QUEEN HENRIETTA, THE BANKS COPY Beschrivinge vande Blyde Inkoomste, Rechten van Zeege-bogen en ander toestel op de Wel-koomste van Haare Majesteyt van Groot-Britanien, Vrankryk, en Jerland. Amsterdam, Nicolaes van

MEDIEVAL NORMAN LAW Le Grand coustumier du pays et duché de Normendie ... avec plusieurs additions ... tant de droit canon que civil composées par ... maistre Guillaume Le Rouillé ... Sont

CELESTIAL WARNING SIGNS IN VERSE Les Propheties. Lyon, Pierre Rigaud, n.d. (1604). £2,750 8vo. Two parts in one, pp. 125 (iii): 78 (ii), with both blanks. Roman

THE POETS OF PROVENCE BY NOSTRADAMUS' BROTHER Le Vite delli piu celebri et antichi primi poeti provenzali. Lyon, Alesandro Marsilii, 1575. £1,750 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo., pp. 254 (xviii). Italic letter. Woodcut initials and ornaments. A

RARE SURVIVAL OF SPANISH PUBLIC LAW WORK De exequendis mandatis regum Hispaniae, quae rectoribus civitatum dantur Salamanca, Juan de Canova, 1564. £4,750 Folio. ff. (xii), 259 (i.e. 257), (xxi).

O’FIHELY, Maurice
Enchyridion fidei lucubrationibus. Venice, Boneto Locatello for Ottaviano Scoto, 1509. £3,750 4to, 26 unnumbered leaves, a-d4, e6, f4. Gothic letter; large printer’s device, white on black, on last verso, floriated initials and diagrams; light

ONGARO, Antonio
NATURAL SIMPLICITY IN ITALIAN VERSE L' Alceo. Favola pescatoria .... Fatta recitare in Ferrara dall'Ill. mo S. Enzo Bentivogli mentre la seconda volta era Principe dell'Accademia degl'Intrepidi. Con

THE CLASSICS' KNOWLEDGE OF FISH Alieuticon, sive De Piscibus ... Plinii Naturalis Historiae Libri Duo ... P. Iovii De Piscibus. Argentorati [Strasbourg], Jacob Cammerlander, 1534. £1,850 FIRST EDITION thus. Small 4to. ff. (iv) 152. Roman

THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF PUBLIC SPEECHES Orationes. Geneva, Henri Estienne, 1575. £2,300 Folio, pp. (xii), 191, (l), 178 (ii), last blank. Roman and

ORIGEN Adamantius [with] AQUINAS, Thomas [and] ORIGEN Adamantius
THE FIRST CHRISTIAN BIBLICAL COMMENTARIES Homiliae [with] Expositio in Evangelium Sancti Ioannis [and] Explanatio in Epistola Pauli ad Romanos. Venice, Aldus Manutius,

ON CHRIST'S HUMANITY AND DIVINITY Chimaera, sive de Stancari funesta regno Poloniae secta. [Cracow], n. pr., 1562. £4,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff. (viii) 104 (vi). Roman and Italic letter, woodcut initials, title page with woodcut device of

PACINI, Giacomo
De tenuis humoris febrem faciente ante purgationem per artem incrassatione… Venice, Paulus Manutius, 1558. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo, ff. (xvi), 267, (iii). a-b2 A-Kk8 Ll4. Italic letter, a little Roman and Greek; Guide letters, a few printed

PANSA, Muzio
Della libraria vaticana ragionamenti. Rome, Giovanni Martinelli, 1590. £3,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. (8), 331, (29). Roman and italic letter, little Greek; few historiated initials and vignettes, large woodcut

FROM THE CONTEMPORARY LIBRARY OF THE AUSTRIAN BISHOP OF GURK Fasti et triumphii Rom[ani]. Venice, Giacomo Strada, 1557. £4,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio, pp.

PAPA, Guido
DAUPHINATE STATUTES FROM THE LIBRARY OF MUSEUM FOUNDER PAUL ARBAUD Libertates per illustrissimus principes Delphinos Viennenses. Grenoble (Valence), Franciscus Pichatus and Bartolomeus Bartoletus (Jean Belon), c. 1508. £4,250 4to. ff. (iv)

PARAMO, Ludovicus de
De origine et progressu officii sanctae Inquisitionis Madrid, Juan Flandrum, 1598. £3,750 FIRST EDITION, fol. pp (cxxxvi) 887 (i). Double column, mostly Roman letter, some Italic, engraved panel on t.p. with

PARTLICIUS Simeon, von Spitzberg
Prognosticon divinum et verum. Das ist: Wahre und klare Prohezeiung, wie es noch der in Welt werde zugehen. Alkmaar, heirs of Jacob Meister, 1635 £1,750 FIRST EDITION(?) 4to., 12 unnumbered ll, A-C4 , Gothic

Le Monophile, avecq' quelques autres euvres d'amour… Paris, Robert le Mangnier, 1566. £2,850 8vo. ff. [iv] 147 [i]. Roman letter. Woodcut initials, printed side notes. Faint marginal dampstain to title and a

PASSE, Crispijn van de
A ROYAL GARDENER’S COPY Hortus floridus. A garden of flovvers, vvherein very liuely is contained a true and perfect discription of al the flovvers contained in

PATRIZI, Francesco
MACHIAVELLI'S PRECURSOR IN ITALIAN POLITICAL THOUGHT, IN BEAUTIFUL À LA CIRE BINDING Compendiosa Epitome commentariorum Paris, apud Hieronymum de Marnef & Gulielmum Cauellat, 1570. £6,500 16mo. in

PATRIZI, Francesco
ON THE ESSENCE OF HUMANISM De Discorsi sopra alle cose appartenenti ad una citta libera, e famiglia nobile; tradotti in lingua toscana da Giouanni Fabrini fiorentino. Venice, Aldus, 1545. £2,450 FIRST EDITION thus. 8vo. ff. 278 (iv). Italic

FROM COLBERT'S LIBRARY I segni de la natura ne l’huomo. Venice, Giovanni de Farri & fratelli, 1545 £1,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo, ff. [iii], 132. Text in Roman letter, dedicatory epistle in Italic, printer’s

PEROTTO, Niccolò
LATIN GRAMMAR FOR A RENAISSANCE AUDIENCE Cornucopiae, siue linguae Latinae commentarij diligentissimé recogniti. Venice, Aldi et Andrea Soceri, November 1513 [but May 1517]. £3,950 Folio. ff. 79

PEROTTO, Niccolò
INCUNABLE EDITION OF LATIN GRAMMAR IN CONTEMPORARY BINDING Cornucopiae. £29,500 FIRST ALDINE EDITION. Folio, pp. (lx) 642. Roman letter, a little Greek. Large initial letter of text in red and blue, rubricated initials thereafter, some text

PERRAULT, Francois. Demonologie ou Traitte des demons et sorciers: de leur puissance & impuissance, L'antidemon de Mascon, ou Histoire particvliere & tresveritable de ce qu'vn demon a fait

PERSONS, Fr. Robert
A BEAUTIFUL CAVALIER-RECUSANT COPY The Christian Directory St. Omer, English College Press, 1633. £12,500 Small 8vo., pp. 689 (xv). Roman letter, woodcut 'IHS' device to title page, woodcut initials,

Quaestiones duæ de sacris alienis non adeundis, ad vsum praxim Angliæ breuiter explicatæ… [Saint Omer], [François Bellet], 1607 £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 12mo. pp. 144, [4]. A-M⁶, N². Roman letter, some Italic. Small typographical ornament on title,

PETIT, Samuel
Leges Atticae Sam. Petitus collegit, digessit, et libro commentario illustrauit. Opus iuris, literarum, et rei antiquariae studiosis utilissimum, 8. libris distinctum Paris, sumptibus Caroli

PETRARCA, Francesco [with] GIUNTA, Bernardo (ed.)
ITALIAN POETRY WITH INFLUENTIAL POST-CONTEMPORARY COMMENTARY Il Petrarcha con l'espositione d'Alessandro Vellutello  Venice, Comin da Trino, 1541 [with] Rime di diversi antichi autori

PEUCER, Caspar
Commentarius de Praecipuis Divinationum Generibus... Frankfurt, apud Andrae Wecheli heredes, Claudium Marnium, & Ioan. Aubrium, 1593. £2,250 8vo. pp [xxxii] 738 [l]. Roman, Italic and Greek

PEUCER, Kaspar
FIRST EDITION OF THIS ENCYCLOPAEDIC WORK ON DIVINATION Les Devins ou Commentaire des principales sortes de devinations Lyon, Barthelemi Honarati, au Vaze d'or, 1584. £2,950 4to. pp. (xxii) 653

Sive idonea disputatio inter christianos et judeos. [Cologne], [Heinrich Quentell], [c.1495] £4,750 4to. 12 unnumbered ll, a-b6, 32 lines per page. Gothic letter. Small repair to t-p margin, reinforced in gutter, a few ms underlinings, one

Della sfera del mondo ... Delle stelle fisse Venice, Nicolò Bevilacqua, 1561. £2,500 4to, ff. (4), 176, (4). Italic letter; historiated initials, printer's device on both titles, 47 full-page stellar

Olympia. Pythia. Nemea. Isthmia. Geneva, Paul Estienne, 1599 £1,650 Large 4to, pp. [16], 487, [5]. Greek and Roman letter, often double column; printer's device on title, floral initials and decorative head-pieces; very light dampstains to

PISTOFILO, Bonaventura
Oplomachia...e col mezzo delle figure si tratta per via di teorica, e di pratica del maneggio e dell’uso delle armi. Distinta in tre discorsi di Picca, d’Alabarda e di Moschetto. Siena, Hercole

Relationum Historicarum de Rebus Anglicis Paris, Rolin Thierry and Sebastian Cramoisy, via Iacobaea, 1619 £2,750 FIRST EDITION 4to. pp. 990. Roman and italic letter, woodcut initials, t.p. printed in red

MYSTICISM AND CABALA Artis cabalisticae: hoc est, reconditae theologiae et philosophiae. Basle, Sebastian Henricipetri, 1587. £8,750 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, pp. (52), 979, (1). Roman, Hebrew, Greek and Italic letter. Woodcut printer's

PLATINA, Bartholomaeus de
In vitas pontificum ad Sixtum IV. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 12 August 1481. £6,500 Folio, 128 ll. unnumbered and unsigned [*2 a8-2 b8 c-r6 s8 t6 v8] plus additional leaf inserted before a1. Gothic letter,

Opera quae extant omnia. [Geneva], Henri Estienne, 1578. £11,500 FIRST COMPLETE EDITION, folio, 3 vols., pp (xxxvi) 542 : (viii) 992 : (viii) 416, 139 (i). Greek and Roman letter, double column, smaller printed side notes. Printer’s woodcut

PLATT, Sir Hugh
Delightes for Ladies, to adorne their Persons, Tables, Closets and Distillatories. With Beauties, Banquets, Perfumes and Waters... London, Printed by H[umphrey] L[ownes] and are to be sould by Arthur Iohnson,

PLATT, Sir Hugh
VERY CHARMING, RARE BOOK OF RECIPES Delightes for ladies, to adorne their persons, tables, closets, and distillatories; London, Printed by H. L[ownes] and R. Y[oung] and are to bee sold by

PLATTER, Felix and Thomas
Questionum Medicarum Paradoxarum & Endoxarum Basel, Ludovici Regis, 1625. £1,250 FIRST EDITION. 8vo, pp. [xvi] 277 [xi]. Roman and italic letter, printer device on t-p, historiated and floriated initials,

PLINY, C. Secundus
A SETTLER'S ESTIENNE C. Plinii Seundi Novocomensis de uiris illustribus liber (with) Suetonii Tranquilli de claris grammaticis et rhetoribus liber (and) Iulii Obsequentis Prodigiorum liber imperfectus. Paris,

PLINY, Caecilius Secundus, Gaius
ARMS OF THE SECOND BISHOP OF FRENCH NORTH AMERICA Epist. Lib IX … Isaaci Casauboni notae. [Geneva, Paul Estienne], 1607. £7,500 16mo. pp. 43, [xxi], 413, [iii], 448, [xxxii] [last two ll. blank]. Roman letter with some Italic. Estienne’s small

CLASSIC PHILOSOPHY THAT INSPIRED MONTAIGNE Les oeuvres morales & philosophiques, reueuës & corrigees en ceste presente edition en plusieurs passages

La prima [-seconda & vltima] parte delle vite di Plutarcho di greco in latino: & di latino in volgare tradotte & nouamente con le sue historie ristampate Venice, per Nicolao di Aristotile detto Zoppino,

De Natura et effectionibus Daemonum Leipzig, Johannes Steinman, typiis Voegelianis, 1576 £1,750 8vo. pp. [lxiv], 159, [i]. Italic letter, preface in Roman some Greek. Small woodcut device on title of Christ above

POMODORO, Giovanni
La Geometria Prattica Rome, Andrea Fei for Gio. Angelo Ruffinelli, 1624 [1623] £4,750 Folio, 58 unnumbered ll., A-M4 N6 O2. Roman letter, captions in Italic. Large engraved architectural t-p, Mars on the right,

PONTANO, Giovanni
Centum Ptolemaei sententiae. Eiusdem de reb. coeslestibus. Liber etiam de luna imperfectus Venice, in aedibus Aldi et Andreae soceri, 1519 £2,950 Large 8vo. ff. 301 (xix). Italic letter, some Roman and Greek.

PONTANO, Giovanni
INTERLEAVED COPY NOTED BY BRUNET Collected Poems Venice, Aldus and Andrea Torresani, 1518 £2,250 8vo, ff. 170, [2]. Italic letter; Aldine device on title and verso of last leaf; interleaved throughout (blank

PONTANO, Giovanni
Opera. Vrania, siue de stellis libri quinque. Meteororum liber unus. De hortis Hesperidum libri duo. Lepidina siue postorales pompae septem. n.p., n.pr., n.d [Venice, G. De Gregori, 1515-20?] £5,750 8vo, ff. 254, (i), lacking last blank. Italic

Opera omnia soluta oratione composita... Venice, in aedibus Aldi, June 1518; April, September, 1519 £4,950 Large 8vo, 3 vols. ff (iv) 326, lacking final but with original integral blank+ 318

PONTANUS, Johannes Isaacus
FROM THE LIBRARY OF KING CHARLES I Historiae Gelricae libri 14. Deducta omnia ad ea usque tempora nostra, quibus firmata sub ordinibus republica Harderwijk, excudit Nicol. à Wieringen gymnasij

L'Isole piu famose del Mondo. Venice, Simon Galignani & Girolamo Porro, 1572. £9,500 FIRST EDITION folio, pp. (xxiv) 117 (i). Roman letter, italic sidenotes, large naturalistic woodcut initials and

FOR THE PRIVATE DEVOTION OF A POPE THE CYBO BREVIARY Illuminated manuscript in Latin on vellum Northern Italy, probably Liguria (Genoa or Savona), 1447. £45,950 134 x 94 mm,

Libri Omnes. De octo partibus orationis… Venice, Aldus, 1527. £3,000 4to. [xiv] 299 [i] [ii]. Italic letter, Aldine printer's device to t-p and verso of last. A very good copy in attractive English 18th C

PROCOPIUS of Caesarea
Arcana Historia, qui est liber nonus Historiarum Lyon, J. Jullieron for A. Brugiotti, 1623 £2,250 FIRST EDITION. folio. pp (xii), xxiii (i), 135 (i), 142, (xx). Roman and Greek letter in double column. Title in

PRYNNE, William
Histrio-Mastix, The Players Scourge, or, Actors Tragaedie... London, Printed by E. A[llde, A. Mathewes, T. Cotes] and W[illiam]. I[ones]. for Michael Sparke, 1633 £2,750 FIRST EDITION 4to. pp (xxxiv) 512; ff.

PRYNNE, William
REFERENCE WORK ON PURITANISM DEDICATED TO THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY The perpetuitie of a regenerate mans estate London, William Iones dwelling in Redcrosse-streete, 1626. £2,250 FIRST EDITION, 4to (xl), 410,

Psalterium in quatuor linguis Hebraea, Graeca, Chaldaea, Latina. Cologne, [Johann Soter for Johann Potken], 1518. £6,950 Small fol., 144 leaves, a-y6, ç6, &6. Roman, Hebrew, Greek and Ethiopic letters; title within elaborate border with

Miniature Psalter-Hours, in Latin, manuscript on vellum. Most probably Low Countries, thirteenth and fifteenth centuries £15,000 68 by 47mm., 216 leaves, wanting all bar one leaf (parts of June and July remaining) from Calendar at front, leaves

Odae. Paris, Henry Estienne, 1554. £1,850 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. [8], 110, [2], without last blank. Greek and Roman letter; printer’s device on title, elegant floriated initials and tail-pieces; title page slightly detaching, a few leaves

DASYPODIUS’ COPY Sphaera ... Thoma Linacro Britanno interprete. Apendicula G.T. Collimiti Vienna, Hieronim Wietor and Johann Singriener, 1511. £3,950 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to, 10 leaves, a6, b4.

Histoire de l'Entrée de la Reyne Mere du Roy tres-chrestien, dans les Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas. (with ) Histoire de l'Entrée de la Reyne Mère du Roy tres-chrestien dans la Grande-Bretagne. London, J. Raworth

PULCI, Luigi
S’ensuit l’histoire de Morgant le geant. Paris, Alain Lotrian, [c. 1536] £22,500 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to. ff [clx]. ā4, a-­z4, cum4, rum4, A-­O4. Lettre Bâtarde. Title in red and black with three­ quarter page woodcut of a tournament and large

PUTHERBEI, Gabrielis
AUTHORIAL PRESENTATION COPY Theotimus, sive De tollendis & expungendis malis libris, iis praecipue, quos vix incolumi fide ac pietate plerique legere queant, Libri Tres, Multa complectentes, quae

QUINTILIAN, Marcus Fabius
Institutio oratoria. Venice, Aldus’s heirs, 1521-1522. £1,850 4to, ff. [4]. 230. Italic letter, little Greek; Aldine device on title and last verso; very slight dampstains to first three leaves and tiny wormhole to blank outer upper corner of

RABELAIS, François
THE ADVENTURES OF GARGANTUA AND PANTAGRUEL IN EARLY EDITION Les oevvres. Derniere edition de nouueau reueue & corrigee. Antwerp, Jean Fuet,

RABELAIS, François
Les oeuvres : la vie, faicts & dicts heroïques de Gargantua, & de son fils Pantagruel. Lyon,  Jean Martin, n.d. £2,950 12mo. pp. [ii], 3-347, [vii], 469, [ix, iii], 4-166, [xxii]. A-Z¹², Aa-Vu¹². Roman letter, some Italic. Small woodcut

EXCEEDINGLY RARE FIRST EDITION OF THE EXPLORER'S LAST MERCANTILIST EXPEDITION TO THE AMERICAS A Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, as Well in his Voyage as in, and

RAMELLI, Agostino
THE MOST IMPORTANT 'BOOK OF MACHINES' OF THE 16th CENTURY Le diuerse et artificiose machine... Paris, in casa dell'autore, 1588 £27,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio. ff. [xvi], 338. *1, **7, a-s8, t6, u-z8,

An exposition of certaine difficult and obscure words, and termes of the lawes of this realme. Newly amended and augmented, both in French and English, for the helpe of such

The Surveyor in foure bookes. London, W. Stansby for W. Burre, 1616 £12,500 Folio, pp. [xii] 228. Roman letter. Fine, large engraved frontispiece portrait of Rathborne by Simon de Passe, engraved title with

RAZZI, Serafino
La storia di Raugia. Lucca, Vincenzio Busdraghi, 1595. £2,750 4to, pp. (4) 52, (4) 53-120, (4) 121-184, (12). Roman and Italic letter, printed side notes. Woodcut architectural title border with figures of putti, masks, garlands and shield

THE SECOND KNOWN COMPLETE COPY OF RENAISSANCE ALMANAC Ephemerides. Venice, Johann Hamann, 1491. £17,500 4to, 222 leaves, a12, (b-q14). Gothic letter, double column;

REISCH, Gregorius
Margarita Filosofica...Accresciuta di molte belle dottrine da Oratio Fineo matematico regio. Di nouo tradotta in italiano da Gio. Paolo Gallucci... Venice, Barezzo Barezzi, 1599. £7,250 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to.

RELAND, Aadrian
NATIVE AMERICAN AND ORIENTAL LANGUAGES COMPARED Dissertationum miscellaneaorum pars prima [–tertia]. Utrecht, Willem Broedelet, 1706-1708. £2,500 FIRST

A BEAUTIFUL IMAGE OF RISING CHRIST IN A MINIATURE FROM THE MEDIEVAL CENTRAL ITALY Historiated initial 'E', cut from an illuminated choirbook on vellum. Central Italy, first half of 14th

REUSNER, Nicolas and ZWINGER, Theodore
MOST UNUSUAL BINDING Icones sive Imagines [with] Icones...clarorum virorum Basle, Conrad Waldkich, 1589 £4,950 8vo, 2 works in 1, 144 + 32 unnumbered ll.

Antiquae lectiones Venice, Aldus and Andrea Torresani, 1516. £5,750 FIRST EDITION. Fol., pp. [80], 862, [6]. Predominantly Roman letter, little Greek and Italic;

RHYS, John David
Cambrobrytannicae Cymraecaeue linguae.  London, Excudebat Thomas Irwin's, 1592. £3,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio pp. [xxiv], 70, 73-304, [ii]. [2] folding tables. Roman and

A CATALOGUE OF JESUIT MISSIONARIES Illustrium Scriptorum Religionis Societatis Iesu Catalogus Lyon, Jo. Pillehotte, 1609. £1,250 8vo., pp. (ii) 3-303 (viii). Roman and Italic letter,

RICCI, Bartolomeo
CLASSICAL LATIN IN THEORY Apparatus latinae locutionis. Venice, Niccolini Brothers, 1533. £2,450 FIRST EDITION. Folio, (4) f., 598 col., (12) f., wanting final blank. Neat Roman letter, double-columns; title

TAUGHT TO CHARLES CHAUMY AND JOHN WILSON The logicians school-master: or, A comment vpon Ramus logicke London, Miles Flesher for Iohn Bellamie, 1629. £4,750 FIRST EDITION. 4to. pp. (ii), 340. (A)²

A Short Treatise of Magneticall Bodies and Motions London, Printed by Nicholas Okes, 1613. £9,750 FIRST EDITION FIRST ISSUE. 8vo. pp. [xiv], 157, [i]. (without first and last blanks). Roman

CATECHISM FOR CATHOLIC PARISH PRIESTS FROM THE JESUIT COLLEGE LIBRARY Catechismus ad parochos Rome, Paolo Manuzio, 1566. £6,250 FIRST EDITION. Folio, pp. (4), 359, (13); Roman letter, little

RONDELET, Guillaume
Libri de Piscibus Marinis Lyon, apud Matthiam Bonhomme, 1554. £12,750 FIRST EDITION. Folio. [xvi] 583 [xxv] Roman and Italic letter, historiated woodcut initials, head- and tail-pieces, t.p. with printer's

RUEFF, Jakob
De Concepti et generatione hominis: de matrice ab eius partius. Frankfurt, , Sigusmund Feyerabend, , 1580.. £9,500 4to. ff (vi) 100. Italic letter. t.p with attractive bedroom scene of a successful delivery, 1/2

RUEL, Jean
De Natura Stirpium Libri Tres Basle, in officina Frobeniana, 1537 £6,750 Folio. pp. [xcii] 666 [ii]. Roman letter, index in Italic, occasional Greek. Printer’s woodcut device on t-p and last, woodcut initials

RUEL, Jean
EXTRAORDINARY BINDING Veterinariae medicinae libri II. Paris, L. Blaublom for S. de Colines 1530. £10,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio ff. (xvi) 120. *10, A6, a-p8. Roman letter, ruled in red throughout. Large and fine woodcut on title of a horseman

SACROBOSCO, Ioannes de
Textus de sphaera: introductoria additione commentarioque, ad vtilitatem studentium Philosophiae Parisiensis Academiae illustratus. Cum compositione Annuli astronomici Boneti Latensis: Et Geometria Euclidis

SACROBOSCO, Johannes de [with] PEURBACH, Georg von
Sphaera mundi cum tribus commentis ... Cicchi Esculani, Francisci Capuani de Manfredonia, Jacobi Fabri Stapulensis [with] Theoricae novae planetarum cum

SACROBOSCO, Johannes de [with] REGIOMONTANUS, Johannes [with] PEUERBACH, Georg von
ANNOTATED BY A CONTEMPORARY ASTRONOMER Sphaera mundi [with] Disputationes contra Cremonensia in planetarum theoricas deliramenta [with] Theoricae novae

Boni et Mali Scientia: The Science of Good and Evil Antwerp, 1583 £4,500 12 intaglio engravings on thick laid paper, based on images from Genesis, after drawings by Maarten de Vos. Slightly dusty in borders, a

Bonorum et Malorum Consensio: The Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Story of the Family of Seth Antwerp, np, 1586. £4,950 15 intaglio engravings on thick laid paper, based on images from Genesis,

Bonorum Et Malorum Consensio: The Knowledge Of Good And Evil | The Story Of The Family Of Seth. Antwerp, 1586 £5,200 15 intaglio engravings on thick laid paper, based on images from Genesis, mainly after drawings

Landscapes Venice, 1599 £3,400 8 intaglio landscape engravings on thick laid paper, brief verses of Alciati in italics beneath. Slightly dusty in borders, a couple of small wormholes affecting blank margin

Old Testament Scenes: Genesis Antwerp, np, 1590. £2,700 Series of 7 intaglio copperplate engravings, engraved by Hieronymus Wierix to the designs of Johann Sadler after Martin De Vos, the complete

AUGUSTINE SERMONS FROM THE HANDS OF HERMITS Sermoni ali eremiti del diuo Aurelio Augustino Ipponense a salute non solum de litterati ma etiam de vulgari, nouamente vulgarizati. Venice,

CONTEMPORARY RED CRUSHED MOROCCO Saint Augustine, of the Citie of God: with the learned comments of Jo. Lodovicus Vives. London, G. Eld and M. Flesher, 1620. £5,750 Folio. pp. (xviii) 861 (i.e. 860) (iv). Woodcut printer's device on title,

His devine weekes and workes translated London, Humfrey Lownes, 1613. £1,950 4to., pp. (xxxii) 819 (xlvii) 87 (ix). Roman letter. Engraved title page by William Hole after C. Swytzer (Johnson

A Forme of Common Prayer together with an order of Fasting: for the auerting of Gods heavy visitation vpon many places of this Kingdome. London : by Bonham Norton and Iohn Bill, printers to

SANDYS, Edwin [with] BOCCALINI, Traiano [and] D’ESTAMPES de VALENÇAY, Léonore
A COLLECTION OF RELIGIOUS COMMENTARY AND EARLY POLITICAL SATIRE Relatione dello stato della religione. Geneva, s.n., 1625.  [with] Pietra del paragone politico. Cormopolis [Venice], Giorgio

SANDYS, George
LARGE PAPER COPY A paraphrase upon the divine poems. London, [Printed by John Legatt, sold] at the Bell in St. Pauls Church-yard [i.e. the shop of Andrew Hebb], 1638. £3,750 FIRST EDITION thus Folio pp. [xxii], 55, [xiii], 171, [i], 15, [iii],

SANDYS, Sir Edwin
Europae Speculum. Or, A vievv or survey of the state of religion in the vvestern parts of the world…never before till now published according to the authours originall copie The Hague, [printed for Michael Sparke,

SANSOVINO, Francesco
Origine de Cavalieri. Venice, Camillo & Rutilio Borgomineri, 1566 £1,350 FIRST EDITION. ff. [viii] 152. Italic letter, small woodcut printer's device on title, early autograph inked over, contemp. and early

Historia del Concilio Tridentino. London, Appresso Giovan. Billio. Regio stampatore, 1619. £4,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio. pp. [viii], 806, [x]. Roman letter, prefatory material in Italic. Woodcut arms of James I on

SARPI, Paolo
The History of the Quarrels of Pope Paul V with the State of Venice. London, [Eliot's court press for] John Bill, 1626 £1,850 FIRST EDITION thus. 4to. pp. [xx], 435, [i]. Roman letter within printed rule border,

SARPI, Paolo [BEDELL, William, Bp]
The free schoole of vvarre, or, A treatise, vvhether it be lawfull to beare armes for the seruice of a prince that is of a diuers religion. London, Printed by Iohn Bill, printer to the Kings most excellent Maiestie, 1625. £1,350 FIRST EDITION.

Cosmologie du Monde, tant celeste que Terrestre. Paris, Michel Daniel, 1618. £1,950 FIRST EDITION. pp. [viii], 236, [xii]. Roman letter. small woodcut printer’s device on t-p repeated in a

Expositio in psalmos Miserere mei deus... (with) Expositio orationis... [Paris], [Josse Bade], [1510-20; 1517]. £1,950 8vo. two vols in one. 1) ff. (40). a-e8. 2) ff. (28). a-c8, d4. Lettre Bâtard, Roman letter

De consilio sapientis. Venice, [Paolo Manuzio], 1560. £2,500 FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, ff. 125, (11). Aldine device to title page, one woodcut historiated initial. Light age yellowing and some light browning, the odd minor stain and marginal

SCAPPUS, Antonius
De birreto rubeo dando Cardinalibus regularibus responsa Rome, apud Georgium Ferrarium, 1592. £1,750 FIRST EDITION 4to pp (viii) 90 (xxii). Roman letter, title in red and black with woodcut vignette of Saints

Discorso nel quale con le auttorita’(sic) cosi de’ Gentili, come de’ Catolici si dimostra l’Astrologia Giudiciaria esser verissima e utilissima. Venice, Giordano Ziletti, 1565 £1,450 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff. 30 (numbered 3-29, last blank), Roman

SCHEDEL, Hartmann
COLOURED AND ANNOTATED BY A HUMANIST Liber Chronicarum. Nuremberg, Anton Koberger, 12 July 1493. Price on request FIRST EDITION, large folio, ff. (xx) 266 (v) 266-299 (i), lacking final

SCHMIDT, Erasmus
Novi Testamenti Jesu Christi graeci, hoc est, originalis linguae tameion [aliis concordantiae] Hactenus usitato correctius, ordinatius, distinctius, plenius,. Wittenberg, Impensis haeredum

SCORTIA, Giovanni Baptista
A JESUIT'S TAKE ON THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE NILE De natura et incremento Nili libri duo. Lyon, Horace Cardon, 1617. £1,250 FIRST EDITION, 8vo., pp. (xvi) 148 (xii), last blank. Roman letter, small woodcut

SCOT, Reginald
The discoverie of witchcraft, wherein the lewde dealing of witches and witchmongers is notablie detected... London, William Brome, 1584. £57,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to in 8’s. pp. [xxviii] 352 [iv] 353-560 [xvi]. Black letter, Roman and Italic,

SCOT, Sir John
NEO-LATIN COLLECTION OF NATIONAL SCOTTISH POETRY Delitiae poetarum Scotorum hujus aevi illustrium. Amsterdam, Iohannem Blaeu, 1637. £1,750 FIRST EDITION. 12mo. Two volumes. pp. 1) 1-12,

SCOTUS, Michael
THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CHARACTER AND APPEARANCE EXPOSED, IN EXTREMELY RARE INCUNABLE Liber physiognomiae. (Passau), (Johann Petri), (c. 1487-1488). £12,500 4to. 44 unnumbered leaves, a-c8,

A BLEND OF CLASSICAL AND RENAISSANCE THEORY OF MUSIC Bellum musicale, inter plani et mensuralis cantus reges ... contendentes. Strasbourg, Paul

Summa super titulis Decretalium Venice, De Blavis, 1490. £12,500 Large folio, 356 leaves, a-z8, 7-&-48, A-R8, S-T6. Gothic letter, double column; a few leaves slightly age yellowed; light

Mare clausum seu de dominio maris libri duo… London, W. Stansby for R. Meighen, 1635 £3,950 FIRST EDITION. Folio, pp. [xxviii] 304 [xvi]. Mostly Roman letter, some Greek, a little Arabic and Hebrew. Title in

SEMEDO, Alvaro
Histoire universelle du grand royaume de la Chine... Paris, Chez Sebastien Cramoisy, et Gabriel Cramoisy, 1645. £3,750 FIRST EDITION thus. pp. [xii], 367, [iii], last blank. ã4, *2, A-2Y4. Roman letter, some

SENECA, L. & M. Annaeus
A RENAISSANCE TEXTBOOK Tragoediae.....editae.....& notis Tho. Farnabii illustratae. London, Thom. Snodham., 1624. £450 8vo., pp. (viii) 366 (viii), text in Italic, copious side and footnotes in

Nuouo lume libro de arithmetica. ..imperoche molte propositioni che per altri auttori, sono falsamente concluse, in questo si emendano: & castigano ... Con uno breue trattato di geometria ... Venice, per

SGAMBATO, Giovanni Andrea
De pestilente faucium affectu Neapoli saviente opusculum. Naples, Tarquinio Longo, 1620. £1,950 FIRST and ONLY EDITION. 4to, pp. (8), 71, (1). Roman and Italic letter, printed side notes. Woodcut floriated initials and ornaments representing

A DRAMATIST'S COPY Comedies, Histories and Tragedies. Published according to the true originall copies London by Tho Cotes, for Robert Allot, 1632. Price

THE ONLY AVAILABLE SHAKESPEARE QUARTO? The Two Noble Kinsmen Presented at the Blackfriars by the Kings Maiesties Servants, with Great Applause. London, Thomas Cotes, for John Waterson,

A HUMANIST SCHOLAR'S COPY Emendationum libri duo. Quorum argumentum proximae pagellae indicabunt Venice, Paolo Manuzio, 1557 £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff. (xii), 159 (i.e 155), (i).

SIRIGATTO, Francisco
De Ortu et Occasu Signorum Libri duo. Lyon, Sebastianus Grypius, 1536 £3,750 4to. pp. 132, [iv]. Roman letter. Woodcut initials with human figures, printer's device on title and verso of final leaf. A very little

SOMNER, William
The antiquities of Canterbury. Or a survey of that ancient citie, with the suburbs, and cathedrall. Collected chiefly from old manuscripts, lieger-bookes, and other like records, for

The Faerie Queen (with) The Shepherds Calendar: Together with the Other Works. London, H. L. For Matthew Lownes, 1609 and 1611 £4,950 FIRST COLLECTED EDITION. Folio, pp. [ii] 363 [iii] (last

SPERONI, Sperone [with] GIRALDI, Giambattista
Canace. Tragedia [with] Giudicio Sopra la Tragedia di Canace et Macareo Lyon, D. Farri, 1566. £950 8vo. Two works in one, ff. 48 + 54 (ii) last two blank. Italic letter. Historiated initials,

A PRIME MINISTER'S COPY The commons complaint. Wherein is contained tvvo speciall grieuances… London, Printed by William Stansby, 1611 £4,950 4to. pp. [x], 34. A-E⁴ F². Roman letter, some

De Rebus in Hibernia Gestis, libri quattor Antwerp, Christopher Plantin, 1584. £2,950 FIRST EDITION, 4to, pp (ii) 3-264 (viii). Roman letter, some Italic, woodcut

Per supremam Curiam parlamenti presentis patrie delphinatus, ad mandatum eiusdem impressioni commendata Grenoble, Avec privilege...Lan Mil cinq cens trente et ung.. 1531. £4,750 4to. ll [i] 9 [viii] [A-D4,

STÖFFLER, Johannes
THE FIRST 16TH CENTURY ASTRONOMY BOOK Elucidatio Fabricae ususque Astrolabii Oppenheim, Jacobus Kobel, 1513 (colophon 1512). £9,500 FIRST EDITION. ff. xii, lxxviii. Roman and

STÖFFLER, Johannes and PITATI, Pietro
Ephemeridum reliquiae ... superadditae novis. Tübingen, Ulrich Morhard, 1548. £4,850 4to, ff. [4], 78, [182]. Roman letter, little italic; historiated initials, xylographic

A GEOGRAPHY MANUAL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE AND ANCIENT GREECE De situ orbis. Venice, Heirs of Aldus Manutius, 1516. £55,000 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, pp. 348 (i.e.

Gentium et familiarum Romanarum stemmata. Richardo Streinnio barone Schuuarzenauio auctore. Ad illustrissimum principem Carolum archiducem Austriæ [Geneva] excudebat Henricus Stephanus illustris viri Huldrici Fuggeri typographus,

Gentium et familiarum Romanarum stemmata. Richardo Streinnio barone Schuuarzenauio auctore. Ad illustrissimum principem Carolum archiducem Austriæ [Geneva] excudebat Henricus Stephanus illustris viri Huldrici Fuggeri typographus,

SUAREZ, Francisco
ON THE NATURE OF TRUE RELIGIOSITY Opus de virtute et statu religionis. Venice, Bernardo Giunta and Giovan Battista Ciotti, 1609. £2,450 Folio, pp. (88), 776. Predominantly Roman letter, little

SUCQUET, Antoine
BECKFORD’S BOOK OF RELIGIOUS EMBLEMS Via vitae aeternae iconibus illustrata. Antwerp, Martin Nutius, 1620. £2,750 FIRST EDITION. 8vo., pp. (16), 875, (21), plus 32 numbered

To men paron biblion, Souida. Hoi de syntaxamenoi touto, andres sophoi Venice, in aedibus Aldi, et Andreae soceri, mense Feb., 1514. £22,500 Folio. ff. 392. a[alpha]-z[psi]8 &[omega]8

De chirurgica institutione librie quinque Lyon, apud Guliel Rouillium sub scuto Veneto, 1567. £4,850 8vo. pp. [xvi] 488 [xlviii]. Roman and Italic letter, woodcut initials, head- and tail-pieces, printed

FIRST MEDICAL TREATISE ON PLASTIC SURGERY De curtorum chirurgia per insitionem. Venice, Gaspare Bindoni the younger, 1597. £39,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio, pp.

Opus mathematicum octo libros compiectens, unnumeris prpemodum figuris idealibus manuum et physiognomiae... Cologne, apud Joannem Bickmannum & Wernerum Richwinum, 1562. £7,500 FIRST EDITION.

LIBAVIUS' COPY Chirguia nova Frankfurt, Johannes Sauerius, 1598 £5,750 8vo, pp.605 (xi). Roman letter, some italic, title in red and black with printer's woodcut

TAXAQUET, Miguel Tomás
Disputationes quaedam ecclesiasticae. Rome, ex domo propria [i.e. Paolo Manuzio], 1565. £3,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. 214 [i.e. 216]. Roman letter, a few white-on-black floriated initials; small marginal oil stain on title and a few places,

TERENCE, Publius Sextus
Terentii Afri Comici. Andria, Eunuchus, Heautontimorumenos, Adelphi, Phormio, Hecyra. Adiectis, in adolescentulrum gratiem, accentibus: & brevissimus argumentis ex Donato. Paris, Francois Estienne et Simon de

Eidullia... Venice, Aldus Manutius, February 1495 £49,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS, Folio, 140 unnumbered ll, AA8 BB8 ΓC8 ΔD8 EE6 ZF6 ΘG6 ZZζζ10 AAαα8 BBββ8 ΓΓγγ8 ΔΔδδ8 EEεε6 αa8 βb8 γc10 δd8 εe8. Greek

FROM THE FOUNDATION LIBRARY OF EMMANUEL COLLEGE [In quatuor Evangelia enarrationes]. Rome, [A. Blado], 1542 £12,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS. Folio. pp. [viii] 581[i]. Greek letter. Woodcut printer's device on title.

Historia dell'India America detta altramente Francia antartica, di M. Andrea Tevet tradotta di francese in lingua iataliana, da M. Giuseppe Horologgi Venice, Gabriel Giolito de'Ferrari,

THOMÁS, de Jesús
Stimulus missionum: siue de propaganda a religiosis per vniuersum orbem fide… Rome, apud Iacobum Mascardum, 1610. £2,650 FIRST EDITION. 8vo. pp. (viii), 234, (vi). ✝⁴, A-P⁸. Roman and Italic letter.  Woodcut device to title of Ss. Peter and Paul

BOOK HISTORY À LA GRECQUE De bello Peloponnesiano. Venice, aldus, May 1502. £69,500 EDITIO PRINCEPS, Folio, 124 unnumbered ll. AA8, AA-ξO8 OP8. Greek letter, undecorated, guide letters, spaces blank.

THYRAEUS, Gulielmus
THE MIRACLES OF SAINT PATRICK Discursus panegyrici de nominibus, tribulationibus, et miraculis S. Patricii Ibernorum apostoli, cum exhortatione ad perfectiones pro fide

Animadversions upon M. Seldens History of Tithes, and his review thereof: before which is premised a catalogue of seventy two authors, before the yeere 1215 London, John Bill, 1619 £1,650 FIRST EDITION Small 4to. pp. (xliv) 236. Italic and

TOPSELL, Edward (trans.); GESNER, Conrad
The Historie of Fovre-Footed Beastes [with] The Historie of Serpents London, William Iaggard, 1607; 1608 £29,500 FIRST EDITIONS. Folio. 2 books in 1. [xlii] 758 [xii]; [x] 316 [viii]. A⁶ [¶]⁶ 2[¶]⁸ *² B-2V⁶ 3A-3X⁶ 3Y⁸ [first blank, F4+1]. A-V⁶

TORNAMIRA, Francisco Vicente de
SPANISH INTERPRETATION OF THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE Chronographia, y repertorio de los tiempos. Pamplona, Tomás Porralis, 1585. £5,250 FIRST EDITION.

THE LIFE OF THE HEAD JESUIT MISSIONARY IN INDIA, INCLUDING HIS TRAVELS ACROSS THE FAR EAST De Vita Francisci Xaverii. Liege, Hendrik van den Hoven, 1597. £2,350 8vo. pp. (viii) 317 (xi). Roman letter,

POCKET CONFESSION MANUAL IN FINE CONTEMPORARY BINDING Summa casuum conscientiae. Venice, Paganino Paganini, 1499. £7,500 8vo., ff. (14), 479 (i.e. 476), (+)2, a12,

RARE AND EXTRAORDINARILY ILLUSTRATED ACCOUNT OF CHRISTIAN PERSECUTIONS IN JAPAN De Christianis apud Japonios triumphis sive de gravissima ibidem contra Christi fidem persecutione exorta anno MDCXII usq. ad annum MDCXX libri quinque. Munich,

JESUIT MISSIONARIES IN JAPAN UNDER TOKUGAWA SHOGUN Rei Christianae apud Iaponios Commentarius ex litteris annuis Societatis Jesu annorum 1609. 1610. 1611. 1612 Augsburg, Christophorum Mangium,


CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH ANNOTATIONS AND BINDING Catalogus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum. with De Spiritu Sancto … Erasmo Roterdamo interprete. Cologne/Basel, Peter Quentel/Froben and Episcopius, 1531/1532 £4,750 4to,

TUNSTALL, Cuthbert
COMMERCIAL MATHEMATICS AND ADVICE FOR BUSINESSPEOPLE OF THE RENAISSANCE De artes supputandi, libri quator. Strasbourg, Knoblock per Georg Machaerop,

TURNER, Robert
Oratoris et philosophi Ingolstadiensis (with) Panegyrici sermones duo de D. Gregorio Nazianzeno. Ingolstadt, ex off. Davidis Sartorius, 1584. £1,450 FIRST EDITIONS. 8vo, 2 works in 1. pp (xvi) 253 (iii), (xii) 224 (iv). Italic letter, some

TWYNE, Brian
Antiquitatis Academi Oxoniensis apologia: In tres libros divisa Oxford, Excudebat Iosephus Barnesius, Anno Dom, 1608 £1,950 FIRST EDITION. pp. [viii], 384, [lxxii]. Roman letter, some Italic. Small woodcut

ULSTADT, Philipp
THE CHEMISTRY AND USES OF DISTILLATION Coelum philosophorum seu De secretis naturae. Strasbourg, Ioannis Grienynger, 1528. £7,850 Folio, ff.

VALERIANUS, Joannes Pierius
RENAISSANCE PSEUDO-SCIENCE, PRINTED ON VELLUM De fulminum significationibus. Rome, Antonio Blado, n.d. [not before 1 August 1517]. £45,000 FIRST EDITION, 8vo., 36 unnumbered ll. A-I4. Italic letter, neat small

HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL ANECDOTES FROM ANCIENT ROME, IN FINE LYONESE BINDING Dictorum factorumque memorabilium exempla Lyon, Sebastian Gryphium, 1547. £3,250 16mo. pp. 517 (xxv), final three leaves blank. Italic letter, printer's graffia

VANNEUS, Stephanus
Recanetum de musica aurea. Romae, Apud Valerium Doricum, 1533. £11,500 FIRST EDITION Folio ff (iv) 93 (i) last blank. Roman letter, woodcut initials t.p. with printer's device of Pegasus, full-page woodcut of

VARRO, M. Terentius
De Lingua Latina Parma, [printer of the Jerome, Epistolae], 11th December 1480 £5,950 Folio, ff. (iv) 46. Roman letter, a little Greek, guide letters, spaces blank. Extensive early marginalia in at least two

VAUGHAN, Rowland
Most Approved and Long experienced Water-Workes. London, George Eld., 1610. £3,750 FIRST EDITION 4to. ff. [70] (A2, B-S4), (one recorded copy has a folding plate). Roman and Italic letter, side-notes, head- and

Habiti antichi et moderni di tutto il mondo Venice, Giovanni Bernardo Sessa, 1598. £6,850 8to, ff. [lvi],507. Italic and roman letter, woodcut engraved t-p, floriated and historiated

BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED Habiti antichi overo raccolta di figure dal Gran Titiano Venice, Combi and La Noù, 1664. £8,750 8vo. pp. (xiv) 415 (i), lacking preliminary blank. Italic letter, printer’s

Historia de los animales mas recebidos en el uso de Medicina. Madrid, Imprenta Real, 1613. £3,850 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. [16], 454, [2]. Roman letter, little Greek and Italic; printer’s device on title, foliated and grotesque initials,

VENUSTI, Antonio Maria
A LIFE COMPENDIUM FROM THE 1500s Discorso generale intorno alla generatione, al nascimento de gli huomini. Venice, Giovanni Griffio for Giovan Battista Somasco, 1562. £1,950 FIRST EDITION, 8vo., ff. (xxiv), 147

Selectiores epistolae clarorum virorum. (with) MACROPEDIUS, Georgius. Methodus de conscribendis epistolis. Antwerp, Apud Ioannem Bellerum, 1573-74 £950 8vo. pp. (xvi) 148 (ii). ff. (ii) 123 (i), with parts

Les Oeuvres de Virgille. Translatées de Latin en Françoys. Paris, Nicolas Couteau pour Galliot du Pre, 1529. £14,500 FIRST EDITION thus, ff. [ii], 232, I4 bound before I3. Lettre Bâtarde in double columns, Latin

COLBERT’S COPY Buc. Geor. Aeneis P. Virgilii Maronis Mantuani doctiss. virorum notationibus illustrata opera et industria Io. A. Meyen Bergizomii Belgae. Venice, apud Aldum, 1580 £6,750 8vo.

Buc. Geor. Aeneis P. Virgilii Maronis Mantuani doctiss. virorum notationibus illustrata opera et industria Io. A. Meyen Bergizomii Belgae Venice, apud Aldum, 1580 £2,250 8vo. pp. [xlviii], 947 [i.e. 927], [i]. Italic letter, some Roman. Title

De plantis Aegyptiis observationes et notae ad Prosperum Alpinum. Padua, Paolo Frambotto, 1638 £1,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp. [12], 80. Roman letter, little Greek; printer’s device on title, foliated initials, typographical head- and

VIGLIUS [AYTTA, Wigle van] [with] CLINGUS, Melchior
Viglii Zuichemi Phrysii Iureconsulti Clarissimi Commentaria in Decem Titulos Institutionum Iuris Civilis (with) Inquatuor institutionum iuris civilis... Basel (and) Frankfurt), Froben (and) Christianum

THE HISTORY OF THE HOUSE OF AUSTRIA, BOUND IN ARMORIAL STYLE FOR CARDINAL VIDONE Vera genealogia e discendenza della Serenissima et Inuittissima Prosapia D'Austria.

De architectura libri decem ... adiecimus etiam ... Frontini de aequeductibus ... item ... Nicolai Cusani Card. de staticis experimentis. Strasbourg, Georg Messerschmidt for Knobloch,

VITRUVIUS Pollio. [MARTIN J. Trans.]
Architecture ou art de bien bastir. Paris, Hiersome de Marnef & G. Cavellat, 1572. £3,950 Folio pp. (viii) 351 (iii). Roman letter. “De Marnet’s pelican device (Renouard 37) on the title-page. Architectural title-border with scrollwork,

AN ANALYSIS OF THE "FOUR HUMOURS" The optick glasse of humors or The touchstone of a golden temperature, or the Philosophers stone to make a golden temper Oxford, W[illiam] T[urner] to be sold by

WARD, Robert.
FINE CONTEMPORARY MOROCCO Animadversions of warre… John Dawson, [ Thomas Cotes, Richard Bishop] London, 1639 £5250 FIRST EDITION, second issue. Folio. pp.

ENGLISH CHIVALRY IN A FRENCH ROYAL COPY L'hystoire de Guy de Waruich chevalier d’Angleterre Paris, pour Jean Bonfons, [1550] £75,000 4to. 106 unnumbered leaves. A-E4, F8, G-I4, K8, L4, M8, N4, O8, P-Q4, R8, S4, T8, U6. (Quire K misplaced after

WELBY, Henry [HEYWOOD, Thomas]
The phoenix of these late times: or the life of Mr. Henry Welby, Esq: who lived at his house in Grub-street forty foure yeares, and in that space, was never seene by any, aged 84. London, N. Okes for Richard

WERT, Giaches de
WERT, Giaches de. Il secondo libro de madregali a cinque voci Venice, Antonio Gardano, 1564 £8,500 Oblong 4to. 3 vols, 3 (out of 5) separate parts for canto, alto and quinto, without tenor and basso. 1): pp. [2], 29, [1]; 2): [2], 29, [1]; 3)

WESTON, Edward
The Repaire of Honour, Falsely impeached by Featlye a Minister... Bruges, [Saint Omer: English College Press], 1624 £6,500 First edition. Small 8vo., pp. 32. Roman letter with some Italic. Woodcut device on

WESTON, Elizabeth Jane
UNRECORDED VERSE BY POETESS OF THE 1600s Ad Serenissimum, Potentissimum, ac Invictissimum principem ac Dominum, Dn. Matthiam Secundum. Liepzig, Valentin. Am Ende. 1612. £5,400 FIRST EDITION. 4to. Four

WEYER, Joannes
A GOOD PROVENANCE De praestigiis daemonum, et incantationibus ac veneficiis Libri sex, aucti & recogniti Basel, Ioannem Oporinum, 1564 £3,850 8 vo. Pp. 679 (lv). Roman letter, Italic side

WIDDRINGTON, Roger [i.e. PRESTON, Thomas]
Ad Sanctissimum Dominum Paulum Quintun humillima supplicatio. apud Rufum Lipsium [A. Islip for Eliot's Court Press], Albionopoli [i.e. London], 1616 £1,350 FIRST EDITION 8vo. pp. [ii] 94 [iv], 76, 75-229 [i.e.

WILSON, Thomas
A Discourse upon Usurie. London, Roger Warde, 1584 £5,750 8vo. ff (xvi) 201 (iii) Black letter, two large historiated woodcut initials, contemp. autograph Richard Crakenthorp on title, faint C19 library stamp of

Amores. Franeker, Ex officinna Uldrici Balck, 1631. £950 FIRST EDITION. 12mo. pp. [xxiv], 216. Italic letter, prefaces in Roman. Title within fine engraved border, Venus to the left, Cupid to the right, putti

WIRSUNG, Christoph
A generall practise of physicke : Wherein are conteined all inward and outward parts of the body.... London, Impensis Georg. Bishop, 1598. £7,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio pp. [xx], 790, [cxxii]. A¹⁰, A-3D⁸, 3E-3S⁴. Black letter with some Roman and

BY LE GASCON? I.G. de rebus auspiciis serenissimi, & potentissimi Caroli gratia magnæ Britanniæ, &c. sub imperio illustrissimi Iacobi Montisrosarum marchionis…:

WITHER, George
A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne : quickened vvith metricall illustrations, both morall and divine: and disposed into lotteries. London, by A[ugustine]. M[athewes]. for Robert Milbourne, 1635. £12,500 FIRST EDITION. Folio. pp. [xx],

WOOD, William
WOOD, William. New England's Prospect London, Tho. Cotes for Iohn Bellamie, 1635. £50,000 Second edition. 4to. [viii] 83 [iv], with the foldout map of New England, often lacking. Roman and Italic letter,

The surgeons mate or Military & domestique surgery. Discouering faithfully & plainly ye method and order of ye surgeons chest, ye vses of the instruments, the vertues

Cyrupædia : The institution and life of Cyrus. London, by I[ohn]. L[egat]. for Robert Allot [and Henry Holland], 1632. £4,750 FIRST EDITION thus. Folio, [xviii], 131, 130-213, [vii], 14. [Without engraved t-p]. ““Naumachia .. by Abraham Holland

  ZAPPULLO, Michele. Historie di quattro principali citta del mondo, Gerusalemme, Roma, Napoli e Venetia.... Aggiuntoui vn compendio dell'istorie dell'Indie Venice, appresso Giorgio

ZARATE, Augustin de
THE GRENVILLE-PENROSE-STREETER COPY The strange and delectable History of the discoverie and Conquest of the Provinces of Peru… London, Richard Ihones, 1581 £27,500 FIRST EDITION. 4to. ff.

ZEROLA, Tommasi [with] VISCONTI, Zaccaria
Sancti Iubilaei ac indulgentiarum ... tractates [with] Complementum artis exorcisticae. Venice, Giorgio Varisco, 1600 [with] Venice, Francesco Bariletti, 1600. £3,950 Two works in one volume. 8vo: 1): FIRST EDITION: pp. [48], 336, [8]; 2):

ZUCHETTA, Giovanni Battista
RARE FIRST AND ONLY EARLY EDITION Prima Parte della Arithmetica Brescia, Vicenzo Sabbio, 1600 £4,750 FIRST EDITION, Folio. Pp (xviii) 412 (iv). Italic letter within printed double-line border,numerous printed

ZURITA, Jeronimo
Indices rerum ab Aragonese regibus gestarum… ad annum MCDX. Zaragoza, Dominicus a Portonariis de Ursinis, 1578. £1,950 FIRST EDITION. 4to, pp (iv) 407 (v); (iv) 5-155. Roman letter, two parts in one, three crowned shields woodcut on first and and